Dream catcher tattoos for men

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Dream catcher tattoos for men are not uncommon when choosing an image to apply to the body. And, it would seem, the symbol is quite understandable for many, nevertheless, there are different nuances in the selection of such a tattoo. It is also worth figuring out which sketches of tattoos exist and on which part of the body it is better to place the drawing.

Total value

A tattoo in the form of a dream catcher for men (as well as for women) means, first of all, protection. The symbol belongs to the culture of the ancient Indian tribes that inhabited North America. For them, this thing was a talisman against the forces of evil, therefore this image was applied to the body in order to protect themselves. In our time, the meaning of the dream catcher remains the same.

It has always been believed that when a person sleeps, his soul travels in different worlds, and it is at this time that a person is most exposed to danger from the dark forces. The dream catcher is precisely designed to catch any negativity, protect its owner and give him only good bright dreams.

A tattoo on the body is designed not only to perform these functions directly, but also to protect a person at every step. You can often find this image on the body of a man in the form of a single symbol.

In it, each detail symbolizes certain things:

  • the circle lies at the heart of the symbol and says that our life not only has a certain cycle - it is also endless;
  • the web delays the invasion of troubles sent by evil spirits, catches all negativity and nightmares;
  • feathers symbolize air, wind and freedom;
  • The 4 beads represent the four cardinal directions.

You can enhance the effect of the attribute with popular images, which are often complemented by dream catcher tattoos.

  • The most popular in this context is the owl. This is wisdom and intuition, in addition, this night bird is associated with mysticism. All these qualities are beneficial to the person who chooses her in a pair with the dream catcher. The protection is strengthened, and the man has additional confidence in his intuition and the right path.
  • The wolf can also be found quite often as an addition to the main attribute under consideration. It symbolizes an inextricable connection with nature, devotion to loved ones and a willingness to protect them, but at the same time, inner loneliness.
  • The bear is a great choice for the dreamcatcher neighborhood. He will not only strengthen protection, but will also say that the owner of such a tattoo is a brave warrior, he is strong and courageous, you can rely on him.
  • The eagle, just like its feathers, Is also a common choice. In this case, the freedom of choice and the absence of fear of the future are emphasized.
  • The tree inside the dreamcatcher's ring will tell not only about the connection with nature, but also about the unity of the spiritual and physical, which are harmoniously combined in the owner of this tattoo.

Types and sketches of tattoos

A male dream catcher tattoo is interesting not only for its content, meaning and additional symbols, but also for the chosen style, and there are many of them. Of course, not everyone is suitable for this particular image. But the most popular ones can be noted.

  • Watercolor will allow you to create a bright, saturated with colors option and will resemble a real picture. Rather, it is suitable for people of creative professions and extraordinary personalities.
  • Ethnic will give the image a pristine touch and connect the symbol with the ancient traditions of those from whom the symbol came.
  • Graphics will help to depict a restrained pattern on the body, but at the same time it will not lose its value and will look stylish.
  • Realism will allow you to convey all the subtleties as accurately as possible.Such a tattoo can look like a real amulet, if you wish, you can even see its movement and the fluttering of feathers, so much the picture can be.

Often men prefer a black and white image, colored symbols are less common. As an addition, not only animals and birds can act, but, for example, their tracks (wolf, bear), as well as flowers and patterns.

Examples of tattoo sketches will help you understand how harmonious an image can look on a male body.

  • The black-and-white version, in which there is nothing superfluous, is a good defense. The dimensions of the picture are impressive, but at the same time this tattoo can always be hidden under clothes.
  • In this case, the footprint of the beast looks organically in the form of an addition, and red is added to the black and white tones.
  • The color version does not differ in a riot of colors - everything is quite restrained. But the addition in the form of a bright rose speaks, rather, of a romantic and passionate nature.
  • The addition in the form of a bracelet on the leg looks very original and unusual.
  • The wise owl goes well with the main symbol.

When choosing a tattoo, it is worth considering the presence of any other drawings on the body, because they should be combined with each other not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also in meaning. Otherwise, mutually exclusive values ​​can be achieved. Needless to say, such a person can easily be torn apart by contradictions. And the meaning of the tattoo is still not that.

Accommodation options

When choosing a place for drawing a future drawing, a man is guided not only by his desires, but also by his lifestyle, place of work, and field of activity. It is not always possible to demonstrate a tattoo to others, no matter how incredible beauty and meaning it may have.

  • Very often, men place this image on their shoulder. And there is enough space to choose the appropriate type of tattoo, and if you wish, you can hide the picture or, conversely, show it. Tattoos, complemented by the image of animals, look especially good: they emphasize the masculinity of their owner. At the same time, it is very good if the man also looks quite brutal.
  • Any drawing can also be placed on the hand. And even if it will not be so large-scale, it will convey the main idea. At the same time, you can always see an image on the wrist, hand and palm, which can be very important for someone.
  • Those who choose the whole sleeve for the imageI, have the opportunity to supplement the dreamcatcher with a variety of elements - to depict, for example, a wolf or an owl, a natural landscape inside a ring, plants and flowers. These tattoos look best in color.
  • There is also a chance to place a volumetric image on the chest and choose any style, which most reflects the inner state and thought, embedded in the tattoo.
  • Miniature variants can be placed on the neck, but at the same time it is worth remembering that it will be difficult to hide the image - it will always be in plain sight. In this place, laconic tattoos in black and white will look best.
  • You can also place a large image on the side., while it can go both to the chest and to the back.
  • The back is a wonderful canvas for creating a tattoo. The dreamcatcher in this case can be supplemented with various elements.
  • As for the hip, then this is not such a good option for a tattoo, chosen as a talisman.

When planning to get a tattoo, you need to take into account a number of important nuances. It is worth choosing a well-known salon and a master with good reviews. It is he who will help you choose a sketch and a part of the body where this or that option will look best.

In addition, it is worth listening to the recommendations of a specialist regarding follow-up care. This is how it will be possible to preserve the tattoo for a long time in its original form.

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