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Tattoos are often done by people for aesthetic reasons. However, some endow body drawings with a certain meaning, perceive them as something that can reflect their worldview, views and beliefs. In this article, we will tell you what a male tattoo with the Aquarius zodiac sign can mean, and what options for its execution are the most popular.


The zodiac sign Aquarius occupies the eleventh position in the zodiac circle, belongs to the air element and patronizes the period from January 21 to February 19. People who were born under this sign are independent, distinguished by their individuality, energy and freedom of thought, they are able to easily energize and inspire others. However, they tend to disregard other people's opinions, which is why they often have problems in building long-term relationships with others. For this reason, such people usually have few close friends whom they value very much.

To learn more about the meaning of this zodiacal sign, you need to get to know more about the culture of different peoples. So, in Sumerian mythology, it is believed that deities originally lived on earth. Among them was the young god Enki, who was in charge of revitalizing vegetation and soil.

It was he who taught people to take care of plants, water them. Therefore, the sign of Aquarius is often associated with it.

But the ancient Greeks have a different myth. According to this myth, the thunder god abducted Ganymede from the earth, taking him to Olympus. This young man poured nectar from his jug to everyone, including the gods. It looked so beautiful that the deities decided to perpetuate this spectacle, leaving a constellation on the firmament for this.

There is another legend taken from ancient mythology. She is associated with Deucalion. So, according to this legend, people did not want to obey the deities, because of which they became vicious and completely bogged down in wickedness. God the Thunderer Zeus was angry with what was happening, and therefore decided to arrange a powerful flood that he had to stop all this, destroying life on earth. A heavy downpour descended, and the winds ceased to disperse the clouds due to the ban of Zeus. The land was flooded, cities went under water together with people.

In the end, only two survived: Deucalion, who was the son of Prometheus, and Pyrrha, his wife. They hid in a box, which allowed them to survive the flood. Having escaped, they made a sacrifice to Zeus for keeping them alive. For this, the son of Prometheus could choose any reward for himself. As his reward, he asked to return people to the earth again, and so it happened. To bring people back, Deucalion and Pyrrha had to throw stones from the mountain, each of which was embodied in a person. Having finished with the stones, the couple turned around. There were many beautiful people in front of them. And for his love for humanity, Deucalion began to be considered a hero, subsequently the constellation Aquarius was created in his honor, which was ascended to the firmament.

If we talk about a tattoo with the image of Aquarius, then it is suitable not only for those who were born under this zodiac sign. Anyone can place it on the body.

It is believed that such a tattoo will help a person become more sociable, learn new and unknown things. And for those born under this zodiac sign, the tattoo will become a real talisman.

Types and sketches of tattoos

There are many options for performing male tattoos with the Aquarius zodiac sign.

The most common sketch can be considered a drawing with a zodiac constellation. As a rule, such a pattern does not take up much space on the skin and is distinguished by its minimalism.Often it is supplemented with various elements that allow you to indicate the astrological component of such a picture underwear. Such elements include stars, images of planets, the universe or a galaxy. Such a drawing can be performed both in black and white colors, and using various bright colors. With the correct selection of shades, such a pattern on the male body will look very impressive and attractive.

A popular tattoo is also depicting the symbol of Aquarius, which looks like two waves parallel to each other. Such an image can serve both as an independent tattoo and as an addition to a tattoo with a constellation. Usually such a drawing is distinguished by its small size and is performed in blue or black.

There are other options for tattoos with this zodiac sign. So, a popular male sketch is a drawing with a man pouring water from a jug. Such a tattoo means that a person has a large amount of knowledge and experience, which he gladly shares with others. And if the man depicted on the tattoo has a strong physique, then such a tattoo also symbolizes health and youth.

No less popular is a tattoo depicting a girl pouring water from a jug. Such a drawing is the personification of creativity, the transfer of wisdom, virtue and high intelligence. But a tattoo with a jug, from which water splashes in different directions, means communication, perspective and well-developed thinking of the owner of the drawing.


Tattoos with the zodiac sign Aquarius will look good on any part of the body, however, when choosing a place, it is worth considering the compositional features of the tattoo, as well as its size.

So, minimalistic drawings will look best in the wrist or ankle area, large ones are not suitable for such places. Dimensional images of a vertically elongated shape will best be located in the shoulder area or on the leg, on its calf part. But images, elongated in width, would be more appropriate to place in the region of the back or sternum.

Note that when choosing a place, you need to take into account that the process of drawing a pattern on some parts of the body is particularly painful.

This applies to places such as the face, ankles, hands, ribs, knees and more. Getting a tattoo in these places can be very painful due to the large number of nerve endings located here, or due to the proximity of the skin to the bone. See if you can endure the entire application process. If the answer is no, then it would be better to choose another place for the tattoo.

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