Model men's haircuts

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Stylishly cut and styled hair can not only complement the bow of a modern man, but also become a "highlight" that everyone will pay attention to. In this article, you will get acquainted with the popular types of men's model haircuts, as well as the technique for performing them.


The most obvious plus of model haircuts is that they have already become entrenched in time and have their fans. The main types of such haircuts can be performed even by novice hairdressers, which makes them affordable for every man.

Today there are more than 15 separate varieties of model men's haircuts, which differ from each other in the length of the curls, the volume of hair on the crown, the method of styling and cutting, as well as the absence or presence of bangs.

The difficulty of creating a unified classification of model haircuts is that many hairdressers like to experiment with ready-made haircut schemes and add their own individual touches to them.

Below will be presented a number of names of the most popular model men's haircuts for long, short and medium hair.


This group includes all universal men's haircuts: they can suit absolutely any style of clothing, will be appropriate for any event and will not create an unpleasant contrast between the hair styling and the hairstyle of a man.

Most often, model haircuts for short or medium hair are considered classics, where the length of the curls is approximately the same on all sides of the head. At the request of a man, such haircuts can be supplemented with a graduation, a cascade, a parting or an interesting bang.

An obvious plus of classic haircuts is their versatility, which makes them a great choice for any man. Less classics - limited choice, and lack of creativity. These hairstyles tend to get bored quickly.

In addition, they only harmonize with the chosen bow in clothes, but are unable to become its "highlight" or successfully emphasize the character of a man.

Boxing and semi-boxing

These haircuts refer to men's hairstyles. for short hair. For the first time, this method of hair cutting was used by representatives of the martial arts in the twentieth century.

A feature of boxing is short or ultra-short temples and slightly elongated hair at the crown. The half-box is a copy of the box, but with an increased length of hair on the crown - the curls in the half-box can be thinned and easy to style.

Hairstyles of this type best suited for serious men who do not like to spend a lot of time styling their hair. Boxing and semi-boxing do not require any strict styling at all - after washing, it is enough to dry the hair and lift it with varnish or gel (if you want to create a “hedgehog” effect).

The plus of these hairstyles is in the ease of cutting and styling - the simplest versions of haircuts can be created at home using a typewriter and hairdressing scissors. The downside of these hairstyles is the difficulty in diversifying the bow.

The shorter the hair on your head, the harder it is to create an interesting new look out of it.


Many attribute this hairstyle to the classic group - this is a haircut for short or medium hair, which is characterized by short-cropped temples and occipital lobes, as well as increased hair length at the crown. A smooth transition is created between the length of the hair at the temples (and at the back of the head) and the strands at the crown. The peculiarity of the "polka" is oblique bangs or hair combed to one side with the addition of volume at the crown.

Like the above hairstyles, "Polka" refers to haircuts that can be performed by absolutely any hairdresser. In addition, it is versatile and suitable for any bow - which is why experts classify it as a classic hairstyle.

As the main disadvantage, one can only note the need for regular styling of the bangs so that the hairstyle looks beautiful and neat.


For the first time this haircut appeared in England - it helped to create the image of a serious, confident and daring man. A distinctive feature of the "British" is the obligatory presence of voluminous and long bangs, which are neatly laid to one side or combed back. At the same time, the temples and the occipital part of the head are cut short while maintaining a smooth transition from short temples to bangs.

The main plus of the "British" is the creation of an original and creative bow with the help of fluffy bangs. This hairstyle is great for creative people, but it can also fit into a formal bow.

If we talk about the cons, then the "British" does not tolerate even feigned slovenliness - it is always neatly styled hair without bulging curls.


"Canadian" is almost a complete copy of the "British", which is why these two varieties are confused by inexperienced hairdressers. Despite the similar appearance, these trendy hairstyles were created at different times and in different parts of the earth. The key feature of the "Canadian" is the admissibility of such a hairstyle negligence. Sloppy curls, asymmetric hair volume at the crown or slightly disheveled bangs will look appropriate here. "British", in turn, does not tolerate such sloppiness - these hairstyles are always neatly styled.

Another difference between "Canadian" and "British" is the way of haircuts: The "Canadian" prefers the nape of the head that is strongly shaved with a typewriter, while in the "British" the nape is processed with scissors and a smooth transition to the length of the hair at the crown is maintained.


Sports type haircuts include almost all types of ultrashort men's haircuts. A distinctive feature of these hairstyles is the approximately equal length of short hair around the entire head circumference. These hairstyles are commonly used by athletes involved in active sports that require a lot of movement.

The advantage of such haircuts is an open view: short hair does not fall on the eyes and does not distract attention from the game.


The tennis haircut is a common sports hairstyle preferred by famous tennis players. Distinctive features of such a haircut: shaved temples and occipital lobe with a smooth transition to slightly elongated hair at the crown. Unlike a half-box, in such hairstyles, volume is allowed, a rather long bang. Such a hairstyle as a whole looks like a kind of "platform" of voluminous hair.

Plus tennis haircuts - in the ease of execution and styling. Short hair is simply dried and lifted slightly with mousse or hairspray on the crown.


Haircut like "Caesar" is preferred serious and self-confident men with the correct face contour. Features of this hairstyle: short hair combed forward, clear contours of the fringe border, as well as short temples with a smooth transition to elongated hair at the crown.

This haircut is great for balding men as well as those with regular facial features. The Caesar haircut opens up the face as much as possible, emphasizes the cut of the eyes and highlights the cheekbones. She looks especially interesting on men with oval and square faces - this is how she maximally emphasizes a strong-willed chin and gives the image of a man even more confidence.

Plus "Caesar", like any other short haircut, is in easy daily styling.

Among the minuses, one can note the tough directionality of such a hairstyle: it is suitable only for self-confident men, with creative personalities it will create an unpleasant contrast.


The ideal haircut for medium hair for creative and deeply individual personalities... In this case, the sides are cut short with scissors or a clipper, while maintaining a smooth transition. The length of the hair at the top of the head is preserved and forms a fancy and voluminous bangs. This is a multi-step cascading hairstyle, where the length and volume of the hair gradually increases from the forehead and temples to the crown of the head. The bangs in such a hairstyle are usually collected in a tuft and raised above the crown - it can stand straight or be slightly tilted to one side.

The advantage of the pompadour is that she looks equally great with neatly combed and slightly messy hair. This is a very original haircut that will attract attention in the crowd. Usually, it is precisely creative individuals who wear it: artists, artists. The disadvantage of "pompadour" is the need for regular and thorough styling.


Military hairstyles were first used by the military at the beginning of the twentieth century. At that time, short hair on the head was a prerequisite for serving in the army. First of all, this was due to hygiene: short hair was less likely to become a nest for parasites, in addition, it needed to be washed much less often than long hair. Over time, such haircuts began to be actively used not only by the military, but also by ordinary men who sought to make their image more masculine.

A feature of military haircuts are ultra-short hair all over the head. This hairstyle is very similar to a boxing haircut, however, the latter has hair on the top of the head a little longer in length than the curls at the temples.

The plus of military haircuts is obvious: low requirements for daily care, in addition, such a hairstyle maximally emphasizes the facial features of a man and makes him more masculine, serious and charismatic.


This hairstyle is an ideal choice for men who are beginning to have a bald head.... A zero-cut haircut involves completely shaved hair on the head or temples. In this case, both an absolutely smooth version and the presence of barely noticeable hair contours on the crown are possible.

This hairstyle looks best with oval and square faces.

As one might expect, those men who generally do not like to waste their time on hair styling are worn "under zero". The main plus is the possibility of self-haircuts using a typewriter. If we talk about the cons, then we can single out only two:

  • scalp hair will grow back very quickly and need regular adjustment;
  • if you have cut your hair "to zero", but want to change your hairstyle, then you will have to wait a long time for such an opportunity.


The hedgehog belongs to the popular men's haircuts for short and medium hair. The peculiarity of the hedgehog is in a certain way of styling the hair on the crown and temples. Here the hair is lifted with styling products and fixed with varnish. In this case, the curls can be lifted asymmetrically, that is, in different directions. For this hairstyle, some carelessness is more a plus than a minus.

Much attention is paid here precisely to the ends of the hair, which should be clearly visible against the background of the entire hairstyle. If the hedgehog is created for short hair, then the temples and the back of the head are cut short or shaved to create a contrast between the crown. If for medium hair, then the hair is styled along the entire circumference of the head: on the crown, back of the head and temples.

Hitler Youth

Some call this "Fritz" hairstyle because of its connection with the German youth movement of the early 20th century. A little later this haircut was given a more correct name - "preppy". The Hitler Youth is characterized by rather short temples and nape (up to 5 cm in length), as well as smoothly combed hair on the crown back or sideways. Everything in this haircut speaks of neatness and decency: the hair in it is smoothly combed back and treated with styling agents for a natural shine effect. In some versions of this hairstyle, there may be a clear parting.

The main disadvantage of the hairstyle can be considered the need for regular and thorough styling - it is suitable only for those men who are ready to spend more than 15 minutes a day on their hair.

In addition, the "Hitler Youth" is combined only with a certain style of clothing - formal suits look best here.

Bob and square

Men's bob and bob haircuts can only be performed on medium and long hair. These hairstyles involve elongated, voluminous curls at the crown and sides, which frame the face on all sides. In such hairstyles, bangs (most often oblique) are always present, which are designed to smooth out irregular facial features and reduce the forehead.

The advantage of such haircuts is that they can perfectly complement the created image. The most obvious disadvantage is the need for regular and thorough styling and fixing of hair.

For beginners, such procedures can take up to an hour.

Creative and grunge

Creative hairstyles include all types of hairstyles for short, long and medium hair, suggesting an unusual bang shape, originally styled hair on the crown, shaved whiskey with patterns or dyed hair. These haircuts are the perfect field for a stylist's fantasies.

The plus of such hairstyles is obvious: they are able to reflect almost any character and fit perfectly into the bow of creative people with an extraordinary outlook on things.

These haircuts are created precisely in order to attract the attention of strangers and become the "highlight" of a man's bow. A clear minus - an urgent need for professional styling. Even despite the tolerance of creative hairstyles to the most unusual styling options, not every "hurricane of hair" on the head will look beautiful.

Grunge hairstyles include creative varieties of hairstyles, but only for medium and short hair.


This is one of the most popular modern haircuts. Outwardly, she very much resembles a "Canadian" or "British" (the hair on the crown is raised and neatly combed back or to one side), but here the main emphasis is not on the splendor of the bangs, but on the contrast between the length of the hair at the crown and the length of the curls at the temples.

Like other haircuts that involve voluminous bangs, "undercut" is able to perfectly reflect the character of a creative man with a non-standard mindset.

"Bobrik" or "playground"

A hairstyle of this type is an improved copy of boxing, only in this case the hair on the head looks like a flat area, and the bangs have clear boundaries, as in the Caesar haircut.

Unfortunately, "Beaver" is not suitable for all representatives of the stronger sex - most often it is used by men with oval or round faces.

For other face types, this hairstyle is contraindicated - it will only give them irregularities and accentuate sharp features.

How to choose a hairstyle?

Indeed, today there are a huge number of varieties of men's haircuts, but this knowledge is not enough to create a spectacular bow. Each hairstyle can fit a specific face shape, style of dress, or even the character of the man who wants to wear it.


Choose a haircut based on your everyday style of clothing. So, for a more strict and business image, short model haircuts are more suitable, involving neatly styled hair and even temples - all classic haircuts will look great in this style.

If you prefer a more spontaneous, messy or creative style of dress, you should choose the same haircuts with unusual styling of bangs, shaved temples or parting. In the case of creative haircuts, the choice is simply huge and is constantly being supplemented by new hairstyles.

Hair structure

Unfortunately, the type of hair determines how beautiful and successful a certain haircut will look. For example, for coarse and unruly hair, it is wiser to choose short haircuts - this way the strands will be much easier to style. If you wear straight, soft and manageable hair, all types of model haircuts will suit you - both short and long.

Much also depends on the thickness of the hair, but today the natural volume on the crown can be achieved with a hairdryer, graduation or styling products. Some men with coarse and unruly hair prefer complex layered hairstyles. but for them to look beautiful and well-groomed, strong means of fixing are required.

Face shape

Some hairstyles are able to successfully complement a certain bow and highlight the winning facial features. In the same time An improperly chosen hairstyle can visually enlarge or reduce the face and even make it asymmetrical.

Fortunately, today there is a large selection of model men's haircuts for every type of face - they differ from each other in the shape of the bangs, as well as in the volume of hair on the crown and temples.

For example, for round faces, haircuts with shaved temples and a raised shape are best suited - this technique allows you to visually stretch the face. In triangular and heart-shaped faces, a lot of attention is paid to the bangs, which are necessary to reduce the width of the forehead and soften the sharp chin. It is easiest for owners of oval faces - any hairstyle can be suitable for them.

The character of a man and the field of activity

Experienced stylists and hairdressers are confident that the hairstyle should be in harmony not only with the chosen style of clothing, but also with the character of the person who wears this haircut. So, men with a more conservative and serious outlook on things should opt for calm hairstyles without distracting attention from manipulating bangs and temples. Those who prefer more aggressive, creative or romantic hairstyles should opt for grunge, undercut, british or pompadour hairstyles.

How to cut correctly?

Each model hairstyle has its own styling scheme and is cut based on a specific scheme. Unfortunately, it is not possible to draw up a single instruction for cutting all hairstyles. Below are the main tools for the haircut procedure, a list of recommendations for cutting hair yourself with a clipper, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to perform a classic short haircut with scissors.

Regardless of the type of haircut, you will need the following tools to complete it:

  • scissors: regular and thinning;
  • special brush for hair styling, hairbrush and comb-comb;
  • hairpins or bobby pins for fixing hair;
  • spray with water to moisturize hair;
  • hair clipper;
  • styling products.

Almost all model men's haircuts, as you can see from the headings above, require short-shaven temples with a typewriter. Therefore, it will be useful to figure out how to use this tool at home.

  1. Hair should be washed and dried with a hot towel or hair dryer before cutting. Then you need to prepare a typewriter (pick up a nozzle) and a comb in the form of a comb.
  2. The machine is taken in the right hand so that the thumb is on top of the machine, the rest of the fingers should firmly grip the base of the machine.
  3. Comb your hair and begin to gradually cut from the back of the head. Measure the desired length of hair with a comb.Then, this hair length should be guided by when cutting other strands.
  4. When using the machine, do not rush, the movements should be smooth and precise, without sharp turns. Always cut against hair growth.
  5. To appreciate the work done, do not forget to comb from time to time - this will make it clearer which part of the hair on the back of your head deserves attention.
  6. After cutting the hair on the back of the head, proceed to cutting the temples and parietal zone. The haircut is done in the same way using a comb.
  7. Particular attention should be paid to the edging near the ears and choose a straight or oblique cut. Keep in mind that the hair near the ears grows in different directions.
  8. The top of the head should be cut last: so, the machine should be brought to the roots of the hair on the bangs, then first make a path in the center, and the side should be led diagonally to the ears. Make sure that the nozzle of the clipper is in contact with the skin on the man's head.
  9. If you want to carry out this procedure yourself, then for a better view, you should get 2 mirrors (one will be behind you, the other in your hands or in front of you) - this will help you keep the situation at the temples and on the back of your head under control.

    Not every beginner will be able to make a competent male model hairstyle with scissors. It is not as drastic as using a clipper, but it takes a lot more time and requires a lot of patience. Below will be described a diagram of the implementation of the classic men's haircut for short hair using scissors.

    1. First you have to choose which hair you want to work on. It is more difficult to work with a comb on wet hair, and you will not be able to completely control the length of the hair and the result of the haircut. Also, pay attention to the type of hair of the person you are going to cut - if the hair is thin but thick, you do not need to wet it.
    2. With an ordinary comb, the hair is combed in the direction of its natural growth.
    3. Hair clipping should be started from the parietal zone. Use a comb or two / three fingers to measure the length you want (whichever you want to keep).
    4. The comb should be inserted into the hair in the opposite direction of hair growth. The curls themselves should be cut at an acute angle. To achieve a uniform hairstyle, constantly check the length of the hair on the control strand (at the crown) and comb your hair from time to time to evaluate the result.
    5. Then you need to go to the occipital zone - it should be cut from the bottom up at the same angle. Once you are done with the hair at the back of your head, run the comb along the length of your hair from the fringing line to the crown - any protruding hair should be carefully trimmed off.
    6. Then we move to the temples: here you should first cut also from the bottom up, and then move in the direction from the face. Remember to constantly check the length of your hair against the reference curl.
    7. For a smooth hairstyle, comb the hair from the temples to the parietal zone and remove asymmetrical and loose hairs.
    8. The next and last step is edging. Whiskey in this case can only be straight. The edging below the nape (near the neck) should be rounded and all hairs behind the edging line should be removed with a razor.

    Laying methods

      The method of styling a model hairstyle directly depends on its type. There is no general scheme that would be responsible for styling absolutely all model men's haircuts.

      If a man wears simpler model haircuts that do not involve long daily styling, then gel or wax may be needed for styling.

      If a man has chosen a more complex voluminous haircut that requires daily adjustments, then he may need a hairdryer and mousse to create volume, as well as an extra strong fixation varnish to maintain the shape of the hairstyle for the whole day.

      The best way to maintain the look of your hairstyle is to visit a professional stylist on a regular basis to help you adjust the length and shape of your hair, and provide professional styling.

      See the following video for the process of creating a male model haircut.

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