Options for men's hairstyles for long hair

  1. Advantages and disadvantages
  2. Who are they suitable for?
  3. Varieties of haircuts
  4. How to choose the right option?
  5. Laying methods
  6. How to care?
  7. Successful examples

Men's hairstyles for long hair are not as popular today as short haircuts, however, they can create an interesting and creative bow. They are able to emphasize the brutality of a man, and also fit perfectly into the image of creative young people with an extraordinary look at the world around them.

In this article, you will get acquainted with successful styling options for men's hairstyles for long hair, as well as with the pros and cons of such haircuts.

Advantages and disadvantages

Long hair in men can cause the most controversial feelings in society: some sincerely admire elegant men's hairstyles, others are skeptical about such self-expression, while others have long hair that is completely associated with femininity and weakness. The presence of such stereotypes is easily explained by the fashion for short men's hairstyles, which has been prevalent for 150-200 years.

In the modern world, which in all directions supports experiments on their own appearance, long hair has become an excellent method of self-expression for young men. Haircuts for long hair are actively used today by representatives of many creative professions: artists, musicians, performers, stylists and even writers. Men's hairstyles for long hair have a lot of positive and negative aspects. The most basic ones will be described below.


  • Long curls allow you to experiment with your bow in unlimited quantities. Here, men have many styling options, suggesting different forms of bangs, as well as different lengths of hair on the temples and the back of the head. Not to mention decorative patterns, braids and other extraordinary accents in the hairstyle.
  • A well-styled hairstyle for long hair can give a man a romantic and masculine look at the same time, depending on the chosen bow and accents in clothes.
  • If short haircuts look good only with a certain type of face, then long hair can smooth out the imperfections of any face shape with the correct location of the bangs and curls on the crown. For example, with the help of long drooping hair, you can effectively hide a lop-eared ear, a large forehead, or visually stretch the shape of the face, making it more symmetrical.
  • Hairstyle for long hair allows you to perfectly reflect the character of the man who wears it. Moreover, she does not just emphasize some style of clothing - she is the main part of the bow, drawing all the attention to herself.
  • If we talk about a purely practical plus, then long curls get dirty much more slowly than short ones. This does not force a man to wash them every day - once every 2-3 days will be enough.

As an added bonus, remember that long hair can effectively protect your scalp from cold and sun rays.


  • The main disadvantage of long curls is the stereotype, which is firmly entrenched in the heads of many people about the femininity of men with long hair. Anyone who blames you for femininity should remember the ancient Scandinavians, who had incredibly long braids and a lush beard, while being considered the most ferocious and courageous people. Moreover, in ancient Egypt, long hair was considered a sign of the high class, while slaves and members of the lower classes were usually shaved baldly.
  • Long hair in a hairstyle to look healthy and beautiful requires regular maintenance, which will take a lot of time. That only are regular combing and procedures for restoring curls with masks and baths. In addition, it takes years for some men to grow long, healthy hair.
  • Long hair that is not attached to the head will cause a lot of discomfort and interfere during power loads, as well as in work that requires a lot of movement. To avoid this, the hair is usually pinned up with invisibility or elastic bands in the form of bunches at the back of the head.
  • Unfortunately, many men lose a significant amount of hair on the back of the head and crown by the age of 40. This prevents the creation of luxurious hairstyles from long hair.

Who are they suitable for?

Unfortunately, long hairstyles will not look good in every bow, and here everything depends not only on the shape of the face, but also on the type of hair, as well as the character of the man.

  • Hairstyles for long curls are suitable for men with almost any texture and type of hair. If this is coarse and unruly hair, then under their own weight they will obediently fit on the head. If a man has smooth and straight curls, styling products can give them additional waviness.
  • As already mentioned, elongated hairstyles are more suitable for men in creative professions. They endow their owner with dreaminess, romance and shape the personality of the wearer. For men who prefer more business-like and practical professions, such hairstyles are useless, they will look at least inappropriate in an overall sober look.
  • Since elongated curls require more careful care and a huge amount of time, they are suitable only for those men who are ready to spend at least half an hour a day on styling and combing their hair.

It should be understood that the appropriateness of long hair in your bow very much depends on the type of hairstyle chosen and related accessories or clothing items. If, when creating short haircuts, you can turn to any hairdresser and count on a satisfactory result, then for long hairstyles it would be best to contact special image studios.

Experts will help you to form a successful style of clothing and choose the most appropriate haircut for it.

Varieties of haircuts

There are several classifications of types of model men's haircuts for long hair. Depending on the degree of symmetry, there are asymmetrical and symmetrical men's hairstyles. Symmetrical hairstyles involve straight curls of approximately the same length, as well as lowered to the back of the head or face. Asymmetrical cascading haircuts with graduation and clear ends.

The first option is preferred by calmer and more serious men who do not like to stand out in a crowd. The second is more suitable for creative guys with an unusual sense of style and a desire to express themselves in all available ways.

Also, all long men's haircuts can be divided on hairstyles with and without bangs. Long haircuts without bangs open the forehead - they are loved by men with regular oval faces. Options with bangs are designed to smooth out some kind of imperfection of the face (large forehead, thin lips, uneven eyebrows) or to give the face more lightness and symmetry. If we consider fashionable and stylish modern varieties of men's hairstyles for long hair, then stylists distinguish only 4 types: classics, pompadour, cascade and grunge.

Each of the types of men's haircuts for long hair should be considered in more detail.

  • Classic... This haircut option has been relevant for over 20 years. Its distinctive features are approximately the same length of curls throughout the head, as well as a straight parting on smooth hair.The classic version also includes long men's hairstyles without parting with hair completely combed back at the crown and temples.

The classic style looks best in the image of confident and energetic men who are used to taking a leading position in any situation.

  • Pompadour. Some refer to this hairstyle as haircuts for medium hair. The peculiarity of the pompadour is short temples, while the long hair on the crown is combed back or slightly raised with the help of styling products. To create this hairstyle, you should seek the help of professional stylists.
  • Cascade... This type includes all varieties of men's long hairstyles to the shoulders with a multi-level haircut. In this case, the hair is actively filleted to give it different lengths and increase the volume of the hairstyle.
  • Grunge. This group of men's hairstyles includes the most beautiful and unusual hairstyles for men's hair. This hairstyle with all its appearance symbolizes rebellious moods and irrepressible energy. The main signs of grunge are feigned negligence, disheveledness and contrast. In this style, you can use elongated bangs, make shaved whiskey, or even use extraordinary colors to paint curls.

The main emphasis in negligence is precisely on the shape of the bangs, so here stylists prefer to cut the temples and the back of the head short, however, maintain a smooth transition to the crown zone.

How to choose the right option?

When choosing a hairstyle for long hair, you should focus on factors such as face shape, type, hair color and texture, as well as the degree of complexity of regular styling of a particular hairstyle. Below we will discuss in detail the options for designing long haircuts for each of these factors.

Face shape selection

Long hair should be styled differently depending on the width of the forehead, the shape of the chin and cheekbones. It all depends on which positive aspects you want to highlight, and which negative ones you want to smooth out or hide.

  • Oval shape. For men with an oval face shape, there are no restrictions on the choice of types and options for styling long hair. Additional tricks in the form of a lowered bangs, shaved temples or a voluminous crown are not necessary here. Usually men with this face shape choose the most open haircuts that allow them to demonstrate a beautiful and even forehead, neat cheekbones and lips.

A stylist who chooses an elongated hairstyle for an oval face should also pay attention to the incision and fit of the eyes, the shape of the nose and ears of a man.

  • Round form. The main task of long hair in this case is to visually stretch the face up. For this, haircuts are usually used with short or shaved temples and the back of the head (making the face more rectangular) and elongated hair on the crown, which can be combed back or sideways. Men with round faces should definitely abandon the choice of cascading and voluminous haircuts that will round their face even more.
  • Square shape... It all depends on what you want to achieve with your hairstyle. If you want to hide too prominent cheekbones or smooth out a square chin, choose options for long haircuts with asymmetrical bangs and long side strands. If you want to demonstrate your cheekbones and strong-willed chin to the whole world, choose haircuts with short shaved temples and a raised or combed top. Avoid straight lines in the hairstyle - for this face shape, preference should be given to smoothness and even some sloppiness.
  • Triangular shape... Persons with this shape have a large and wide forehead, as well as a pointed chin. To visually reduce the forehead and smooth sharp corners of the chin, choose options for haircuts with oblique and asymmetrical bangs.Also, options for haircuts without bangs with long smooth side strands and a completely open forehead can look good here.
  • Heart-shaped... Men with a heart-shaped face can experiment with any kind of haircut for long hair, however, hairstyles with excessive volume on the top of the head and too long bangs should be avoided.

Selection by type, texture and color of hair

By type and texture

Most men have incredibly coarse but thick hair. In short hairstyles, such hair looks very messy and needs constant styling. But, being long, this hair under its own weight with proper styling can look very stylish and fashionable. For this type of hair, hairstyles are more suitable, suggesting a slight mess of the bangs or the crown of the head - with unruly coarse hair, this will be easy to achieve.

Men with wavy hair have to carefully choose a successful short haircut for themselves. - such curls in most options look inappropriate and even ridiculous. In a long hairstyle, wavy hair can create an extremely successful creative image.

For long wavy hair, hairstyles are best suited, where the main emphasis is on voluminous and long bangs. Also, hairstyles without bangs with long side curls that open the face can look good here (for this they can be fixed behind the ears).

As for sparse and brittle hair, long hairstyles do not always look good with them. Men with such curls, who want to give their hair more volume, should focus on cascading hairstyles or haircuts with thinning.

As for the texture of such hair, to create visual volume, it is advised to create the effect of feigned sloppiness.

By hair color

Here you should remember only one point - long hair looks much more luxurious and voluminous on black and dark hair. With blond hair, long curls need additional accents in the form of patterns, braids or long bangs.

In addition to the factors of choice described, you should evaluate the complexity of styling certain hairstyles... Young people who are ready to spend some effort on styling long curls can choose more complex hairstyles that require styling products for fixing and styling. For men who do not like to spend more than 10 minutes a day on adjusting their hairstyle, the simplest haircut options should be selected.

Laying methods

If a man with long strands wants to look stylish and creative, he must learn to style his hair regularly. For the simplest styling, an ordinary hair dryer and a comb will suffice, for more complex styling you may need an elastic band, varnish, mousse or wax. Below are interesting and fashionable options for styling long curls for men.

  • Styling with a bun (or top knot). This is one of the most popular and stylish styling options for long hair, which at the same time allows you to maintain the length of the curls, opens the face and does not allow hair to get in the way during physical activity and work. These haircuts were most popular 5 years ago in the West - there they are known under the original name man bun. For such styling, a man will need a small elastic band or several hairpins. The hair is simply combed back, twisted into a tourniquet and fixed at the border of the crown and occipital zones in the form of a small bun.

It will be useful here to trim the temples and the back of the head.

  • Hair with a tail. This styling method resembles a "bun" and also opens up the face as much as possible, preventing hair from falling on the eyes. In this case, the hair is also combed back and, with the help of an elastic band, is formed into a ponytail at the border of the crown and occipital zones.
  • Long curls with a rim. All hairs are traditionally combed back and fixed at the crown (closer to the bangs area) with an invisible rim. It also allows you to open your forehead and keep hair out of your eyes.
  • Hairstyles with braids... Despite the fact that braids are used mainly by girls today, this option for fixing hair was actively used by men in ancient times. Today, braids in men's hairstyles can mean both classic options for braids on the back of the head, and more complex interpretations. For example, a braid fits in the parting area or serves as a frame for combed back hair. Often, small braids are woven into classic long men's hairstyles and give a man's image masculinity and originality. Today, options for men's long hairstyles with braids and afro-braids are considered very fashionable, which do not require special care and frequent styling.
  • Bulky and long dreadlocks. Variants of such long men's hairstyles came directly from the culture of Rastafarianism, whose representatives preferred to braid their hair in tight and matted curls in a special manner. Today, young people often use such hairstyles with thin but frequent dreadlocks. The downside of such hairstyles is the need for very thorough care. If he is absent, such dreadlocks will look terribly untidy, cause severe discomfort during unwinding, and even become a nest for parasites.

Such hairstyles today are worn exclusively by creative individuals: musicians, artists or tattoo artists.

  • Classic styling for long hair. These options are suitable for both wavy and straight, coarse hair. In this case, a central parting is formed on the head (it can be exactly in the center or slightly shifted to the temples), from which the hair is combed on the sides and covers the ears - this is done when a man wants to open his face and show a beautiful forehead and eyes. If a man has a wide forehead and a square chin, a side parting is formed, as well as an oblique long bang.

How to care?

In order for men's hairstyles for long hair to look harmonious and beautiful, they need to be constantly and painstakingly looked after. Here are some tips for long curls that can help you.

  • High-quality and delicate care requires an expensive and gentle brushing... These should not be sharp-toothed combs that will scratch the scalp. It is best suited here special combs for long hair in the form of large brushes with sparse teeth. In addition, these combs should be washed regularly to prevent dirt and loose hair from accumulating on the teeth.
  • Means for shampooing. The condition of your hair directly depends on shampoos and gels. If dryness or brittleness is not so noticeable on short curls, then in long hairstyles, sick or poorly groomed hair immediately catches the eye. Try to buy only quality head care products.
  • Water. When washing your hair, make sure that the water is not too hot. In addition, hard water can be very detrimental to any hair. For long hair to be washed better and saturated with shampoo, it should be soaped 2 times.
  • Combing. Regular brushing of your hair not only contributes to its healthy appearance, but also stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. During this procedure, which should take place 1-2 times a day, it is best to use massage brushes.
  • Drying. If short hair can be left to dry naturally after washing, and this does not damage their appearance, then long hair must be dried to maintain a neat appearance. If you have dry hair, you should dry it with a hot towel, if combined, normal or oily, choose a hairdryer.
  • Adjustment... Long hair has increased weight and volume and is more prone to tangles, tangles and split ends. To prevent this from happening, experts advise at least once a month to visit a stylist for a corrective haircut and styling.
  • Leather... Examine your scalp regularly. If you feel constant itching, peeling of the scalp or an increase in the amount of dandruff, contact a dermatologist immediately. These signs most likely mean the wrong approach to grooming, health problems, or the use of substandard hair styling products.
  • Hygiene. Remember to wash your long hair regularly - this affects both its texture and appearance. In the end, greasy shine in any hairstyle looks unpleasant.

Successful examples

To assess the success of a particular long haircut, it is not enough just to read its description, and therefore below you can familiarize yourself with successful examples of long haircuts in the images of famous models and famous actors.

  • Long grunge hair is a very popular modern hairstyle for successful and creative men. She combines carelessness, lightness and spontaneity.
  • Braids and dreadlocks often become the "highlight" of the bow of men with an extraordinary outlook on things.
  • A bun or top knot is one of the most widespread daily styling options for long hair in the world.
  • Pay attention to how a beautiful and well-groomed beard looks harmoniously in an image with long hair.
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