Short men's haircuts

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  3. Fashion trends
  4. Who are they suitable for?
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Today, a haircut in the bow of a modern man occupies one of the key roles - it is able to emphasize his social status, designate a strong-willed nature, or, conversely, an eccentric and creative character. Among men's haircuts today, the leading place is occupied by precisely the short varieties: they are easy to perform, care for and can be performed even by an amateur. In this article, you will get acquainted with the popular types of short men's haircuts, as well as tips for choosing and creating them at home.


Short haircuts are the leading men today. These haircuts have their own individual characteristics. The most obvious plus when choosing such a haircut is ease of care for short hair. They wash, dry and comb very quickly. The situation is the same with styling short hair. To fix long curls, you will need several styling products at once, and when styling a short hairstyle, there will be enough varnish, wax or fixing foam.

Short hairstyles remain the most popular choice among men today. Some experts believe that short haircuts will never lose popularity. Men with neatly styled short hair look not only stylish, but also masculine and sexy.

Short haircuts are versatile in everyday life. With them, you can safely go to hard physical work or training and not be afraid that the curls will hang over your eyes and interfere with your view. Moreover, hairstyles for short hair are suitable for absolutely any style of clothing, they are worn by both actors and ordinary workers.

Today there are a huge number of hairstyles and haircuts for short hair. Hairdressers and stylists are constantly experimenting with the length and shape of the bangs, the shape of the temples or the parting, which allows you to choose the best hairstyle for absolutely every man.

Stylish short hairstyles, whether for men or women, are believed to rejuvenate the face and accentuate its winning features. It also allows you to radically change the image of absolutely any person.

Despite the information above, short men's hairstyles have their drawbacks.

  • Unfortunately, you will have to visit your stylist or hairdresser much more often to maintain the neat appearance of a short haircut or a particular haircut. Especially in young men with coarse dry hair, the hairstyle loses its shape extremely quickly and needs to be adjusted regularly.
  • Hairdressers are of the opinion that short hair grows greasy and dirty much faster than long hair. Therefore, in order for such hair to always look clean and tidy, you will have to wash it more often.
  • All girls know how difficult it can be to grow healthy long hair. If a man has a short hairstyle, but he decided to try longer haircuts, then he will have to wait at least 1 year for more or less long hair to grow back. In addition, in order for such hair to be healthy and strong, you will need to carry out special procedures for their restoration and strengthening.


All varieties of men's hairstyles for short hair can be roughly divided into classic, sports, fighting, "military", grunge and hipster. Each of these groups is suitable for a certain type of activity, interests and character of a man.


These options are suitable for men who prefer versatile and time-tested haircut options that will never go out of style and will look equally appropriate in any situation, be it a business meeting or a party.

  • "Boxing"... This variety is considered one of the most common men's haircuts today. It assumes approximately the same length of hair throughout the head, but slightly reduced at the temples and back of the head and increased at the crown.

The haircut is so called due to the fact that it was previously used exclusively by weightlifters and boxers.

  • "Halfbox"... Another common option, which is an almost identical boxing haircut, but with an even greater length at the crown and crown.
  • "Canadian". A standard example of a Canadian haircut is a shaved head, shortened temples with a smooth transition to the crown, elongated hair on top, combed back or to the side.
  • "British". The haircut is very similar to the "Canadian", the difference here is in the method of execution. So, for example, if in the "Canadian" the hair in the back is most often shaved, then in the "British" the back of the head is processed with scissors. In addition, the "Briton" does not allow for negligence in the image - these are always clear parting lines and borders of the bangs, in contrast to the "Canadian", where protruding strands and feigned slovenliness are not uncommon.
  • Hitler Youth. An extremely popular option for business men with an excellent sense of style and a square face. It is characterized by ultra-short temporal zones, a short-shaved nape, a well-defined side parting and smoothly slicked-back hair.
  • "Polka". It resembles a "half-box" haircut, but the "polka" is characterized by a long hair length at the temples and the back of the head. Hair in the "polka" is either raised or combed to one side.


Sports type haircuts include all types of short haircuts for a typewriter, where the hair is slightly longer on top and short at the temples and back of the head. These haircuts are considered ideal for men who play sports or lead an active lifestyle. Hair in such a haircut does not require frequent washing, slowly gets dirty and does not interfere with the air exchange of the scalp.

These haircuts include the following.

  • "Anderkat". This type of haircut is very popular with football players. Of the popular stars of this sport, even Ronaldo wears it. A feature of the "underdecrate" are ultra-short whiskey, a short shaved nape and a raised crown.
  • Shortened versions of the "Mohawk". Also a popular variety among athletes, which is distinguished by shortened temples, as well as an even transition from temples to crown.

A distinctive feature is a raised comb of hair (with pointed ends) at the crown of up to 5-7 cm in length.

  • Boxing and semi-boxing - these haircuts originally belonged specifically to the fighting type haircuts, and then they began to actively take root in the everyday life of modern men.
  • "Zero". A haircut of this type involves ultra-short hair (or their complete absence) with a length of up to 0.5-1 cm on all sides of the head.
  • "Tennis". Hairdressers usually recommend this type of haircut for men with unruly and coarse hair. "Tennis" assumes the presence of a smooth transition, short temples, and a slightly elongated crown with raised or laid back hair.
  • "Hedgehog". Great for men with a creative mind. It features a smooth transition, as well as short, raised hair with clearly defined ends. The advantage of this haircut is that it does not require any special styling.

It is enough to simply tousle and slightly lift the hair with the help of styling products - sloppiness and asymmetry for this haircut will only be a plus.


Fighting haircuts are ideal for men who want to emphasize their strength, confidence, charisma and even aggression. Hairdressers advise to use them for those men who are engaged in martial arts - boxing, karate, taekwondo, judo, aikido and others.

Among the most common fighting haircuts are the following.

  • "Bobrik". This haircut is a popular and easy-to-wear choice among the modern military. It involves the formation of a flat area of ​​hair on the crown with the help of short temples, a clear area of ​​the bangs and vertically raised hair on top. Such a haircut gives the general image of a man militancy and brutality.
  • "Caesar"... A great haircut option for men seeking to show their unshakable willpower. It is characterized by short temples (possibly with shaved stripes), an evenly shaved nape and a slightly elongated crown with a very clear and even line of shortened bangs.
  • Princeton. This haircut was worn back in the 30s of the twentieth century by students of one of the oldest private educational institutions in the United States - Princeton University. The haircut is characterized by a short hair length at the crown of the head - from 2.5 to 5 cm, with a smooth transition of length to the temples and the back of the head.


This type includes all haircuts made for a typewriter. Among such haircuts, "boxing", "half-boxing", "hedgehog" or "zero" are distinguished. Initially, these haircuts were popular among the US military, but now they are actively used by men who are not related to military service. All thanks to the versatility of these hairstyles and the ease of caring for them.


A very popular haircut option among men who are engaged in some kind of creative activity. This group of haircuts includes absolutely all short hairstyles with short-shaved temples, but a fancy bang shape, an interesting or unusual parting, and an unconventionally cut back of the head. This is the perfect haircut to show everyone your exclusivity and personality.


Unlike the group of “grunge” hairstyles, hipster haircuts often have shining or waxed or gelled curls and necessarily elongated bangs, most often combed back or carelessly lowered down. A common addition to hipster haircuts is well-groomed beard and elegant mustache.

To roughly imagine a typical hipster hairstyle, you should remember the "undercut" haircut.

Fashion trends

In the current season, stylists prefer to maintain a certain sloppiness and naturalness in men's short hairstyles. Hence, any haircut with too neatly styled or slicked back hair will look too pretentious and inappropriate.

Below you will find out about the main trends in men's haircuts for the coming season.

  • For young men under 40 all options for short haircuts with elongated tops, torn and asymmetrical curls, patterns or stripes will be relevant. A special place is occupied by bangs, which can be torn, oblique, uneven or deliberately sloppy.
  • The main novelty of the next fashion season - the harmony of haircuts with the style and lifestyle of a man.
  • For business men over 45 classic and stylish options for short haircuts are best. In this case, the emphasis should go not only on emphasizing the individuality of a man, but also on practicality, ease of care.
  • For representatives of creative professions in the coming season, haircuts with short temples, an elongated wavy crown and unusually laid bangs will be ideal.
  • If in previous seasons balding men were forced to look for haircuts with ultra-short hair, then today haircut "under zero" - quite a good option, which will emphasize the seriousness and purposefulness of a man.

Who are they suitable for?

The success of a given short haircut is usually determined by two factors: hair type and face shape. Modern stylists distinguish only 6 face shapes. Depending on this, certain haircuts are better or worse for a man.

  • Oval. Men with this face shape are very lucky - almost all types of haircuts will suit them. In this case, hairdressers usually advise leaving short temples and slightly elongated hair at the crown and parietal part. As for the bangs, options that are combed back or to the side will look best here. This will maximize the highlighting of a symmetrical beautiful forehead, emphasize the eyes, cheekbones and chin.

The main function of this hairstyle is to show the beautiful features of a man's face to the whole world.

  • Round. The main task of short hairstyles with this shape is to create the illusion of angular, oblique, asymmetrical and even sloppy lines on the crown, which visually stretch the face. The hair on the temples and the back of the head should be shortened as much as possible, this will get rid of the effect of roundness of the cheeks. Best of all here will show themselves haircuts with combed back or raised hair - "British", "Canadian", "undercut", "quiff".
  • Square... Men with this face shape usually have no difficulty in choosing short hairstyles. Absolutely all options can also be suitable here: from classic short haircuts to options with elongated bangs and parting. Modern men with a square face shape prefer not to hide their beautiful cheekbones, strong-willed chin and flat forehead, so they most often choose types of haircuts with smoothly combed back or side hair. Here, haircuts like "Canadian", "hedgehog" and "undercut" will look most appropriate.
  • Triangular. Men with this face shape usually choose hairstyles with shortened temples and elongated hair at the crown. In addition, oblique or elongated bangs can play into the hands here, which will visually reduce the size of a large forehead. To smooth out the sharpness of the chin, many men specially grow a beard, which stretches the face and makes it more masculine. Options for popular triangular haircuts: quiff, Canadian, British and other haircuts that involve combed back or side hair.
  • Heart-shaped. Such men have a wide forehead, voluminous cheekbones or cheeks, and a small and pointed chin. Most often, stylists here advise stopping the choice on medium or long haircuts. Such hairstyles should emphasize the width of the forehead and visually lengthen the face. Haircuts with a side parting, as well as "Canadian" and "British" will look most successful here.
  • Diamond-shaped. Short haircuts for a diamond-shaped face usually involve elongated hair at the temples and the crown of the head - this allows you to make the face visually oval and more regular. Short haircuts are suitable here, suggesting voluminous and combed bangs.

The success of a particular haircut depends not only on the shape of a man's face, but also on the type of his hair. Stylists distinguish about 7 main varieties of them in relation to fat content, degree of rigidity and texture.

  • Normal. This hair has a medium degree of oily and brittleness, as well as a straight or slightly wavy texture. For this type of hair, absolutely any short hairstyle is suitable - the hair will lie down obediently and retain the shape set by the styling products for several days.
  • Dry and tough. This is the most common hair type among modern men. Their hairstyle requires more thorough care, constant adjustments and styling. In order for such hair to maintain the shape set by the hairdresser for more than 2 days, you will have to style it yourself daily using varnish or foam.

For this type of hair, classic short hairstyles are best.

  • Fatty. Any short haircut can look good with this type of hair. The main condition here is that the hair looks clean, neat and does not have an oily sheen. To prevent this, avoid frequent use of styling wax and shampoos and gels that are high in oils and fats.
  • Mixed. In this case, the fatty layer on the hair is unevenly distributed along the entire length. For this hair to look neat, it should also be washed more often. As for the hairstyle options, absolutely all types of haircuts for short hair are also suitable here.
  • Straight. Straight hair is a real gift for any modern man. They can be laid freely in any position and even get the coveted waviness from them when using certain styling products. What should be avoided by men with such hair is “mohawk”, “boxing” or “hedgehog” haircuts - straight short hair is not able to create that carelessness and asymmetry that is characteristic of such hairstyles.
  • Thin... The main task of haircuts for men with such hair is to create a visual effect of volume. This is achieved through the use of a graduation and step cutting technique. This not only gives the hair the necessary volume, but also gives the whole look lightness and airiness. The best haircuts for this type of hair are "Canadian" or "polka".
  • Wavy... Men with curly hair today choose exactly short haircuts - in this case, it is much easier to care for them and maintain their desired shape. Most often, men with such hair choose options for haircuts with short temples, a voluminous crown and slightly elongated wavy bangs. Also, haircuts made in the "bob" or "square" technique can look good here - this allows you to visually lengthen the face, reduce the cheeks and forehead.

Some men, when choosing a haircut for short hair, also pay attention to such a factor as the type and shape of the beard. A certain haircut may look different with a certain type of beard. For "British" and "Canadian" haircuts, a neat beard with clear boundaries or just short stubble is best suited. For boxing or semi-boxing haircuts, the best option would be stubble, Russian beard, goatee and the so-called Hollywood beard.

The best option for haircuts like mohawk or hedgehog would be well-groomed short bristles with blurred contours.

An excellent choice for military hairstyles would be stiff bristles or a goatee with a barely noticeable mustache.

If we talk about a favorable hair color for men's short hairstyles, then today the preference is given to natural or close to natural shades. Therefore, short haircuts can be suitable for both men with blond hair (blondes) and dark hair (brunettes or brown-haired). The main thing here is a correctly selected type of haircut, as well as a natural and well-groomed appearance.

In addition, when choosing a certain haircut for short hair you should evaluate your daily lifestyle and clothing style. For classic business suits and a serious lifestyle, short haircuts with hair slicked to the side or back and parting are best, as well as classic short haircuts. If your lifestyle is far from the standard, and your clothes are original and extravagant, then light and airy hairstyles with elements of sloppiness and asymmetry will show themselves best here.

Technique and styling

To create a neat and stylish short hairstyle, men are advised to visit a trusted stylist or hairdresserhowever, some of these hairstyles can be created by hand at home.

To create any short hairstyle, you may need tools such as a clipper, regular hairdressing scissors, thinning scissors, hairpins (for bangs), a metal comb (for parting), and styling products (for styling).

So, the famous "Canadian" is performed according to the following instructions.

  • The hair should be rinsed and dried before the procedure.
  • Gently comb your hair, then use a comb with a sharp end to make 3 partings on your head: one horizontal - from ear to ear through the crown, two others - vertical, which start from the temples and end with a horizontal parting line.
  • Select a control curl on the bangs with a width of no more than 5 mm, along which you will be guided by other hair. Pull the curl from the bottom of the forehead at a 90-degree angle and trim to a length of 3 cm.
  • In the same way, trim all hair in the parietal region and at the temples. Do not forget to check the length of the curls with the control strand.
  • Trim the rest of the hair neatly at the temples and above the ears, also pulling back the hair at a 90-degree angle.
  • Divide the remaining hair at the back of the head with a horizontal parting into two equal zones. Determine the control strand in the uppermost occipital zone and cut it off with an oblique cut.
  • Repeat the same steps for the rest of the hair at the very top of the hair at the back of the head. Always be guided by the length of the control strand and remember to pull your hair at right angles.
  • After you are done with the upper occipital area, cut the hair in the lower occipital area as short as possible, but observe the principle of a smooth transition. Most often, at this moment, the master resorts to the help of a typewriter - the higher he rises to the crown of the head, the more the angle of inclination of the typewriter becomes.
  • After the haircut procedure, the hair is milled, the ends are trimmed if necessary, and styling is carried out.

After the haircut itself, the hair should be fixed with styling products. Most often stylists use styling foam, varnish, wax or water-based gels. The choice of such a tool depends on the type of hairstyle chosen.

  • Foam (or mousse) will perfectly serve when shaping hairstyles with obedient and soft hair. Most often it is used to create separate voluminous strands in the bangs or on the crown, and it will also help in the formation of the desired effect of negligence or disorder on the crown. The foam does not weigh down the hair or stick it together, but it makes it unsuitable for fixing the hair in windy weather. Another plus of mousse, unlike other styling products, is that you don't need a lot of it to form a hairstyle, and the hair itself after foam does not turn greasy and does not need to be washed.
  • Gel will be an excellent tool for men who prefer sleek and evenly combed hairstyles. It gives the hair a natural and healthy shine, and also fixes it in the desired position. Unfortunately, frequent use of the gel can make your hair greasy and will need to be washed frequently.
  • Varnish, depending on the type of fixation chosen (normal, extra-strong, ultra-strong, mega-strong and extreme), it can help both in creating simple and not weighted hairstyles, as well as in the formation of the most complex haircuts for unruly and coarse hair. It retains the chosen hairstyle for a long time, keeps hair volume even in inclement weather, and therefore is actively used in the creation of many modern short haircuts ("undercut" or "rockabilly", as an example).
  • Wax - a universal tool for highlighting the ends when creating men's short hairstyles such as "hedgehog" or "mohawk", but it is not able to keep the volume or fix the shape of the hair for a long time.

In addition, from styling with wax, the hair quickly grows oily, looks messy and even dirty.

Hair styling wax

Beautiful examples

  • Options for performing a haircut type "Boxing" and "semi-boxing". As you can see, the length of the hair on the head of men is approximately the same on all sides, but the hair is slightly longer on the crown.
  • 3 successful examples of haircuts called "Caesar". The difference that immediately catches your eye is the clear line of the shortened bangs.
  • Examples of famous British and Canadian... Both haircuts feature slicked back or side hair and short temples.
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