Tattoo for men with the image of a panther

  1. Meaning
  2. Review of the best sketches
  3. Location options

Tattoos for men depicting a panther sometimes represent very beautiful pictures on the body. But it is worth figuring out what value is put into such a drawing, what styles can be chosen and on which part of the body it is better to apply a tattoo.


Tattoo for men "Panther" has long been intended for warriors and was associated with courage, dexterity and fearlessness. Often this tattoo served as an adornment for representatives of the aristocracy, since it was believed that the symbol in the form of a panther, applied to the body, meant power and authority. In general, even today the panther symbol means courage, dexterity, intelligence and caution. The panther has a special beauty, albeit slightly gloomy, grace and arrogance.

Therefore, choosing a panther as your companion in the form of a tattoo, you need to decide what meaning will be put into the drawing.

In addition, the way it is depicted and with what attributes is added also plays an important role.

  • A quietly creeping panther can personify the flow of life, but at the same time remind that at any moment it can be interrupted. This pushes you to appreciate life, every moment of it.
  • A panther in a jump symbolizes superpowers, speed of reaction, speed of action. In addition, this option would mean that a person is ready to defend his interests and his family.
  • The black panther is a symbol of mystery and night, this is a kind of secret that a person can hide, but at the same time, it is also protection from evil forces.
  • The yellow panther is a symbol of warmth, justice and good spirits, as well as the protection of the weak.
  • The grin of a panther looks somewhat aggressive and demonstrates a willingness to fight to the last for their interests and protect loved ones.

In addition, the value may depend on what additional attributes are present in the image:

  • a panther with a rose can mean devotion to a loved one;
  • panther and dragon - a designation of contradictions and the existence of two opposite sides present in a person;
  • a panther with a knife emphasizes the aggressive attitude of a person and his desire to rush into battle without hesitation.

Review of the best sketches

The black panther is a rather beautiful graceful animal. And men's tattoos are most often done in black and white. But at the same time, an addition is possible in the form of yellow, green, blue, red. A riot of colors can rarely be found when applying such a pattern. In terms of styles, the following options are most suitable:

  • realism will allow you to depict the animal in all its glory and pay attention to the smallest, but important details;
  • watercolor will create a real picture on the body that will be truly beautiful;
  • minimalism: a panther without any details will also look harmonious;
  • dotwork: the execution of the picture with the help of dots in this case will also be appropriate;
  • graphics: black and white version will be laconic, but visually justified.

To understand which sketches attract men more often, it is worth considering examples of finished tattoos.

  • The panther looks extremely realistic, the smallest details are traced. Its owner demonstrates his cool character and speaks eloquently that he is able to stand up for himself.
  • In this case, the beast looks calm and confident. The landscape in the background is a harmonious addition.
  • A panther lurking among the leaves makes you wonder. Here you can expect all sorts of surprises. But the animal looks very picturesque, occupying the entire sleeve.
  • And in this guise, of course, one can find wisdom and a philosophical view of the world.Most likely, the owner of this image is an extremely calm and very intelligent person.

Location options

Considering that the panther is a symbol of strength and movement, it is most recommended to apply it to moving parts of the body: arms and legs. But at the same time, it can be found on other parts of the body, for example, chest, back, neck.

The meaning of the tattoo may also depend on which part of the body it is located on.

  • On the shoulder, the drawing depicts a man who is ready to be a leader in everything, to show courage and determination.
  • The forearm is also a frequently chosen option. Such a drawing, as a rule, is visible to others, and it suggests that the owner of this panther is a decisive person and it is better not to come into conflict with him.
  • A tattoo on the arm, for example, on the wrist, hand or palm, is used as a talisman. Often, with the help of such a symbol, they strive to give themselves some important character traits inherent in this bold graceful animal. The same can be said for the neck. The tattoo will be invisible, but serve as a talisman.
  • Wanting to make a vivid and beautiful painting (for example, a panther in a landscape), many fill the whole sleeve, which looks impressive.
  • A panther on the chest can mean affection and love for a woman, as well as a desire to always protect her and her offspring.
  • Side tattoos look impressive, sometimes part of the pattern can go to the back, chest or stomach.
  • A large activity canvas is provided on the back as well. And here, too, you can depict the whole plot.
  • On the thigh of this kind, tattoos will, rather, be associated with the intimate sphere and indicate an ardent and passionate nature.
  • A panther on his leg will tell about the firm position in life and stamina of the man who chose such an image.

When deciding to get such a tattoo, you should choose an experienced master, whose work you have already seen. After all, only such a professional will be able to qualitatively depict an animal that will be inextricably linked with its owner.

When choosing one or another part of the body for application, it is worth considering some of the nuances:

  • if it is supposed to apply a whole picture to the body with many details, it is better to choose the back, chest, or the whole arm;
  • with a miniature image of an animal, a shoulder, hand or shoulder blade will be enough;
  • if the type of activity is such that it is impossible to demonstrate the tattoo in any way, it is worth doing it in a place that is easy to hide under clothes.
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