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Men's fashion is fleeting and changeable, and this rule applies not only to silhouettes in clothes. Length, hair color, hairstyle shape are important in creating images of inveterate dudes and those who are used to following trends. It is not easy to list all men's haircuts, even within 1 fashion season - the modern world is dynamic, and what was considered retro yesterday may be at the peak of popularity today.

However, there are types of common hairstyles for men that suit almost everyone. Many names are familiar not only to hairdressers, but the names "mallet" or hawk are unlikely to be understood by a common man in the street.

The variety of schemes of beautiful haircuts for hair of different lengths allows every man to easily choose the optimal hairstyle for creating fashionable or everyday looks. Daring and bright, with shaved temples and a mohawk on top, hairstyles allow you to emphasize the bright individuality of its owner. Each representative of the stronger sex can understand which haircuts are in trend today, find the best solution for themselves. It is enough to study the entire list of men's haircuts, their description, execution schemes to make the final choice.


Modern men's haircuts have some features that make them relevant and interesting. Among the most fashionable trends are the following.

  • Straight, ironed or sleekly styled hair. Romantic curls and artistic clutter are already out of fashion trends.
  • Transition from short hair at the back of the head to long hair at the crown and at the forehead. This element is present in almost all popular haircuts.
  • Tinting or coloring the ends of the hair. It looks especially impressive on short strands and medium lengths.
  • Hair styling to one side. The side parting is shown from the screens by Hollywood stars, world sports legends, representatives of pop culture.
  • Return of retro fashion. Among the haircuts, which again ascended to the hairdressing Olympus, include "mallet", "pompadour", "Hitler Youth", "Princeton".
  • Clear forms. Even disheveled haircuts and hairstyles have traced outlines that are characteristic of them.
  • Shaved or well-defined whiskey. The emphasis on this area allows you to radically change the sculpture of the face, correcting it if necessary.
  • Haircuts for a typewriter. They are chosen by very young men with regular facial features, well-defined cheekbones.
  • Combing the bangs from the forehead. With the help of such a styling element, voluminous "pompadours", "mohawks" and even "underkat" are created.
  • Tufts attached below the occiput line or at the crown. They are relevant both for long hair and for medium strands of any structure.

This is just a small part of the trends that are relevant today for men's hairstyles and haircuts. It is them that barbers and stylists around the world strive to embody.


The main types of men's haircuts and technologies for their creation are well known to all employees of hairdressing salons, salons, barbershops. The options and names of hairstyles are changing in line with fashion. Often in trends there are national motives - Afro, Japanese, Scandinavian, but the principles of creation always remain unchanged. All options for haircuts are long, short, medium - men's fashion allows you to cut your head and the back of your head, trim or leave your hair long behind, and form it with a strip at the crown.

Techniques and schemes for popular or conventional haircuts are well known and allow you to get the desired result even at home, with a clipper, scissors and a certain amount of experience. Simple hairstyles are suitable for independent execution - "mallet", "cascade", "Canadian", "boxing".

Even the most inexperienced person in such matters can cope with their creation. But for fashionable options for haircuts, it is better to go to the salon.

It is customary to refer to classic men's haircuts as such.

  • "British". A haircut with smoothed temples and volume on the crown and crown is perfect for men of any age. Today it is customary to wear it on one side, creating a styling in a business style. With an increase in the length of the bangs, it looks stylishly combed back.
  • "Boxing". Short haircut in a sporty style. The average hair length does not exceed 4 cm, the bangs do not stand out or are made with a toe. The side part of the hairstyle and the back of the head are shortened to 2-3 cm.
  • "Halfbox". An extended version of the "box". On the top of the head, the strands reach 8 cm, which allows you to vary the styling, make it more classic or fashionable.
  • "Grunge". Hairstyles in this style are done on medium hair, the face remains open, the correctness of the features is emphasized. Strands are cut unevenly, graduated. Only voluminous bangs can be kept long, and the rest of the strands can be cut to 4-5 cm. Such haircuts go well with light unshaven or a well-groomed short beard.
  • "Caesar". A haircut inspired by a Roman military leader is incredibly popular with rap artists in the United States and beyond. This hairstyle is characterized by the preservation of hair around the perimeter of the head to a length of 7 cm from the crown. All other strands are sheared. Possible cascade execution with lengthening of strands from a clear line of short bangs to the back of the head.
  • "Sagittarius"... Fashionable hairstyle for medium hair, with a characteristic flowing bangs and a high parting line. The strands above the forehead are always made larger and longer than the rest. The bangs are formed asymmetrically at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • "Area". The haircut, popular in the 80s of the XX century, does not give up its popularity. The whiskey in this hairstyle is greatly shortened or shaved off. From the neck to the back of the head, the hair gradually increases in length. On the crown and vertex, they remain in the range of 5-6 cm, with an obligatory clear topline and a flat geometric cut.
  • "Kare". It can be graduated, with a change in the length of the strands, straight or oblique bangs. A double square is also popular today, with a change in the length of the strands at several levels. The main emphasis in this case is the voluminous, combed forward bangs.
  • "Bean". Fashionable haircut for medium hair, with volume from the crown to the temples. The strands are cut to the line of the cheekbones, forming a fluffy hat, with asymmetry in the front, long bangs. The nape of the bob is shorter, the ears are open.
  • Voyage. Men's hairstyle "cap" has a characteristic volume at the crown, sharply shortened hair at the temples, back of the head.


You can trace certain national motives in men's haircuts.


American-style hairstyles include the following options.

  • "Pompadour". A hairstyle in the spirit of Elvis Presley provides for the presence of "tanks" at the temples, the classic length of the strands on the sides (4-5 cm). The bangs are made long - up to 15 cm, combed back in the form of a lush volumetric coca.
  • Princeton... Favorite haircut of graduates of prestigious American universities. It is performed on hair no longer than 5 cm, fits in a side parting. The bangs rise slightly, placed vertically. The hair on the sides of the head is 1.5-2 cm long.
  • "Canadian". The North American haircut, popular all over the world, with a distinctive crisp piping that extends from the crown of the head to the temples and back of the head. Classic "Canadian" provides hair length up to 4 cm at the crown and crown, with a smooth transition to shorter strands at the temples, nape. Styling is performed with hair combing back or to one side, with an obligatory side parting.


Among the typical for the Scandinavian countries of men's haircuts are the following.

  • Men's braids... Their modern descendants of the Vikings are weaved in the parting line. Combine with an "undercut" or "pompadour" to create striking parallel braids that match the trimmed hair on the sides of the head and the back of the head. In addition, braiding can also decorate the upper part of the hairstyle, and on long strands it can go down below the shoulder blades.
  • Long hair with shaved temples. Scandinavians have been setting fashion for long hairstyles since the time of the Vikings. Modern men prefer to combine hair below the shoulders with shaving of the temple on one side. This gives a bright personality, provides the ability to lay strands in a bun or tail, goes well with a full beard.
  • Top knot with undercut. A knot of hair at the top of the head, combined with shaved temples and the back of the head, looks very attractive. It can be tousled and textured to add volume to the hairstyle.

Smoothly combing the bulk of your hair back, it is easy to get the image of an office clerk.

  • "Mallet" - Scandinavian hairstyle in retro style, which was brought into fashion by the stars of the "disco" era. This version of the male haircut is characterized by a cascading change in the length of the strands, and on the crown and crown the hair length does not exceed 10 cm, the effect of torn strands is often used here. A long "tail" is left behind, in the lateral and occipital area. To perform such a haircut yourself, you should stock up on hair clips, scissors, and a comb. The procedure will be as follows. Wash your hair, dry it slightly with a towel, comb. The strands are divided into 5 parts using parting. The clamps are used to separate the crown region, temples, crown, nape. The length is cut from below, along a single line.

The contour should be uniform, but with a distinct division into strands. The temporal region is processed next, you need to use the technique of overlapping strands. You should get the "hat" contour. At the top of the head, it is better to use not scissors, but a razor, forming an uneven cut of the strands. The uneven contour is the main accent of the mullet haircut. The bangs are cut last. It is milled, the length is brought to the middle of the forehead.

The modern version of the mullet haircut is most often complemented by a short, laconic top with pronounced angular temples, and does not have excessive volume in the crown area.

Japanese and Asian

Asian men's haircuts are characterized by a combination of clear texture, torn strands, interesting styling. Koreans can be called trendsetters, who managed to make asymmetric hairstyles and men's buns popular. The Japanese are not lagging behind their eastern neighbors. They propose to focus on voluminous bangs, use bright color accents in the design of hairstyles.

Popular options include samurai-style top knot, with or without shaved temples. If you want creativity, on long hair you can make a "mizura" hairstyle in a straight parting, with the formation of loops of hair on the sides of the head. Modern Japanese youth often wear a bob haircut with voluminous asymmetrical bangs, a cascade for medium hair.


Prague, Parisian, Hanoverian fashion is not much different from the one that men choose all over the world. But European countries still have their own fashion trends. French haircut "gavroche" is performed for medium hair length. It is done using thinning and flat hairdressing scissors, a fine comb. The procedure will be as follows.

  1. Washing head. After that, the hair should be lightly dried with a towel.
  2. The entire mass of the strands is divided into 2 parts - the occipital and parietal.
  3. On the back of the head, the hair is divided horizontally into 3 areas. The lower one is greatly shortened, the other 2 are cut by 0.5-1 cm in length.
  4. The whiskey is cut with thinning, leaving the length as on the crown.
  5. The forehead and the back of the head are processed by analogy with the temporal region.
  6. The edging of the hairstyle is carried out, the sideburns are aligned.

The German roots of the Hitler Youth haircut popular in Europe are obvious. The hairstyle itself looks neat and stylish, suitable for men with ambition. The technique for its implementation will be as follows.

  1. The hair on the back of the head, sides of the head, temples is shaved off or cut as short as possible to one length.
  2. The strands on top should be at least 10 cm. A side parting with a pronounced edging is formed.
  3. The hairstyle is combed back, trimmed with a smooth transition from the maximum length at the crown of the head to 3-5 cm at the back of the head. The bangs are made shorter than the bulk of the strands.


Among the popular national trends in the field of hairdressing, fashionable Caucasian motives - Dagestan, Chechen, look especially interesting. Among the fashionable hairstyles, one can distinguish elongated versions of bob and bob haircuts. They blend harmoniously with straight, coarse hair. The most popular version is the "Makhachkala" in the form of a graduated square with different variations in length, volume and splendor.

An obligatory element of the hairstyle is a voluminous bangs that fit to one side.


Men's Afro haircuts have been popular for over 50 years in a row. But since the 60s of the XX century, their appearance has undergone noticeable changes. Today, men's African-inspired haircuts look like this.

  • Braids on medium to long hair. The so-called "boxing braids" look interesting and attractive, give the image of masculinity. If their own hair length is not enough, barbers use artificial kanekolones. Such braids are often woven into spectacular patterns that look very exotic.
  • Mohawk with dreadlocks. Shaved temporal and occipital parts in combination with dreadlocks of medium length at the crown of the head looks very impressive. Such a hairstyle can be taken in a ponytail or bun, laid in a “bird's nest”, or spiked.
  • Short smooth waves... The side of the head is shaved. The top is cut rather short, 3-5 cm, like a "platform".

It is very important to maintain the wavy structure of the hair.


Among the popular styles of men's hairstyles, the following options can be distinguished.

  • Classic... Hairstyles are dominated by a traditional look, with a hair length of about 30-50 mm and styling parting or combing the hair back. Such haircuts have clear and laconic forms, evenly graded edges. Hair is always neatly styled, allowing you to quickly create an elegant hairstyle, appropriate in the office, at a business lunch, in a university classroom.
  • Military. Haircuts in an army or military style invariably attract the interest of the stronger sex. The length of the hair in this case turns out to be minimal - under a typewriter or medium. Hairstyles fit in a laconic parting or on one side.

Military-style haircuts are suitable for men with clear, tough facial features, strong-willed character, and a serious profession.

  • Romantic... The style of rock musicians and lover heroes implies medium to maximum hair length. Hairstyles can be perfectly styled or disheveled, often a laconic page or California-inspired surf waves. Modern interpretations of the romantic style are often expressed in hypertrophied bangs without additional lengthening of the bulk of the hair.
  • Sports. A versatile haircut for men with different face types. Care for such hairstyles is minimal; they practically do not need to be styled. The traditional signs of sporty hairstyles are short or completely shaved whiskeys, a slightly more voluminous top.

Such hairstyles are well suited to be combined with different styles of clothing, they look strict and neat.

  • Grunge. One of the most fashionable contemporary styles, it is aimed at courageous and creative men who are ready to experiment. Haircuts are performed for short, medium, long hair. They are characterized by torn lines, uneven length, asymmetry, disheveledness, shaved temples and the back of the head.Grunge allows for original toning, coloring strands, shaving patterns or weaving braids.
  • Hipster. This style is characterized by a combination of hairstyles with a beard and mustache, general grooming, and a well-defined image. The haircuts are usually neat, with a distinct styling, but quite textured, with clear elements of modern chic. Sometimes this style is also called smart casual, drawing analogies with the popular trend in clothing.
  • Ethnic... These are variations on the theme of national traditions or historical eras of different countries. Ethnicity allows you to braid men's Afrokos or try on dreadlocks, make a haircut in Japanese or Chinese style, borrow a little Latin American exoticism.

These are the main styles, within which their own directions develop, which are of interest to narrower groups of people. It is worth noting that almost all of the most popular and current men's haircuts can be attributed to one of the listed areas of hairdressing.

How to choose?

Choosing a haircut for men is always fraught with certain difficulties. Before making a fashionable asymmetry, shortly cutting long strands or shaving off whiskey, you should definitely take into account the individual characteristics of a person's appearance. Professionals in the field of hairdressing recommend that you pay attention to the appropriateness of the hairstyle for age, face type, and lifestyle.

Among the basic rules can be called the compatibility of hair color and a man's appearance. For example, natural strands of a mouse shade with a considerable length look faded and make the appearance faceless. But in a short haircut, they give a certain charm to the image, make it more interesting.

A properly chosen haircut helps to correct the thickness of the hair and visually makes it more attractive.

The appropriateness of the haircut is the most important part of making the right choice. You shouldn't choose the long, burnt-out curls of a reckless surfer to create the image of a serious businessman. The military "hedgehog" will be of little relevance in the image of a creative person. "Iroquois" is hardly suitable for the appearance of a respectable, respectable person.

When choosing a hairstyle, the frequency of visits to barbershops also matters. Shaved whiskey, ornaments require regular updating. If there is no time for frequent visits to the hairdresser, it is better to refuse complex model hairstyles. The simplest solutions in this case will look much more attractive. In addition, you should pay attention to the fact that not all haircuts look harmonious with a mustache and beard.

It is worth consulting with the master about the compatibility of the desired hairstyle with the already existing attributes of masculinity on the face.

By hair type

Hair structure and type are important when choosing a haircut. Long haircuts are contraindicated for thin and sparse strands, emphasizing the already small thickness of the hairstyle. Thick, coarse hair is quite difficult to tame, a difference of even 2-3 cm in length deprives them of a clear shape.

Here it is better to choose short, graphic haircuts that help keep the rebellious strands in order. In this case, a variety of styling helps to diversify the style.

Curly and curly hair practically does not limit hair length - they can look like a shock of Afro-curls or a laconic version of the beam. Cut short, curls look exotic, they can be brightly colored or complemented with shaved patterns.

You should not grow a long length on oily hair: in addition to the difficulties in styling, this can lead to the fact that the hairstyle will quickly get dirty and start to look sloppy.

By face shape

When choosing a haircut taking into account the shape of the face, it is very important to pay attention to the fact that the hairstyle matches his features. There are the following types of faces.

  • Square. This type implies the presence of well-defined cheekbones, approximately equal width and length, well-defined cheekbones.This type of appearance harmoniously combines rounded haircuts, fashionable in England in the 60s of the last century, elongated strands on the cheekbones, accent whiskey combined with a beard and mustache. You can experiment with hairstyles like "fade", "quiff", "undercut".
  • Pear-shaped. Owners of a face with a wide lower jaw and a narrow forehead should choose haircuts that help correct these imperfections. Layered hairstyles are a good solution. You can pay attention to the grunge haircuts.
  • Triangle. Men with a wide forehead and narrow chin should choose haircuts that open the sides of the face and create an accentuated volume in the crown and crown of the head. Fashionable haircuts with long bangs look interesting in combination with this type of appearance: "British", "quiff".
  • Oval. The most anatomically correct shape allows you to choose absolutely any haircut. But there are still limitations - due to narrow cheekbones, any lengthening should be avoided so as not to create imbalance. Courageous hairstyles look optimal - "undercut", "half-box", "Canadian".
  • Rectangle... An elongated face with a proportional width of the forehead, cheekbones, lower jaw looks courageous and noble, it is important not to spoil it with a violation of harmony. It is worth excluding wearing a beard or haircuts with too voluminous strands on the crown. Falling bangs, "bob", "square", "cascade" of medium length look good with a rectangular face.
  • Rhombus or diamond... Holders of wide cheekbones, narrow forehead and chin can afford everything except the strands combed back over the face. Fashionable "voyage", "British" will emphasize all the advantages of appearance.

Only very short and too long haircuts are contraindicated for owners of a diamond-shaped face.

  • Circle. A face with wide cheekbones and soft chin lines needs proper correction. Wearers of this shape are better off combining creative haircuts with shaved temporal areas and a beard that helps balance the proportions. Haircuts with a volume on the crown look good with a rounded face - "quiff", "square", "princeton", "british".
  • Cordate. Favorite face type of Hollywood agents for actors - every second world star has just such features. For men with a wide forehead and cheekbones, a narrow chin, it is important to balance all the features of appearance.

For example, overly short hair will definitely not work, but "square" or asymmetrical "bob" will be a good choice.

According to the age

Men of different ages need to adhere to certain rules when choosing a haircut. A mature face, wrinkles and a youthful hairstyle with long curls look harmonious only in combination with the image of an aging rock star. With the appearance of the first bald patches, it is worth growing the bulk of the hair from above, removing them at the temples, choosing a chaotic styling with strands sticking out in different directions.

Young men go for bold looks with medium-length hair, voluminous bangs that fall over the forehead or carelessly combed back. Torn, graduated hairstyles, mohawks are best left for creating images in the style of grunge, rock. Hipster haircuts combined with a beard or mustache can be called universal - they suit everyone, regardless of age, and are even able to add youth, boldness to the appearance of a mature man.

    Men with light, not very thick hair, at the age of 40, it is imperative to stick to short haircuts in a military style... They will help eliminate facelessness, add volume to your hair, and help you look younger. It is better for bright brunettes with pronounced gray hair in their hair to give preference to graphic haircuts with an emphasis on the crown of the head and shaved temples. In their youth, such men can try on the most fashionable hairstyles - "quiff", "underkat".

    Buns on long curly hair look nice when worn by a boy or young man.

    Beautiful examples

    • The best modern hairstyles for men include hyper-volume at the crown of the head. In combination with curly hair, you can get a brutal or innocent youthful image - it all depends on the characteristics of the chosen haircut.
    • The bold grunge look is complemented by voluminous bangs directed forward from the crown. Such a haircut opens the neck, emphasizes the elements of piercings and tattoos.
    • A striking example of the "mallet" hairstyle in a modern design is the short length at the top and the original design of the nape strands. They can be graduated or braided.
    • Exotic boxing braids in the Afro style are also good for men with a European type of appearance. It is enough to supplement them with a thin short beard and mustache.

    How to choose a haircut, see below.

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