Features of the tattoo in the form of a hammer of Thor

  1. Meaning
  2. Overview of options and sketches
  3. Where can you place it?

The art of tattooing is very much in demand among men, because wearable pictures can easily help to express themselves and emphasize their individuality. In this article, we will look at male Thor hammer tattoos, talk about their meaning and the most popular designs.


Mjolnir is a crushing hammer, the history of which began in ancient times, in myths... Many believe that it is an ancient version of the Christian cross, because it was previously actively used to protect oneself from the influence of dark forces.

In German-Scandinavian mythology, this hammer belonged to the thunder god Thor, it is considered his symbol. If you believe the myths, then this hammer was made due to a dispute between Loki and the dwarfs who were engaged in blacksmithing. Loki was convinced that the dwarfs would not be able to make such weapons that would be superior to all their other creations. However, they nevertheless took up work, and Loki, meanwhile, turned into a fly and began to try to interfere with the creation of weapons. Because of this, the center of gravity of the hammer was shifted, and its handle turned out to be too short. Nevertheless, the hammer was still recognized as the best weapon of all that previously existed, and Loki lost the argument.

Moreover, they deservedly called Mjolnir one of the best: he was impeccable, superior in strength to all other weapons and served not only as a weapon that was intended to kill, but also knew how to revive. Moreover, each blow with this hammer, as a rule, was accompanied by thunderous peals, as well as bright flashes of lightning.

Interestingly, only Thor himself could lift Mjolnir, because the hammer weighed a lot.

It is worth mentioning that this Mjolnir was also used for throwing, but this required wearing special iron mittens.

In general, this hammer even lived its own life, in isolation from its owner. He flew away from him, then came back again. If you believe the myths, then Thor more than once had to pull his hammer out of the hands of the enemy.

If we talk about the meaning of Mjolnir, then it symbolizes love of freedom, strength, perseverance, independence from everyone, power, complete confidence in oneself and one's own strengths, invincibility. Previously, it was even believed that the image of this hammer is a powerful talisman that can help warriors in battles - for this reason, the drawing of this weapon can often be seen on Viking amulets that were discovered during excavations.

Nowadays, the hammer means the same, and therefore images with it are often chosen by men as a tattoo. It is often perceived as a sign of the balance of good and evil, the masculine principle, as well as energy of enormous power.

Overview of options and sketches

There are many options for Thor hammer tattoo designs that are suitable for men.

So, most often Mjolnir is applied as an independent image, which is not complemented by compositional elements. A zest to such a pattern is given by a variety of ornate patterns that adorn the hammer, they can be very different. Often, such a hammer is decorated with drawings of various amulets, which enhances the meaning of such a tattoo as a talisman. As a rule, such drawings are made in black and white.

At the same time, we note that the location of the hammer is of great importance for the interpretation of such a pattern. If he is with the striking part up, then this symbolizes stability and stability - these are the qualities that are characteristic of a person who is confident in himself and his principles and does not follow the lead of others. But Mjolnir, located at an angle, symbolizes aggression, cunning and danger.

There are other options for such tattoos. So, often in sketches, the hammer Thor is depicted surrounded by a large number of lightning, which only emphasizes the invincibility and enormous power of this weapon.

Such variants of tattoos look no less interesting, where there are two wings behind Mjolnir. Such a tattoo will symbolize not only strength, but also the desire for freedom in all its understandings.

Tattoos are very interesting, where the crushing hammer is in the hands of its owner Thor. The image of this deity can be taken both from popular films about superheroes from Marvel, and from mythology.

In both cases, with high-quality execution, such tattoos on the male body will look powerful and effective.

Where can you place it?

Thor's hammer tattoo can be placed on any part of the male body. It is worth choosing an area for application based on your own desires, as well as on the compositional features of the picture and its dimensions.

So, miniature drawings will look best in the area of ​​the hand or on its wrist. In other places that have a large area of ​​skin, they are more likely to look simply inappropriate.

But large drawings, in which a certain plot is often present, would be best placed in the area of ​​the shoulder, forearm, chest or back.

Separately, we note that when choosing a place for a tattoo, you must take into account your pain threshold, after all, drawing on some parts of the body, for example, in the face, hands or in the ribs, can be very painful. This is due to the fact that the skin in some places is covered with a large number of nerve endings, or is very close to the bone. Therefore, when choosing such places for application, think about whether you can endure the entire session, especially when it comes to large tattoos. If the answer is no, then this is a reason to think about changing the place for the future drawing.

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