Men's fashion spring-summer

  1. Basic wardrobe items
  2. Popular materials
  3. Trendy colors and prints
  4. Styles
  5. Stylish bows

In the modern world, not only women try to monitor their appearance, but also men. Fashion is changing. New trends appear every season. Spring-summer men's fashion dictates new rules that should be adhered to by every man who looks after himself.

Basic wardrobe items

There can be a lot of clothes in a man's wardrobe, however, the main component of a good and correct image will be exactly the base that should be. It is worth noting that we will not necessarily only talk about a beige coat and jeans. After all, everyone can have their own basic things.

So, a man who prefers only a sporty style will not wear trousers and jackets. For this reason, he does not have to spend money on things that are not needed. When choosing a basic wardrobe, do not forget about trends.

However, before you shop, consider your lifestyle. Let's take a look at what is included in the classic basic wardrobe in men's spring-summer fashion.


Will never go out of style. This wardrobe item a must have for every man who looks after his appearance. It is worth noting that there can be only one suit in the wardrobe, but it must be expensive and made of high-quality material. You shouldn't even look at costumes that cost a penny. And the one in which the man went to graduation at school should be thrown away for a long time.

The suit must be in a neutral color... It is advisable to give preference gray or blue... However, it all depends on the personal preference of the man. Many men state that suits do not suit them. However, it is not. The suit suits absolutely everyone, without exception. The main thing is to choose it correctly.


If we talk about the most comfortable and versatile clothes that should be in a wardrobe, then these will, of course, jeans... It is advisable to have three pairs: black, dark blue, light blue. Jeans should fit perfectly, fit in length and have a straight fit. Allowed slightly tapered model... However, this item of clothing should not look like leggings on men.

Forget about the following models:

  • with bare ankles (short jeans are no longer in fashion);
  • with holes;
  • too wide.


This wardrobe item must be monochromatic... It will be enough to purchase white, black, gray, burgundy and blue T-shirt so that you can combine them with other wardrobe items every day. So a man will look not only stylish, but always different.

T-shirt must be direct cut. You should not choose too loose or skinny models, which will only spoil the image.

Such a thing in the wardrobe should be made of quality material. The T-shirt can be worn under a jacket, which, by the way, can be taken from a suit.


There should also be monochromatic. It is advisable to give preference to black, which is the most versatile... Concerning whites shirts, they are already going out of fashion, even though this is a classic version. However, for a casual walk, a white shirt will not be the best option, which cannot be said about other colors.

Sport shoes

Such shoes are not only comfortable, but always remain in fashion. Street style will always be popular, which is not surprising. Stylish high-quality sneakers or sneakers go well not only with T-shirts.

You can even wear such shoes under a suit, which will make the image less strict. In this form, you can always go on a date.

Popular materials

Fashion changes every year.If last summer linen was in trend, now everything has changed. So, the main materials are:

  • leather;
  • suede leather.

It is worth noting that now artificial materials are in vogue, which are no less high quality and look good.

The main thing is that such products are ethical, because not a single animal was harmed during production. Of course, men who prefer natural materials can look at brands that make quality clothing out of this. However, even stylists recommend paying tribute to fashion.

Trendy colors and prints

The spring-summer season in men's fashion promises to be bright and varied. After all, the colors that are worth choosing in order to stay in trend warm up imagination. So, the most fashionable colors are:

  • bright blue;
  • cherry;
  • Orange;
  • bright yellow;
  • emerald;
  • snow-white.

Of course, it is not complete without the classic black color, which even makes no sense to talk about. After all, he is always in fashion.

Many men who follow all the trends were probably surprised when they saw it on the list. bright yellow color. After all, he was in fashion for the last time a long time ago. This is especially true for men's fashion. However, trends are making a comeback, which is not surprising. It is assumed that in the near future will be able to return to fashion again. purple color as well green, which has not been relevant for several years.

I would like to pay special attention prints... After all, plain things can seem boring. Especially in summer when you want to add a little color. Paradise and floral motifs are present not only in women's fashion, but also in men's. However, not everyone will like them, but they do exist.

So, in the spring-summer season, men should pay attention to interesting jackets with heavenly and floral prints. If a holiday or an official event is planned, then you can purchase a whole costume with such an interesting and very unusual color. This trend is quite bold. The main rule is not to overdo it.

It is desirable that in such a color there is only one detail of the whole image, which should be diluted with something monochromatic.

This will make you look stylish. In fashion again cartoon printsthat look especially good on T-shirts and sweatshirts. The most daring can get a suit or coat with Donald Duck. Not a great idea though.


Men who love unusual things about their clothes can rejoice. After all, the spring-summer season has prepared all the most interesting for them.

"Auto Mechanic"

This style will become popular not only in summer, but also when it is still cool. In order to match this style, you will need a la work overalls made of dense fabric. The option of purchasing a suit with patches is not excluded. This look will look casual but stylish. The main thing is that it will be comfortable in such clothes. However, not every man is able to decide on this. This style is suitable not only for walking in the park. In such a jumpsuit, you can even attend an informal event. For example, go to your best friend's birthday.


Ideal style for men who do not like to bother and pick up clothes for a long time. The main feature is muted tones... Clothes should not be bright. The ideal option would be trouser shorts, which can be paired with plain shirts, sweaters and even blazers. This style will be an ideal alternative to casual, which everyone managed to get a little tired of. By the way, it has been popular over the past few years. Now is the time to change something.


The main colors of this style are: khaki, brown, pistachio, beige, ivory. For this style, clothes made of suede are suitable. The image can be supplemented with a hat that will make a man an adventure hunter. By the way, the leopard print, which is better used in some details of the image, is back in fashion. The main thing is not to overdo it.


This style is pleasant and suitable not only for women, but also for men. It's time to buy "command" jackets in casual khaki color. It should be noted that this style was fashionable a couple of years ago. It's time to delve into your wardrobe. It is likely that some items can again be returned to the shelf of items that are regularly worn.


This season, not only jeans are popular again, but also other things that are made of this material.... By the way, the image, which is completely composed of denim, will become not only comfortable, but also stylish. It's time to get a denim shirt or jacket.

Stylish bows

It is important that the clothes are not only stylish, but also comfortable. The images must be thought out in advance before leaving the house. Try to disassemble your wardrobe and arrange things correctly, collecting ready-made bows for every day.

      In order for the image to be complemented and stylish, it is advisable to add a cap or hat to your wardrobe, which will ideally be combined not only with a coat, but also with T-shirts. Below are photos of stylish images that will look appropriate in all occasions.

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