All about the Gladiator tattoo

All about the Gladiator tattoo
  1. Meaning
  2. Popular performance techniques
  3. Sketches
  4. Location options

Gladiator-themed tattoos are very popular among men, because such designs look very impressive and help to emphasize brutality, courage and strength. We will tell you about the meaning of a tattoo with Spartans, about the techniques of execution and about the most popular sketches in this article.


The word "gladiator" is translated from Latin as "sword". As a rule, it was this word that was called not free people who became slaves or were taken prisoner during the wars. Gladiators were taught how to use a sword, and after they fully mastered this skill, they were pitted against each other or even with animals, mainly lions.

As a result, such battles inevitably ended in the death of one of the soldiers or the beast. At the same time, the victorious gladiator usually received a significant amount of money and even had the opportunity to redeem his own life, which for most fighters was a cherished goal and the main incentive for battles.

By the way, because of the reward in the form of a large amount of money, many people voluntarily became gladiators, wanting to get rich.

Usually, similar battles were organized on holidays and were held in ancient Rome right in the arenas. This lasted for about seven hundred years. The Romans believed that sacrifices in such battles could help them gain mercy from the god of war, Mars, who had a fierce disposition. However, over time, such battles began to be arranged purely for entertainment and entertainment for the sake of.

After a while, gladiatorial fights were prohibited, this happened at a time when the emperor Honorius came to power. Battles, however, continued to be fought, but both warriors remained alive in them. In the same period, special schools began to open in Ancient Rome, where future gladiators were trained. Gladiatorial battles completely ceased to be arranged only after the empire collapsed.

Summing up, it can be understood that tattoo with the theme "Gladiator" is purely masculine and carries a warlike meaning. Such a drawing symbolizes strength, will, power, courage, determination and courage, the ability to fight to defend, as well as the desire to become stronger, the desire for freedom, because often gladiators fought precisely to free themselves from bondage. Such a tattoo is especially suitable for determined and courageous men who are not afraid of difficulties on the way to their goal and are ready to overcome them.

But for those men who are distinguished by their shyness and gentle character, it would be better to take a closer look at a tattoo with a different plot.

Popular performance techniques

A male tattoo with a gladiator can be done in any technique, the choice depends only on the features of the drawing, as well as on the preferences of the person himself.

  • So, the most popular among men is such a style direction as realism... This style is highly detailed. As a rule, such drawings are distinguished by their scale and naturalism, due to which they look very impressive.

Often in this style, tattoos are made with portraits of famous gladiators, for example, Spartacus.

  • No less popular is such a style solution as trash polka... Such drawings often look very aggressive, which only complements the meaning of the tattoo. This effect is achieved through active use when applying red and black colors.
  • Style graphics is also suitable for such drawings. Such tattoos, as a rule, also look very naturalistic, but they are performed strictly in black: this makes the tattoo look like an ordinary pencil drawing.
  • But for those who want to see brighter pictures on their bodies, it is recommended to take a closer look at watercolor application technique. Such drawings are usually distinguished by their saturation and look as if they were applied to the skin not with a special machine, but with a brush and watercolors.


There are many different options for male sketches on the theme of "Gladiator".

The most popular sketch is the image of a fighter. At the same time, details are important for such a drawing: facial expressions, emotions, posture, weapons. So, if a gladiator's face is embittered, and he is going to attack, holding a sword or any other weapon in his hands, then such a drawing will have an unambiguously aggressive message, it symbolizes strength, desire and ability to fight to the last, as well as determination. But the image of a gladiator with a sad look will mean something else: doom, bondage.

However, the face of the gladiator in the figure may well be covered with a mask or helmet, in which case the pose of the person depicted will have the greatest significance for the plot.

Tattoos with portraits of gladiators from history or films are also very popular, these include portraits of Spartacus, Achilles and Maximus.... Tattoos with a gladiator's helmet look quite beautiful with the correct and high-quality execution.

Such drawings are often supplemented, at the discretion of the owner, with compositional elements and inscriptions, which, by their content, are suitable for the semantic load.

Other variations of similar patterns look very impressive. So, images with gladiators in chariots and with horses look very beautiful on a male body. The sketch, which depicts two fighting Spartans at once, is also very popular: such a drawing will symbolize a person's desire to go to the end, regardless of certain difficulties.

The image, where the gladiator is fighting not with another fighter, but with a ferocious lion, will carry a similar semantic load.

Location options

How bright and impressive a male tattoo with a gladiator will look depends not only on the master who will apply it to the skin, but also on the correct choice of place to place the picture. In general, such an image can be placed on any part of the body, be it a chest or a leg, but here it is worth considering some nuances.

So, full-length images of gladiators, as well as their portraits, will look best in the area of ​​the ribs, shoulder or forearm. It is allowed to apply such a pattern along the entire arm sleeve or on the leg in the calf area. Such patterns, as a rule, are elongated vertically, and therefore they will look bad on the back, on the sternum or on the stomach. It is best to place large and wide images in these places, in which a specific plot is often present. But if you have chosen a small body drawing with the theme of "Gladiator", then in this case it would be best to place it in the area of ​​the wrist or in the area of ​​the ankle.

When choosing a place for applying a future tattoo, it is imperative to take into account your pain threshold.

The fact is that the process of tattooing some parts of the body is very painful. This is explained by the fact that in some areas of the human body, the skin is too close to the bone, or there are too many nerve endings on it. These areas include the ribs, knees and ankles. Therefore, when choosing a place for application, think if you can endure the whole process... If the answer is no, then this is a reason for choosing a different location.

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