Demi-season fishing suits

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  3. Materials (edit)
  4. Manufacturers and most popular models
  5. Criterias of choice

A high-quality demi-season fisherman's suit can replace a whole set of things that may be required during a sharp change in weather. What criteria should be taken into account when choosing such equipment, as well as what models of demi-season suits are offered by manufacturers to modern fishermen - we will consider in this article.


Demi-season suit - functional and practical equipment designed for hunting and fishing in spring and autumn. Modern manufacturers offer outdoor enthusiasts an impressive assortment of suits of various styles and colors - from plain to camouflage. Usually a demi-season fishing suit consists of two main parts - a jacket with a hood and a semi-overalls.

Some manufacturers of workwear offer models of suits for fishing enthusiasts, consisting of an upper and an inner jacket, trousers or overalls. In some models, the suit jacket can be transformed into a comfortable vest. Depending on the type of cut, a demi-season suit can be loose or straight. The free-cut models are ideal for sport fishing requiring active movement along the shore.

Straight models are often purchased by lovers of classic fishing with a line from the shore or boat.


Modern manufacturers of clothing for fishing, hunting and outdoor activities offer a variety of models of demi-season suits, made in practical non-marking colors. The color palette includes discreet monochromatic shades of mainly brown, green and gray - "tobacco", "khaki", "olive", "shamua", "reed", "tina".

In addition, demi-season suits with a camouflage pattern are popular among modern anglers. The most famous types of camouflage patterns are "gray clay", "oak", "birch", "flora".

Materials (edit)

In the manufacture of demi-season suits for fishing, durable materials of high quality are used that are resistant to moisture, ultraviolet radiation, abrasion and tearing. Below are the types of fabrics that modern manufacturers of fishing and hunting clothing most often use when sewing.


It is a modern membrane material that is resistant to moisture, temperature extremes, and ultraviolet radiation. Clothes made of this fabric reliably protect the fisherman from wind, cold, overheating.


Synthetic material based on polyester with excellent thermal insulation properties. Typically, fleece is used to make the removable inner layers of demi-season outdoor suits.


Durable synthetic fabric with knit backing. The front of this fabric is made of nylon and the back is made of low absorbency jersey. Clothes made of this material provide reliable protection from wind, cold, moisture. It does not wrinkle, deform or build up static electricity.


Wear-resistant synthetic material with a unique weave structure. Demi-season fishing suits made of taslan are lightweight, highly durable, resistant to moisture and ultraviolet radiation.

In addition, taslan clothes dry quickly and do not lose their original shape after numerous washes.


Textured synthetic fabric with a rough surface made from nylon threads. In the manufacture of workwear from duspo, manufacturers process the material with special impregnations that enhance its moisture and dirt-repellent properties. The main advantages of duspo include breathability, light weight, and ease of maintenance.

Tent canvas

A very dense and durable natural fabric that has the same properties as tarpaulin, but differs from it in a lower thickness. Demi-season suits made of this material are sold at an affordable price, characterized by durability and high wear resistance. The disadvantages of clothing made from a tent cloth are usually considered a solid weight, exposure to moisture.

Gortex (Gore-tex)

Waterproof membrane material used in the manufacture of fishing equipment. Demi-season suits, in the manufacture of which this membrane is used, are characterized by moisture resistance, vapor permeability, and low weight.

Manufacturers and most popular models

In modern stores selling clothing, footwear and accessories for hunting and fishing, you can find various models of demi-season suits, both foreign and domestic. Below is a rating of companies whose products, according to consumers, have the best characteristics.


A well-known domestic manufacturer of high quality equipment and accessories for outdoor activities. The company's product range includes modern models of demi-season fishing suits made of wear-resistant materials, durable membrane fabrics and knitwear.

The most popular models of demi-season suits of this brand include such options as "Saboteur", "Polygon", "Tactic".


The largest Russian manufacturer of equipment for hunting, fishing and tourism. The company owns the Grayling brand, which produces premium apparel designed specifically for anglers. Demi-season suits produced under this brand are distinguished by ergonomics, durability, modern design, and increased functionality. One of the most popular models is the multipurpose Skat suit with an ergonomic, well thought-out cut.


Another well-known Russian manufacturer that produces comfortable and functional equipment for hunters and fishermen. In the manufacture of demi-season suits, practical and durable fabrics (alova, taslan) and high quality membranes are used. Among other advantages of products, consumers include affordable cost. Among the Babek suits, which are popular with modern fishermen, it should be noted the inexpensive demi-season models "Sarmat", "Varan", "Everest".


A popular Finnish brand under which high-quality equipment, footwear and equipment for hunting, fishing and outdoor activities are produced. The company's product range includes durable and functional demi-season suits made from wear-resistant materials and membranes. The high quality of the materials is confirmed by the results of tests according to the Martindale standard.

Anar Garra Brown is worth noting among the most interesting models of suits. This model is made of elastic, wear-resistant cotton-blend polyester, equipped with a storm hood and windproof flaps.


Top Japanese brand for fishing equipment and equipment. In the manufacture of clothing intended for fishing in spring and autumn, the company uses wind and moisture resistant breathable membranes (Rainmax, Gore-tex), lightweight heat-insulating materials (Hi-Loft) and high-strength accessories. Other advantages of equipment from this brand, consumers include functionality, stylish and ergonomic design.

One of the most popular models is the Daiwa Raimax Hyper Rain Suit, a demi-season suit designed for fishing in extreme conditions.

Criterias of choice

To choose reliable and high-quality equipment for autumn or spring fishing, it should be borne in mind that it must have such qualities as:

  • moisture resistance;
  • windproof;
  • vapor permeability;
  • comfortable and ergonomic cut;
  • light weight;
  • optimal fit.

Experienced anglers consider membrane suits to be the best outfit for outdoor activities in the off-season. A high-quality membrane does not allow moisture to pass into the clothing, but at the same time removes steam from the body to its outer layers. In such equipment, the angler will not get wet even in the pouring rain and will not freeze in windy weather. Experienced anglers say that suits models with a low vapor permeability coefficient and maximum resistance to the pressure of the water column are optimal for fishing in bad weather.

For fishing in extreme conditions, it is advisable to purchase models of suits that have a warm removable lining. Such equipment will reliably protect its owner from cold and gusty winds even in the most unstable weather.

When buying a model you like, you should carefully research the quality of the processing of seams and fasteners. These areas of clothing should be covered with a moisture-proof tape or moisture-repellent impregnation. It should be borne in mind that clothes with poorly processed seams and locks will not be able to provide adequate protection in rainy and chilly weather.

The most convenient to use are models of demi-season suits, which have many capacious pockets of different sizes. In this case, preference should be given to those models whose pockets are protected by valves.

When choosing a suit for fishing, not only in the off-season, but also in winter, you should pay attention to spacious free-cut models. In the future, such equipment can be worn over warm clothing or thermal underwear. Additional protection from the elements is provided by elements of the suit such as a hood, windproof flaps, elastic cuffs and a waistband. When trying on the outfit, make sure that the cuffs and belt fit snugly, but do not squeeze the torso and limbs.

For information on how to choose a demi-season suit for fishing, see the next video.

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