Men's fashion in spring - an overview of trends

Men's fashion in spring - an overview of trends
  1. Major trends
  2. Colors and prints
  3. Antitrends
  4. Examples of stylish bows

At the beginning of the year, eminent designers and well-known fashion houses presented a number of collections of spring menswear, designed taking into account the brightest top trends and preferences of men. What male looks will be at the peak of popularity this spring? What colors and prints will be the most relevant in the upcoming season?

Major trends

After examining the features of the models of spring menswear in the presented collections, secular observers and fashion critics have identified several bright main trends. So, the classic style, diluted with catchy and extraordinary details, became a characteristic basic feature of almost all the demonstrated fashionable images. Given this, in the coming spring, any male look can be confidently considered ultra-trendy if it includes strict classics presented from a new and unexpected angle.

An example of this is a classy, ​​eclectic ensemble that pairs classic trousers with a beach tee or a retro-inspired cardigan.

Outerwear worn directly over a naked torso is another hit spring trend, denoting by no means deliberate male negligence, but absolute self-confidence. At the past shows, male models demonstrated on their naked torsos almost all famous wardrobe items - from classic jackets and cardigans to raincoats and windbreaker jackets.

Famous brands such as Givenchy and Emporio Armani have resorted to such bold and provocative looks at the finished fashion shows.

Legendary couturiers have brought back undeservedly forgotten accessories and men's wardrobe items to the world of haute couture. Now, in the trendy spring look of the stronger sex, you can see things that were popular 20, 30 and even 40 years ago.

Practicality and convenience are the main criteria that famous fashion designers recommend to be guided by this spring when creating a business, everyday or evening men's look.

Guided by this rule, male representatives can safely combine classic style clothes with urban or even sporty wardrobe items, complement your look with original accessories: wide-brimmed hats, panamas, baggy leather bags and backpacks.


A fashionable spring men's look can include any classic things: jackets, vests, cardigans, straight-cut strict trousers. To make these items of men's wardrobe look fresh and stylish, designers recommend combining them with unexpected details.for example sports shoes, hats, cowboy-style neckerchiefs, braided sandals and even beach slates.

The world of men's spring fashion returned cargo pants, wide jeans with a low rise, spacious overalls with an abundance of pockets, raincoats and cloaks-capes of classic and asymmetric cut. New items appeared in men's spring wardrobe in the form of transparent and extravagant windbreaker jackets, which can be combined with traditional classic trousers, jeans and slacks.

Fashion observers argue that to create an ultra-trendy spring look, modern men can safely use truly rare, long-forgotten things.

For example, the Versace brand has brought classic knee-length leather coats back to the center of attention of fashionistas around the world, visually reminiscent of the cloaks of security officers, and the famous fashion houses Dolce & Gabbana and Salvatore Ferragamo presented vintage knitted cardigans in their collections, as if breathing a second life into them.

Comfortable trousers return to the world of men's spring fashion, the style of which occupies an intermediate position between oriental trousers and strict breeches.

These trousers will successfully accentuate any casual male look.

Men who prefer an outrageous and extravagant style this spring, they can safely experiment with ultra-short length shorts... They can be combined with loose-fitting shirts decorated with floral, futuristic or geometric prints.


Chunky leather sandals are the most fashionable version of spring men's shoes, which designers advise to combine with almost any wardrobe item. Sandals will add spice and originality to any male look, both in classic and casual style.

It is noteworthy that famous fashion designers, contrary to conservative beliefs, recommend that men wear sandals with high socks this spring.

Besides, it is worth noting a number of trendy trends that will enter the world of men's spring shoes... So, all models with original and catchy decor will be at the peak of popularity. It can be printed embroidery, contrasting lacing, appliqués, as well as all kinds of cuts and inserts. Just as in a number of past spring and summer seasons, the focus is still on snow-white shoe models: sneakers, loafers, moccasins and even classic shoes.

The color scheme of shoes recommended by foreign designers includes not only the classic palette (black, burgundy, brown tones), but also a spectrum of very bright and provocative hues. This palette includes bright orange (almost orange), emerald green, inky blue, lilac-violet and wine-red tones.

Colored shoes, according to fashion critics, will be a special hit in the spring men's look.


A fashionable men's image this spring is unthinkable without the original panama. This headpiece has been included in their fashion collections by such legendary brands as Valentino, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, MSGM.

The trendy men's panama hat used in the creation of the spring look is a stylish headpiece with wide brim downward.

At the peak of popularity in the spring, all kinds of models of men's hats remain. It can be both strict classic hats and original headdresses decorated with embroidery, strings, intricate ornaments.

Colors and prints

In creating a fashionable spring look, designers recommend that men use things and accessories of the following colors and shades:

  • brown tones - from brown and coffee to caramel-cream and sandy-beige;
  • deep and rich blue;
  • graphite gray;
  • pink, lavender, silvery purple;
  • “Caramel iris” is an intermediate shade between pink, purple and golden yellow.

Clothing with prints will also allow you to create an ultra-trendy male look. Fans of exquisite classics are recommended by fashion designers to give preference to things decorated with geometric prints, for example, a cage or stripes. Young men who prefer original and catchy bows, in creating a trendy spring look, can pay attention to things with intricate plant, tropical, futuristic or cartoon prints.

Outerwear for men with unusual watercolor prints is very relevant this spring.

Blurry, contrasting touches on the fabric will be able to perfectly emphasize any spring look, no matter what style it is made in.


In the world of men's fashion, strict restrictions and prohibitions are extremely rare. However, this season, designers still recommend that the stronger sex give up some things.

The list of spring anti-trends includes:

  • biker and rocker styles;
  • the use of exclusively black things in the image (black total look);
  • use in the image of things that tightly fit the figure and hinder movement.

Aggressive biker and rocker styles, as well as depressive gothic styles, are considered inappropriate by famous fashion designers this spring.

As an alternative to black things, designers recommend using dark gray (graphite) or dark blue wardrobe items. At the same time, fashion designers welcome the use of stylish black shoes and accessories (bags, belts, jewelry) in a spring men's look.

Skinny, tight-fitting clothing is another antitrend of spring men's fashion. Skinny skinny jeans, skinny T-shirts and turtlenecks, fitted jackets - these items of clothing should temporarily recede into the background.

This spring, according to fashion commentators, the focus should be on loose, slightly baggy clothing that embodies convenience, comfort and practicality.

Examples of stylish bows

For young men who prefer sports or casual-style clothes, fashion designers recommend paying attention to practical and comfortable cargo pants in beige and coffee color. Complementing them with a light, skinny T-shirt without a print and chunky dark sports shoes, you can easily create an ultra-trendy spring men's look. An original belt-belt, matched to the tone of the shoes, will be a good addition to it.

Another great example of a sporty spring menswear look is the combination of baggy blue jeans and a light cappuccino tee. A light brown thin belt-belt threaded through the loops of jeans and massive bronze sandals will perfectly complement this look.

This spring look is perfect for informal friendly and corporate parties, walking around the city.

For fans of vintage things, designers recommend paying attention to warm and cozy knitted cardigans this spring. As an example of an interesting spring look, one can cite an ensemble consisting of a soft cream cardigan, a thin caramel iris-colored pullover and snow-white trousers of a classic straight cut. A voluminous bag made of genuine leather of a red-red hue and shoes with massive soles will organically fit into the proposed image.

Such an ensemble is optimal not only for leisurely walks around the city, but also for office work, as well as for informal business meetings.

In case of a rainy and rainy spring, the famous fashion designers recommend getting a comfortable, windproof and waterproof ink-colored cape, which can organically fit into everyday, classic, and sporty male look. The optimal length of the raincoat is just below the knee.

Such an elegant and practical wardrobe item can be combined with almost any things, accessories and shoes.

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