All about men's neck tattoos

  1. Features, pros and cons of location
  2. Popular ideas and their meaning
  3. Styles and colors
  4. Seat selection

Men's neck tattoos are considered one of the most extraordinary. From the material in this article, you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this location, popular ideas for sketches and styles for men.

Features, pros and cons of location

There are various reasons for getting a tattoo on the neck. This is a way of self-expression, highlighting, demonstrating your own individuality. Men's neck tattoos are the choice of men who pay tribute to fashion, belonging to a particular subculture. Less commonly, this is a way to mask existing scars, cuts, burns.

The neck area is a canvas for the depicted manifesto, a certain symbolism. It is quite diverse, variable in the choice of stylistic and color solutions, size. In this case, the tattoo can go on the shoulder, forearm, chest, back. Sometimes it is part of the costume technique of body art. It is visible under clothes, which does not correspond to the norms of the classic dress code.

The key disadvantage of location is the impossibility of deletion if interest in the image is lost. Such jewelry is usually applied by creative individuals with a special vision of life. The sizes of the tattoo are different, they depend on the style and preferences of the client. Based on this, the area of ​​work differs. In one case, this is a certain organic composition, in the other - a separate sketch.

Applying any pattern to the neck is very painful due to its special sensitivity, small thickness of the skin, and the close location of blood vessels. The front part is especially painful.

However, the key lack of space lies in the mobility of the skin, as well as its predisposition to rapid aging with aging. With weight gain or loss, aging, the drawing loses its expressiveness and clarity of lines, the tattoo requires correction. Due to the openness of a part of the body, the tattoo fades faster than the drawings located on the back, chest and other areas, usually hidden by clothing.

There is a risk of ink leakage when choosing this location. The skin on the neck is thinner, and not every ring worker can work with it.

Popular ideas and their meaning

Each drawing applied to the body is associated not only with aesthetics, but also with the designation.


This sketch is one of the most common. Its symbolism is associated with the culture of Ancient Egypt. Wings indicate inner power, strength, majesty.

The drawing is associated with a freedom-loving character. Angel wings are interpreted as a flight of thought, inspiration. Sometimes they mean a lack of attachment to earthly issues.


The meaning of the cross on the neck is different. Such a sketch can be interpreted as fatalism, belief in the predestination of fate. This is rock, symbolism, depending on additional details.

In mythology, it means the sun. Depicted on the body, it is a sign of life, a symbol of the unity of the spiritual and physical principles. The Celtic cross indicates spiritual growth, the Latin cross indicates eternal life.


The meaning of each beast is different. For example:

  • a lion indicates a brave and fair character;
  • the tiger symbolizes strength and courage;
  • leopard - a sign of the imperious nature, a sign of the ruler of destinies;
  • wolf - an image of fearlessness, loneliness, justice;
  • the snake indicates the mental balance of the owner;
  • the spider is associated with courage and dexterity, a stubborn character;
  • irbis is a sign of independence, individuality, cunning.

The animals depicted are often aggressive. Men prefer to apply drawings of animals with a grin, sharp claws and teeth.The one who chooses dragons asks to fill them with a fire-breathing mouth.


The most common sketch that complements other compositions is a rose. Its designation differs depending on the general idea of ​​the drawing.

Contrary to popular belief, a rose on a male body does not mean passion at all. It is a symbol of sorrow with a simultaneous hope for a good future. U Goths are a deadly sign.


The most popular sketches are eagle, raven, owl, swallow and phoenix. Each image is associated with its own translation:

  • the meaning of an owl is associated with a philosophical attitude, a desire for new horizons;
  • the raven depicted on the neck is defined as a symbol of independence, readiness to defend their positions in life;
  • an eagle is a sign of a warlike look, a sign of inner strength and steadfastness;
  • the swallow characterizes a man as a favorite of fortune, it is a symbol of good luck, faith in success;
  • phoenix is ​​a talisman that brings good luck to the owner, a symbol of free-thinking, the choice of men with an active lifestyle.


The meaning of this picture is associated with the desire of a person to achieve many heights in life. This is a sign with a meaning that suits strong-willed, domineering individuals.

The image of the crown is applied by brutals who accentuate their uniqueness. In this case, the size of the image is usually small, and the color is black.


The image is associated with the religion of the person. It is performed in a graphic manner, in front or behind the neck. The wreath itself is of thorns and laurels. Ternovy speaks of awareness and striving for the right path in life.

Laurel is associated with the desire to be the first in all areas of life.

Inscriptions and hieroglyphs

Often, inscriptions become a decoration of the neck. Most often these are motivating phrases, aphorisms depicted in different languages. Usually they are stuffed in English, French, Italian, Arabic and Latin.

Hieroglyphs are often applied in the form of vertically arranged characters (Japanese and Chinese). Translated, they mean the main character trait or indicate the meaning in life.

In addition, a barcode may appear on the neck of men. The font of the inscriptions and hieroglyphs is different.

They usually try not to experiment with hieroglyphs; the letter type can be simple, newspaper, florid, sweeping and even gothic.

Geometric figures

When choosing the first and small pieces of jewelry, men often choose compositions from geometric shapes. In this case, triangles and rhombuses are used more often than others, and the Star of David is also a common option.

Often they are a complement to other patterns and are performed in a minimalist manner. They are predominantly filled with black ink with smooth outlines. Mini size.


These types of sketches include all kinds of ethnic compositions. They can be combined with a tattoo on the shoulder or back. They are distinguished by the use of black paint.

They are Slavic, Polynesian, Celtic. They are recognized by the intricate interweaving of various ornaments and special stylization, through which the general idea is presented.

More ideas

Among other drawings, clients of tattoo parlors often ask to apply stars, skulls, eyes and pulse on the body. Each type of image has its own meaning.

  • stars - the choice of people aimed at success;
  • the pulse is stuffed as a sign of the triumph of life over death;
  • the skull is the personification of the truth that entails destruction;
  • the eye expresses the inner state of a man.

Often among the images there are tattoos with weapons and cobwebs. Some people like scorpions, yin and yang signs, all kinds of charms and elements of the occult.

In some situations, craftsmen decorate the client's neck with elements of playing cards and dice, locks, bulls, numbers. In the latter case, these are usually memorable dates.

Unusual options - chains, dream catchers, a variety of monkeys and banknotes. In the catalogs of professionals with sketches for the neck, there are pictures of leaves, hearts, candles, feathers, inhabitants of the depths of the sea.

Non-standard solutions are the characters of modern films. For example, a man's neck can be decorated with a Star Wars villain.

Styles and colors

There are many techniques that can beautify the male body. The choice of one or another of them is associated with the client's taste preferences, the size of the picture, and the peculiarities of the stylistics.

Old school

The main tendency of the old school style is to convey a general idea. At the same time, drawing details and maintaining proportions are not so important. Art style is based on the use of a minimum of shades with a predominance of one of them.

The drawings themselves often seem simple. They do not have smooth gradations in tones, but the images are always bright enough. Each part has a thick outline stroke.

Limitation and asceticism can be traced in everything. The style is far from realism, it often does not have shadows and volume. The classic images characteristic of him are skulls, angels, ribbons, stars, women.

Drawings are often supplemented with inscriptions and flowers (mostly red roses). Some compositions are decorated with daggers and snakes.

The composition can be performed in the form of a cross, decorated with roses and chains. Another option is the head of the beast, pierced by an arrow and complemented by a rose. Somewhere this is an image of an animal lurking in the grass, ready to attack.


Abstract tattoos are based on different areas of art. They may contain elements of Indian or Scythian symbolism. They are carried out in black, gray ink, bright colored paints.

Their general idea is to convey an embedded meaning that is understandable to the bearer himself. Other images are devoid of characteristic images. These are beautiful, sometimes strange drawings with sharp outlines.

Sometimes geometric and color reconstructions can be traced in them. In fact, this is a way of self-expression, a sign of impulsiveness and the search for harmony.

Sometimes they harmoniously combine incongruous, look creative and effective. They can be strokes and strokes against a background of colored spots and blots, as well as compositions of black and gray geometric shapes.

Celtic patterns

The Celtic art of body art has old roots. Modern technology is based on the use of black ink. Even simple options for tattoos in this style look spectacular and brutal.

A characteristic feature of the technique is the interweaving of the key figure into the most complex ornament. A favorite sketch is a Celtic cross or a magic knot. Both drawings are created from black lines, often having even thin strokes at a short distance from the lines themselves.

The style is recognizable by the interweaving and curvilinearity of the composition. In this case, the shape is often defined by a line that has no beginning and end. The image itself resembles a metal pattern.

Some of the favorite figures are a bull, a butterfly, a deer, a wolf, a dragon. Moreover, often the dragon is depicted with a wolf's face. Such works are performed by the best tattoo artists with extensive experience.


Tribal tattoos have their own charm. Their inspiration is the ethnic motives of the peoples of Africa, Polynesia, America, Australia. Characteristic features are the observance of symmetry and the most accurately maintained distance between the elements of the ornament.

Cool tribal tattoos are made using the “collar” technique, which involves drawing elements of the pattern on the entire neck with a transition to the shoulder girdle.

These are black and white tattoos with a certain semantic meaning. They are distinguished from other techniques by the desire for geometry, the use of ordinary and diluted white paint, the presence of many bends.

These are tattoos for application to the exposed parts of the body. In the plots of the ornaments, animals and plant motifs can be found.

Often, the key figure is the skull of a person or animal.


Graphic or engraving tattoos stand out using undiluted black ink. The style is based on the views of punk culture and postmodernism.

All elements of the picture are drawn by hatching. Lines are characterized by clarity, the shadows of the image are quite hard, there is no feathering in the technique.

In addition to monochrome, the priority is to use parallel lines located in different planes. Often their length is not the same, and the shape is given by shading.

The technique is considered universal, visually reminiscent of black and white illustrations from old books. In this case, for example, human traits are attributed to animals (they are depicted walking on two legs).


Geometric tattoos are the easiest in terms of perception. They can contain the image of an animal, an idol, a mythical creature or a powerful amulet.

All this is embodied through light lines and geometric shapes (circles, rhombuses, squares, rectangles, triangles). Shapes can be flat and three-dimensional, which enhances the perception effect.

The dynamic drawing is formed due to the traditional and filigree superimposition of figures on top of each other. The classic color of the picture is black. Frequent ideas are geometric mandalas, flat portraits, ornaments.

Images can be two- and three-dimensional, as well as combined. The progressive technique goes well with other areas of body art. For example, it complements linework, blackwork, abstraction.


This technique is somewhat similar to the direction of old school. This is noticeable by the black outline strokes, which accentuate every detail of the drawing. However, the colors are more pleasant and natural.

The style is popular with guys, it is quite extraordinary, with a wide range of colors, its own symbols. There is no room for abstraction and blurring of forms in it.

The priority is the clarity and accuracy of the forms, although it is very far from realism. The drawing consists of several elements and has a central figure. It can be a rose pierced with a dagger, an owl, a raven, a bared wolf.

The style features are reminiscent of the famous street graffiti art. Particular attention is paid to detailing.

Unlike the traditional old school, there is volume and shadows, the contrast of the drawing is softer.


This tattoo technique is rightfully considered royal. It is within the power of only selected masters with artistic skills and a talent for drawing in the styles of realism and hyperrealism.

No other technique compares to this in terms of photographic accuracy, with which the image is transferred from the picture to the skin. This is also facilitated by the paints used with the selection of the most reliable tones.

Realism allows you to decorate your neck with three-dimensional patterns. He can convey not only the glare in the eyes of the animal, but also the expression of his gaze. Moreover, the size of the tattoo can be very diverse.

Style is not tied to color. With the skills and at the request of the client, the master can depict on the skin not only a color, but also a black and white image, which will in no way be inferior in realism to a color analogue.

Today it is fashionable to stuff realistic tattoos using colored accents.

For example, it can be the blue or yellow eyes of an animal, the reddish color of the shadow from a clawed wolf's paw.


Ornamental neck tattoos are reminiscent of anti-stress coloring pages. They are performed in black ink. The direction is considered young, but it is in demand among a wide range of men.

A large part of the drawings are created on the basis of a circle, from which there are rows of symmetrical patterns. Often these are floral and plant motifs. Some compositions are somewhat similar to traditional Polynesian tattoos.

Style resources - clarity and perfection of contours, the presence of various weaves, spirals, waves, knots in the pattern. Somewhere you can see crosses, as well as various geometric elements.

Traditionally, a special meaning is laid in the drawing. In addition to human traits, it can be a certain symbolism, the meaning of a particular talisman.

Such tattoos adorn the body of a man with a life ordered in all spheres. In addition to structural geometry and symmetry, a combination of stylistics with blackwork, linework, and dotwork is possible.


Chicano style is incomparable with anything, it is unique in its own way and carries a peculiar message. It appeared thanks to representatives of certain ethnic groups and in the classic version involves the use of black and gray paint.

However, today tattoos are also colored. The main idea is the frailty of being. Often the center of the composition is death, which is depicted as a skull with a crown, cape or otherwise.

The storyline is an observation of human and natural vanity. It can be an angel crying over the world or a girl in a Joker mask. The last option is especially symbolic.

Often, the portrait resembles a death mask worn on a human face with a painted sewn-up mouth.

Also among the images are sketches of compositions breaking through human flesh.

Seat selection

The location of the tattoo varies. In the traditional version, it is stuffed on the left or right. Guys like to decorate this part of the body behind the ear or behind with a transition to the back of the head.

Positioning on the back of the neck is best for small sketches. This is a classic spot for a guy's first tattoo, which can be covered with clothing as needed.

The image on the back can be combined with a tattoo on the back. An extraordinary solution is the location in front of the throat and Adam's apple.

The jewelry on the entire neck, covering the back of the head, also looks unusual. Visually, the "collar" resembles the sleeve technique with its characteristic circular pattern of stuffing.

It is in this style that geometric patterns, complex ornaments, images in black color look best. Often, wearable décor around the neck is part of a complex composition.

The male tattoo located in the middle of the neck looks interesting. Made in a realistic manner, it creates a special visual effect.

When choosing a place for a drawing, take into account the amount of work. For example, it is better to place small tattoos on the neck under the ear. Geometric patterns, small crosses, inscriptions, hieroglyphs look great in this place.

On the back, you can place not only inscriptions, but also extensive tattoos, passing to the back. Celtica looks best in front of the neck with a transition to the muscular sternum.

The wings look great on the side. Volumetric elements of costume technology are relevant both in the front and in the back. Depending on the technique chosen, they can extend to the entire neck, and in rare cases to the back of the head.

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