Woody fragrances for men

Woody fragrances for men
  1. Peculiarities
  2. Who are they suitable for?
  3. Rating of the best

Woody fragrances for men emphasize the brutality of the image, have noble shades that allow you to stand out from the general mass of people. They are produced by both large brands with a worldwide reputation and companies in the mass market segment, and a complete rating of eau de toilette with such notes may include not even a few, but dozens of positions. It is worth telling in more detail about the best scents of men's perfumes and perfumes with woody-spicy accents on sale.


Cedar, sandalwood, vetiver, pine, oak cognac barrels - all these notes are found in the scent of men's perfume quite often. Woody accents are chosen when you want to create a warm scent for fall or winter. Such compositions are rare in their pure form. In general, woody fragrances for men should have natural motives in the heart notes or trail.

Here they unfold gradually, without being interrupted by the top of the olfactory pyramid.

The belonging of perfumery to the woody group is determined not simply by the presence of such components in the composition. For example, sandalwood and cedar are included in almost all products of the eastern direction. But they are not called arboreal. In their pure form, the smells of this group are united by the following features.

  1. Astringency. The aroma feels quite concentrated.
  2. Sweetness. Woody components often have a specific smell with such notes.
  3. Velvety, soft accents. There is no floral harshness or overpowering freshness. Rather, wood is a material that inspires calm and confidence. They do not come out ahead, but noticeably enrich the range of aromas.

Woody notes have been used in men's perfumery from the very beginning. They are quite traditional. In addition to sandalwood, pine and cedar, oud, an agar tree, is also included here. In addition, citrus bergamot, vetiver, which is a cereal crop, and an exotic patchouli shrub are ranked as woody. All of them give characteristic notes, not directly related to this category of fragrances.

Who are they suitable for?

Perfumes with woody notes for men are aimed at people with an active lifestyle. They pair well with trendy aquatic or timeless oriental accents. The scent of wood is often incorporated into fresh, pungent compositions as a balancing element. When heated on the skin, mixed with sweat, vetiver and sandalwood increase their presence and begin to dominate.

This avoids the problems associated with too active manifestation of their own body odors.

The aromas of the woody group are also suitable for respectable men over the age of 40. In this case, you should look for combinations of cedar with leather and suede, pay attention to cognac accents or sea salt. It is in this format that colognes, eau de parfum or perfumes work most effectively, leaving a noble trail for the owner of an expensive suit and luxurious car.

Rating of the best

Perfume with notes of wood is one of the most popular options on the market for men's perfume and eau de toilette. In its pure form, it is rarely found, but if you manage to find your own version, such a scent stays with its fan for a long time. Wood shades are also different.

The most interesting and relevant options are included in the top perfumery, which every man should try at least once in his life.

  • Chanel Pour Monsieur. A classic woody-chypre fragrance from the legendary brand. Since its premiere in 1955, it has gone through more than one reprint. Woody notes are cedar and vetiver, diluted with oak moss, green basil and cardamom, peony sweetness and ginger spice.A magnificent aroma, gradually revealing the entire range of its shades, is flawlessly combined with the image of a self-confident man.
  • Serge Lutens Cedre. The laconic oriental-woody fragrance from the legendary perfumer is a true anthem of falling in love with a cedar tree. The composition reveals all its depth and luxury. Notes of tuberose, amber and musk envelop spicy cloves and cinnamon, merging in a fragrance for mature men who have long since needed to prove anything to others.
  • Burberry London for Men. No English gentleman will deny himself the pleasure of enjoying this woody-amber scent. It belongs to the category of an eternal classic that does not lose its relevance over time. Guaiac wood and oak moss hide the bitterness of tobacco leaves, leather and port, as well as light hints of bergamot and pepper. This scent goes well with office style and more informal clothes.
  • Gucci Guilty. A woody male fragrance for all time in an elegant glass-bronze bottle. A versatile composition composed of a mixture of cedar, sandalwood and amber, decorated with lemon and lavender with delicate hints of pepper. The fragrance is a rare example of a modern take on what a woody perfume should be.
  • Paco Rabanne 1 Million Intense. Like other creations of this legendary couturier, the perfume released under his name is not like others. Warm patchouli and sandalwood, spicy black pepper, saffron and cardamom, as well as fresh and juicy citrus are harmoniously combined here. It is the perfect evening scent for special occasions with a complex range of gradually emerging accents.
  • DSQUARED2 He Wood. The straightforward reference to the woody origin of the fragrance is not accidental, even the bottle here very unequivocally communicates the desire of its creators to immerse themselves in natural motives. The natural composition here is collected from plants typical of Canadian forests. A fresh, unobtrusive woody scent that can be worn every day.
  • Tom Ford Oud Wood. An unexpected woody scent that invites the representatives of the stronger sex to feel at the height of fashion trends. Here oud is combined with sandalwood, generously flavored with the warmth of patchouli, complemented by unexpected vanilla notes. It is a good choice for the cold season. Eau de parfum is quite neutral, persistent and laconic.
  • Acqua Di Gio Absolu. The fragrance from Giorgio Armani is presented in the summer collection in the form of eau de parfum. The combination of aquatic composition and wood has a hypnotic effect on the fair sex. It is a good choice for those who find the traditional fragrances of this group too mature.
  • Armand Basi Wild Forest. The woody theme can be traced here in everything: from the design of the bottle to the packaging. The perfumers of the brand see the scent of the wild forest in the fusion of warm oriental and spicy notes. The wood is not too intrusive, balancing the composition, relieving it of the cloying sweetness.
  • Yves Saint Laurent Splendid Wood. A deep and vibrant woody scent from the legendary brand is based on a complex combination of cedar, oak and incense, combined with citrol and cardamom. The combination gives unexpected freshness and lightness.

Special attention should be paid to the bottle, which every collector will be proud to have in his arsenal.

  • Blue De Chanel. A modern look at traditions in men's perfumery. The composition is based on woody-spicy accents, represented by a combination of cedar, amber and musk. This is a very dry masculine scent, perfect for the skin on a hot day.
  • Creed Original Santal. The oriental woody composition of this fragrance is entirely dedicated to sandalwood, generously flavored with citrus notes. The perfumery range with pronounced oriental accents immerses you in dreams of warm India with its spices and incense. A fragrance for brave men who are ready to experiment.
  • Avon Herve Leger. A budget version of woody eau de toilette for men was developed for the American brand by the renowned perfumer Stephen Nielsen. In his creation, he boldly combines spicy ginger with citrus fruits, vetiver enhances with sandalwood and cedar, and kneads musk and amber in the base. This is a fragrance for hot men who are confident in their own attractiveness.

After considering the best woody-spicy and other fragrances for men from this group, you can choose several options for your collection. Such notes are classified as traditional. Accordingly, woody perfumes are suitable both for office and for publication - you just need to decide on the accents that will frame the noble shades of sandalwood, cedar or oud.

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