All about small men's arm tattoos

  1. Advantages and disadvantages
  2. Types and sketches of tattoos
  3. Styles and colors
  4. Accommodation options
  5. Nuances of application

Small tattoos are stylish and youthful. Such pictures look beautiful on the body, which explains the high demand for them. In this article, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of small men's tattoos, and also consider the most beautiful and interesting sketches of them.

Advantages and disadvantages

Small wearable designs have become very popular lately. The high demand for small pictures is explained by a number of their advantages.

  • These tattoos are of low cost., because the process of their application, as a rule, does not take much time, effort and materials. In addition, it is not required to develop a sketch for such a tattoo for a long time and painstakingly, because it is usually quite light in execution.
  • The drawing can be easily hidden from prying eyes. This quality of small tattoos will be especially relevant for those people who cannot wear large and visible drawings because of their profession.
  • A tattoo may well help hide some skin imperfections, such as burns, minor scars, stretch marks and more. At the same time, the process of drawing a picture itself will be quite painless, which cannot be said about drawing dimensional images, and the tattoo will heal quickly enough.
  • It is worth saying that a small body drawing, if over time you get tired of it, can be easily transformed into something new. Removing such a drawing with a laser, if desired, will also be much easier and not so painful, but with large-scale drawings in this case, some difficulties may arise.

However, mini tattoos have a number of disadvantages.

  • So, such tattoos are completely not readable from afar, because of what they look like a stain. This is due to the small size of the picture. Because of him, the tattoo may not be too noticeable, which can serve as a significant disadvantage for those people who, with the help of a tattoo, want to stand out and emphasize their originality.
  • In a small drawing also it will not be possible to place a complex, interesting and detailed composition, because mini tattoos are usually very simple and straightforward. At the same time, such drawings are not suitable for placement everywhere. On some parts of the body, they will look ridiculous and inappropriate.
  • There is another nuance: due to the high prevalence of small tattoos there is a risk of meeting a person who will have exactly the same tattoo as yours.

In addition, small tattoos often cannot be corrected, and due to the small distance between the lines in the drawing, there is a risk that after a certain period of time they will merge and turn into a blurred spot.

Types and sketches of tattoos

Consider the most popular types of small tattoos.


Insect images are often tattooed by men. Such drawings can be endowed with a specific meaning or applied purely for aesthetic reasons. In the first case, what kind of insect is depicted on the tattoo will play a big role. For example, a butterfly will mean beauty, long life, carelessness and joy, and a ladybug will mean love, happiness and success.

A tattoo depicting a spider, which symbolizes new opportunities and positive life changes, will have a different meaning. But a tattoo with a scorpion will have a double meaning: on the one hand, this insect symbolizes justice and wisdom, on the other hand, it means revenge, death and betrayal.

In addition, it is believed that body drawings with insects can serve as a talisman and can bring happiness and success to their wearer.


Images of birds are also often applied by men as simple small tattoos. The general meaning of such tattoos is as follows: they symbolize the desire for freedom, both spiritual and physical, the desire to be self-sufficient.

However, the meaning of the tattoo can vary depending on which bird is depicted on it. So, the owl is traditionally a symbol of wisdom, prudence and high intelligence, and the raven is associated with dark forces and something mysterious. Images of an eagle and a hawk will symbolize strength, the ability to stand up for yourself, for your principles and for those who are dear to your heart, but a tattoo with a sparrow will mean hope for the best and joy.


Often, men put on their bodies and images of various objects, while most often they prefer drawings with weapons. For example, these can be axes, guns, pistols, arrows, or knives. When applying victory tattoos, people, as a rule, try to emphasize their brutality, courage and strength, and also indicate that they are ready to defend themselves and their interests to the last.


Drawings with floral and floral elements are popular, oddly enough, both among women and men. This is easily explained: such tattoos look beautiful. They can carry a certain meaning, or they can be applied purely for aesthetic reasons.

The meaning of such a tattoo will largely depend on what kind of flower will be depicted on it. So, a rose is traditionally a symbol of passion and great love, but at the same time it can mean difficult love, which brings pain to a person and hurts his soul. The image of a chamomile, in turn, means naivety and youth, and a drawing with a lotus will symbolize harmony and can even serve as a good amulet for its owner.


There are other options for sketches for simple and small-sized tattoos. So, many men prefer drawings with cartoon characters. Such images rarely carry any meaning. They are a beautiful decoration for the body, and also emphasize the individuality and certain personality traits of their wearer. Small tattoos are also common. with images of the zodiac constellations, which often indicate a person's belonging to one or another sign of the zodiac.

Tattoos are no less common. with different inscriptions: it can be a name, one specific word, someone's statement or a quote from a song. Such tattoos carry different meanings, usually it depends on the content of the text.

However, we note that if you decide to apply a tattoo in a foreign language or in the form of a hieroglyph, then it is better to clarify the translation of your inscription in advance, so that later there will be no embarrassment if the translation of the inscription turns out to be ridiculous or vulgar.

Styles and colors

Small tattoos can be done in different styles and colors. If we talk about color, then men most often prefer black and white drawings, but there are those who prefer to put bright pictures on the body. Both of these tattoo options, with high-quality execution, look beautiful and impressive, emphasizing better the features of their owner.

If we talk about styles, then here, too, a person is given a rather big choice.

  • So, the most common style is minimalism... Tattoos in this direction are usually simple in appearance and are often done in one color.
  • Style watercolor suitable for mini tattoos too. The works performed in this direction are distinguished by their brightness and colorfulness, while they look as if they were applied with real watercolors.
  • Suitable for such tattoos and style new school, which is characterized by the clarity and severity of the contours, as well as the use of several shades.

Accommodation options

A small tattoo can be placed anywhere, it only depends on the wishes of the owner of the future drawing. However, it is worth considering some nuances. So, small tattoos are likely to look ridiculous on a man's back or chest. It would be best to place such a pattern on the wrist, on the ankle, on the collarbone, behind the ear or on the finger. And for the most daring and those who want to stand out, placing such a pattern in the face area is suitable.

Nuances of application

Small tattoos are simple, and therefore do not have to spend a lot of time and consumables to apply them. However, despite the low cost of such tattoos, you should not save a lot when choosing a master. Otherwise, there is a risk that the drawing will have to be redone if it does not turn out to be the most successful. When choosing a place for a tattoo, keep in mind that any image will not adhere well to the folds, and therefore such a pattern will often have to be corrected.

It should be remembered that a tattoo, even the smallest, must be looked after. This is especially true for summer time. During this period, the drawing needs to be protected from the sun's rays, with which SPF creams will help you cope.

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