Types of men's crown tattoos and their placement

  1. Total value
  2. Overview of options and sketches
  3. Where can I get it?

Making a tattoo for the first time or going to fill another picture, men begin to select interesting sketches for themselves, trying to make the image look aesthetically attractive, fit the owner of the tattoo, and emphasize his individuality. The image of the crown is perhaps the most frequently chosen tattoo. What features a tattoo in the form of a crown has, as well as the meaning of such a picture underwear and the most suitable places for application, will be discussed.

Total value

The word "crown" in translation from the Latin language means "crown" or "wreath". It is not for nothing that eminent emperors, starting with Julius Caesar, adorned themselves with laurel wreaths. Loved this headdress and Bonaparte. An accessory like this indicates superiority. The crown, as it were, raises the wearer above other people.

A headdress decorated with precious stones can add authority to the owner, weight. It has long been believed that the crown can be used to judge the power of the ruler. The more expensive it was, the more powerful and powerful the owner was.

Currently, men's tattoos in the form of crowns indicate not so much the material condition of the owner, but rather his professional qualities and ability to achieve excellent results in any business.

The image of the crown means that the person:

  • has excellent intuition;
  • endowed with wisdom;
  • knows how to keep cool in any situation;
  • finds a way out of difficult situations.

Having filled himself with a tattoo in the form of a crown, a person begins to feel like a king in any circumstances. Perhaps he managed to accumulate a certain capital or has a great store of knowledge behind him.

Such a man in any area is able to achieve considerable results and feel like a real winner. Through a tattoo, he shows his attitude to life, his position. It is these drawings that are usually chosen for themselves by individuals who are distinguished by courage, decisiveness, who confidently declare their talents and abilities.

Men are used to achieving their goals, because they are leaders by nature and are used to proving their own superiority by competing, moving forward and reaching new heights.

Having a tattoo depicting a crown, a man has to behave accordingly, without stopping to low deeds and deeds.

Such a person is obliged in any situation to present himself, like a crowned person, knowing his own worth.

Overview of options and sketches

There are many options for crown tattoos. These can be sketches depicting only a crowned headdress, or supplemented with various objects, all kinds of elements, inscriptions. You can often see drawings depicting a headdress with different animals, wings, and skulls.

Among the most common options are the following.

  • Tattoos with inscriptions. Most often, the inscription is placed above or below the crown. It could be someone's name or a motivational phrase.
  • Drawings with animals. The image of the crown, complemented by various animalistic subjects, has a different meaning, depending on the species. So, a crown next to a turtle is a symbol of longevity and prosperity. And the depicted lion in a crowned headdress will testify to the leadership qualities of the owner, who is used to making important decisions. This option is suitable for people who have not yet been able to reach heights, but are striving to do so.
  • Sketches with shamrocks and coins. Such tattoos will become talismans for their owner. In addition to the crown, they greatly enhance their effect.The shamrock has long been considered a symbol of good luck and luck. Images of coins or shamrocks next to a royal accessory will improve your financial well-being.
  • Skull tattoo. Such options are also quite popular. It is generally accepted that such a combination denotes power. Also, the image is interpreted as a hope that in the next lives Fortune will turn its face. Many do not at all put a special meaning into the picture, choosing a tattoo only as an aesthetic picture.
  • In that case, if there are gems next to or on the crown, it means that the person has not yet decided, he is in search of the meaning of life. Sapphires and diamonds are usually adorned with a headdress.
  • Paired drawings. Most often they are chosen by couples seeking to show how strong their union is. Often, such wearable images are supplemented with inscriptions, significant dates, the names of loved ones. Having chosen a paired tattoo, it should be remembered that the body pattern cannot be completely removed later, therefore it is important to think carefully about how strong the couple's union is, so that later you do not have to regret the spontaneous act.

One of the popular options is the image of a headdress, next to or above the heart, symbolizing luck. The crown with three prongs will become a symbol of Faith, Hope and Love.

Where can I get it?

Based on the fact that the image in the form of a crown can have a different size, shape, be made in different styles and using different colors, you should think in advance where it will look most advantageous.

Most often, such images in men can be seen:

  • on the hand, including the finger;
  • on the shoulder and forearm;
  • on the sternum;
  • on the back.

The drawing can be done in any size, but tattoos that have a small or medium size look more interesting. The crown can be depicted in color or using only one tone, for example, black.

The work can be used in different styles, ranging from watercolors to realistic, abstract or even anime.

Tattoos on the hands were done in ancient times. It was customary with such drawings to show the status of the owner, what a person does, his occupation. Hand drawings look very original and impressive.

It is on this movable part of the body, which has multiple bends, that crown tattoos will look interesting.

Specialists of tattoo parlors divide certain zones on the arm in the form of the shoulder, forearm, elbow, wrist and hand with fingers. In this case, images can be stuffed both on one part and on several zones at the same time.

  • One of the most successful places for such a tattoo is the shoulder., similar images on the forearm also look original. It is in these places, open for viewing, that people who strive for power and power usually get tattoos.
  • On the forearm the image of the crown will look better, combined with other elements that are suitable in style.
  • Wearable designs on the arms in the form of "sleeves" remain quite popular., which represent a picture that completely covers the hand. Thanks to the large space, you can create whole compositions, complementing the crown with animalistic drawings, floral motifs, and inscriptions.
  • The wrist can be called one of the most commonly used tattoo sites. The explanation is quite simple. In this area, the drawing looks more advantageous and noticeable. If necessary, for example, while working, the tattoo can be hidden by wearing a long-sleeved shirt. Usually, sincere, emotional individuals choose this zone.
  • The neck can be a good place for a small picture. The tattoo can be placed on the side or behind the neck. In these zones, tattoos with inscriptions or names will look better, which will enhance the meaning.

On the lower back, on the belly below or on the thigh, such tattoos are usually done by girls, men can pay attention to the area in the thigh area, lower leg. When choosing legs as a place for a tattoo, you should take into account their structure and physical data. On thin limbs with poorly developed muscles, the drawing will not always look harmonious. This option is more suitable for stocky men.

Larger patterns can be printed on the back or chest. In these areas, tattoos will look extremely interesting, attracting attention to themselves. There is an opinion in some circles that humiliated people fill the pattern with a crown on the back. More often women choose such a place.

Having visited a tattoo parlor, it is advisable not only to choose the sketch you like, but also to find out what the picture symbolizes.

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