Options for men's haircuts for medium length hair

  1. Fashion trends
  3. How to choose a hairstyle?
  4. Laying methods

Men's haircuts for medium hair are especially appreciated by young people who want to create a romantic image or try on the role of a rocker, a successful and brutal conqueror of women's hearts. Voluminous curls, fluffy cocks, laconic graduated bobs are chosen by Hollywood actors, musicians, singers, models and people from the world of big business.

Before you study the names of fashionable and stylish haircuts for men requiring medium hair length, it is worth understanding the features of choosing a hairstyle. She must take into account the shape of the face, the structure of the hair and the features of the appearance. It is optimal if a professional stylist helps to make a decision.

But you can figure it out on your own, and when you visit a hairdresser, you already have an idea of ​​what result should be obtained after a haircut.

Fashion trends

Among the obvious trends can be noted the preservation of fashion for shaved and short-cropped whiskey and the back of the head. In general, the looks offered by leading barbers tend to brutality, masculinity, often include a combination of a beard and sideburns with a hairstyle made in the same style. Popularity ratings continue to beat fade, pompadour, undercut and bun haircuts in all variations.


Another obvious trend is clarity and conciseness of forms. Graphic haircuts for medium lengths are back in fashion, and this leaves a good chance to look stylish for owners of straight and thin hair. A bob, bob, cascade or page can be tried on by both young men and mature men. Owners of curly hair also do not stay out of fashion trends. But the curl will have to be made more natural - it is more a wave left over from a recent visit to the resort than wild curls.


From a more distant perspective, it's worth noting that 20s English-style hairstyles are making a comeback. Besides, those who are tired of constantly styling can afford to look more natural... True, provided that the image is complemented not by a stretched T-shirt, but by a strict suit.

It is enough to pay attention to those combinations that Hollywood stars choose for the Red Carpet.


It will not be difficult to find beautiful or simple haircuts if you pay attention to the names that are popular today like quiff or fade. Depending on the structure of the strands, their density and grooming, a man can afford more or less length, give preference to a more radical transformation or remain faithful to the good old classics.

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Graduated square

A haircut that is familiar to men with straight and thin hair - it is often chosen by representatives of various sports, as well as sophisticated creative natures. It is characterized by a uniform length of strands throughout the head, while on the neck they reach almost to the collar of the shirt, and the bangs fall over the eyes to the line of the cheekbones. The haircut is laid in the parting or asymmetrically, with the obligatory stretching with an iron.

Each strand is further processed with mousse to obtain a structured effect, the bangs receive volume with a hairdryer and a rounded brush-brush.

Double square

A variation on a popular theme in a not very banal performance. In this case, the haircut is made multi-layered - the strands along the parting, which can be collected in a bun, remain long, only the ends are milled with scissors. The rest of the hair forms a shorter bob, neatly framing the head. The resulting result creates a double volume and the effect of naturalness, naturalness - the hairstyle almost does not need to be styled, only sometimes it should be worked out with texturizing compounds.


For this haircut, the hair of medium length is maintained over the entire surface of the head, with a slight increase at the crown and in the frontal part. The hairstyle is quite easy to clean. To maintain the rebellious spirit, it is enough to use a strong hold mousse. The strands are laid forward like a mohawk, on the temples they can be highlighted with mousse or wax, depending on the stiffness of the hair. If the length is sufficient, it is worth using a stretching iron to achieve a sharper hairstyle.


The era of rockabilly, the daring 60s of the XX century and the legendary cook of Elvis Presley do not give rest to modern fashionistas. The pompadour hairstyle does not lose popularity, as it looks very impressive with medium hair length. In order to ensure the correct formation of voluminous bangs, it is imperative to shorten the hair in the temporal and lateral regions.

Kok looks especially impressive and much more modern in its original colors - lilac, turquoise, fiery red or black and white.

A pompadour hairstyle is created due to strands of voluminous bangs located in the front of the head. The width is chosen arbitrarily - a narrow spinner looks more modern, a voluminous one will allow you to acquire a defiant look of a recognized dandy. At the beginning of styling, you need to comb the selected strand with a comb with fine teeth, moving it up and down. The resulting voluminous curl is sprayed with varnish and laid towards the back of the head.

The ends of the hair should be worked out with mousse, without disturbing the volume.


The top haircut of last year is a low fade, with the onset of the new season it has not lost its relevance. The striking contrast of the shaved temples and the nape with elongation from crown to forehead looks very impressive. In this case, the strands on the bangs and the back of the head rise vertically, are structured and emphasize the expressiveness of the haircut shape. This hairstyle is suitable for men with a round or square face, it will help to balance its shape, and will add a few centimeters of growth.

The high fade is somewhat reminiscent of a mohawk and is easily placed vertically, forming a ridge in the central part of the head. In this case, the hair on the temples and the back of the head is completely shaved off, the lateral parts are cut short. The width of the remaining hair strip is about 10 cm, the length of the strands can reach 10-15 cm. The hairstyle requires care, looks good in combination with contrasting coloring, shaved symbols.

When styling to one side, it turns out to be a rather conservative and at the same time fashionable look - it is better to combine it with the effect of wet hair.


The main format of the bun is highlighted - man bun, in which it is not necessary to shorten the hair on the sides. In this case, the hair of medium length should reach at least to the chin. Varieties of beams like top knot haircuts are more reminiscent of an undercut in terms of execution., but allow you to secure the strands at the crown in a small tail or knot. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the length of the hair on the crown and crown in this case should be about 15 cm or correspond to a man's palm.

Side Part

One of the most fashionable hairstyles of recent times. It belongs to the English direction in styling and today is actively used by true connoisseurs of trends. The hairstyle has recently returned to its peak of popularity, but previously it was quite common among British aristocrats in the early 20th century. The hairstyle is characterized by shortened temporal areas, a pronounced lateral parting, hypertrophied volume on the crown and crown.

The medium length is well suited for men with a bright, charismatic appearance, allowing them to create a classic and stylish look without much effort.


One of the most sought-after men's haircuts, well suited to both straight and curly hair. Medium strands at the back of the head are trimmed to provide an increase in volume. The bangs are done in the parting or asymmetrically. The temporal region also remains elongated, allowing overly wide cheekbones to be corrected. The hairstyle is well suited for a diamond-shaped or triangular face shape, allows you to add variety with torn strands, styling on a side parting, highlighting.

Anderkat with asymmetry

This haircut option involves shortening the hair on only one side of the head. The temple and side can be completely shaved or simply trimmed under a typewriter by 0.5-0.7 cm, laying on one side with asymmetrical bangs allows you to correct features, to divert attention from a too large nose. The one-sided undercut is suitable for men who are not ready for radical changes.

How to choose a hairstyle?

The simplest solution would be to select the shape of the haircut, taking into account the individual characteristics of the appearance. Among the important parameters will definitely be the presence of a curly or coarse hair structure, as well as the shape of the face, which can significantly affect how a haircut will look on a particular person.

By face shape

The main parameter when choosing the optimal hairstyle for a man with medium hair is the shape of the face. It is she who determines which accents will look harmonious, and which is better to give up right away.

Among all the options encountered, it is customary to distinguish several types.

  • Rectangle. Such a face has certain proportions - it is equal in width in the forehead, temples, chin and cheekbones. At the same time, a pronounced elongation, elongation of all elements is preserved. Haircuts in which shaved temples are complemented by a voluminous crown are not suitable for a rectangular face type. They create an additional stretching effect that is completely unnecessary and distorts proportions.
  • Rhombus or diamond. It is characterized by a narrow forehead and chin, combined with pronounced sharp cheekbones. To reduce the sharpness of features, hairdressers suggest completely abandoning short haircuts and giving preference to hairstyles that cover the line of the earlobe. An obligatory element in this case is an elongated bang, which can be worn in the parting or in an asymmetrical version on the side.
  • Circle. The most difficult option in choosing haircuts. Here, the width of the face in the forehead and lower jaw area is about the same, but the oval is very softened, so you have to create the illusion of more elongated proportions or use asymmetry. Owners of this type of appearance must definitely use hairstyles with hypertrophied volume on the crown and short temples. A clear oblique or elongated bangs laid to one side also draws out the rounded outlines of the face well.
  • Triangle. It is characterized by an equal width of the forehead and cheekbones with a much narrower chin. Here stylists recommend choosing haircuts where volume is created artificially by shifting part of the hair from the back of the head to the face. These are bob hairstyles with asymmetrical long bangs, cascades, shortened on the sides and framing the lines of the cheekbones.
  • Square. A face with a clear geometry of cheekbones, forehead and chin, but not elongated, but compact. Here, the features are clearly lacking in vertical lines, and hairdressers suggest adding them combed back into a voluminous spin or an elongated fade raised up. On coarse hair, geometric line modeling is offered by increasing the volume at the crown and in the bangs.
  • Oval. In terms of proportions, it is considered ideal. Men with an oval face shape can choose any hairstyle options for themselves, but taking into account the structure and thickness of the hair, as well as the features of their appearance.

By hair structure

Medium length hair requires a mandatory study of its structure before choosing a haircut and hairstyle.So, straight hair, thick and hard, is not very suitable for creating interesting images - it is better to choose a shorter option or grow the length to the shoulders or shoulder blades. If the structure is thin, with insignificant volume, there are many more options. On such straight hair of medium length, you can create almost any haircut, from pompadour to cascade or graduated bob.

The wavy structure is also quite suitable for men who want to grow curls. It is only important to remember about layering - a single length is contraindicated for bulky strands.

Curly and curly hair should have a clear shape that framing and accentuating the face, rather than creating the effect of a lion's mane.

By appearance

Medium length hair corrects some features of the appearance well. But if there are certain "zests" in the appearance of a man, they will definitely have to be taken into account when choosing a hairstyle. Among the important points are the following recommendations.

  • Haircuts that require full opening of the temples are not suitable for people with protruding auricles that protrude strongly from the skull. Hair lengthening in this area with the addition of volume will help to correct the problem. It can be a “page”, a bob, a cascade with an extension from the tip of the ear, a haircut with classic temples, but volume in the back of the head.
  • An expressionless short nose can be both a problem and a part of the image. If he creates a disproportion of the face, it is worth focusing on graduated or cascading haircuts, emphasizing the desired area with their help. Asymmetric bangs, unusual coloring or styling elements will help to shift accents.
  • Large, overly prominent nose. Many owners of such a "decoration" are even proud of it, but when choosing hairstyles with medium hair length, they often have difficulties. It is worth refraining from overly asymmetrical or accentuated bangs and not pulling hair back from the face. The optimal solution would be to shift the volume towards the crown without focusing on the front of the haircut.

Laying methods

Stylish, unusual, creative styling is exactly what you need for medium length hair. They allow you to change the look almost instantly, moving from classics to daring grunge style or romantic curls in the spirit of surfers. In any case, hair care for medium length hair is not complete without special styling products. When using them, men should consider the following recommendations.

  1. Styling is always done only on clean, slightly towel-dried hair.
  2. Use a comb to remove unwanted volume at the top and sides.
  3. Washing in cool water can help soften very coarse hair. It will make the strands more pliable and ensure that the styling is maintained for a long time.
  4. For wavy hair, choose a texturizing matte paste or a special cream that does not require rinsing.
  5. For those with straight hair, wax is a good solution. It will add shine and help style unruly strands.
  6. You can achieve the effect of wet hair without using gel or grease. Before that, you need to apply a conditioner that does not require rinsing along the entire length, and comb the strands with a fine comb with frequent teeth.

Among the possible styling options for curly hair, you can note the transfer of long bangs back or to the side, emphasizing the structure of the curl with cream. Red-haired men will go for sloppy buns without shaving the temples, pulled together at the crown, or high tails combined with a beard and mustache.

If the main volume falls on the crown and bangs, you can move the emphasis forward, laying the bangs over the forehead and combing everything forward.

The classic kok or pompadour hairstyle with medium hair length can be created on curly or straight hair. When creating it, styling products - gel, grease, are applied to the bangs along the entire length. The hair in the frontal part of the head is laid back.But the same hairstyle can be worn without weighting compounds, shifting the bangs to one side or laying it down in light waves and lowering it onto the face.

Haircuts with shaved temples, volume on the crown and crown of the head allow you to change the styling depending on how long the hair will be. For example, fade allows the strands to be directed upward without smoothing back - you can create clear hairstyle geometry using strong hold. Undercut and top knot or man bun require a length of 15 cm, fit loosely back or with a bun.

It can be quite difficult for men to achieve even medium hair length. As they grow, the strands in the hairstyle begin to lose their shape, look sloppy and not too aesthetically pleasing. Special asymmetrical styling helps to avoid this common problem. Side parting allows you to smooth out the broken geometry of the hairstyle. Creating a slight curl or carelessness with texturizing creams, wax will help to set the desired shape and at the same time preserve the natural styling.

Hairline styling is also called natural because it looks slightly messy and is suitable for both straight and curly hair. The strands are combed in such a way that they fall over the face, covering the eyebrows. The bangs fit straight or slightly to the side. You can give it a slight waviness with wax, cream.

To create a bright and memorable image, owners of medium hair length have to go to some tricks. So, for styling in punk or grunge style, you need to achieve a vertical position of the strands. It will not work on medium-length coarse hair. But you can use a strong hold gel, applying it to individual strands, tilting your head forward. The result is additionally fixed with varnish. The finished hairstyle will resemble spiky spikes.

    Look creative on medium-length hair and hairstyles in the spirit of gangsters from Chicago of the first half of the 20th century. In this case, wet hair is divided into a parting, abundantly treated with gel or grease (the mobility of the strands depends on the choice of the product), and combed with a thin comb.

    Spikes are a trend in styling, which is fashionable mainly in an informal environment. In this case, coarse hair of medium length is stacked in different directions, in strands with pointed tops. For fixation, mousse is used to avoid excess shine.

    The thicker the hair, the more impressive the styling looks.

    Features of men's haircuts for medium hair are given below.

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