Overview of animal tattoos for men

  1. Classic options
  2. Unusual animals
  3. Locations

Animal tattoos are very common among men. We will tell you about what such drawings mean and where it would be best to place them in this article.

Classic options

There are many options for sketches of animal tattoos for men. Moreover, the meaning of such wearable designs will vary depending on what kind of animal is present on it. The most brutal male image is considered to be a drawing with a wolf. For many, this animal is traditionally a symbol of courage, independence, devotion, endurance and self-confidence. It is believed that all of the listed qualities of a wolf tattoo help either develop or acquire, if they are not there. In addition, such a tattoo means the ability to stand up for yourself, for your ideals and for all those who are dear to your heart.

A drawing with a bear, which is most often depicted grinning or attacking, also belongs to the number of brutal tattoos. Such a drawing symbolizes courage, decisiveness in action, a positive attitude towards life, the ability to go towards one's own goal, while solving any difficulties that stand in the way. However, a tattoo with a panda, which is also a bear, will have a slightly different meaning: it will symbolize purity of thoughts, a positive attitude towards life and happiness.

Drawings with the king of beasts, a lion, are no less popular among men. This animal means power, victory, masculinity, nobility and wisdom - the same meaning is carried in the body drawing with its image.

Tattoos with harmless animals, for example, with a rabbit or a hare, are also quite in demand among men. This animal is considered a symbol of good luck, wealth and fertility. But the tattoo with the White Rabbit from the famous fairy tale by Lewis Carroll "Alice in Wonderland" carries a different message. She speaks about the originality of a person, about his rich and developed imagination, about the unwillingness to follow the rules and laws established in society, and also, possibly, about some quickness and mystery.

Tattoos depicting a cat are also in demand. Such a drawing also carries a certain meaning, it means dexterity, resourcefulness, cunning, savagery, wayward character, love of freedom, wisdom and some mystery, because cats have long been associated with magic and sorcerers among people. But the image of the Cheshire cat from the aforementioned fairy tale by Lewis Carroll symbolizes a positive attitude towards life, mystery, a rich and developed imagination, resourcefulness, the ability to find a way out of any, even the most difficult situation, as well as to hold on with dignity in certain circumstances.

Common among men and tattoos with dogs, mainly with Dobermans... Such a tattoo will symbolize nobility and endless loyalty, because this breed of dogs is always devoted to its owner and is ready to protect him to the last, while giving his life. With some compositional features, such a drawing can also symbolize courage, determination and aggression.

In addition, it is believed that a body image with any of the animals can serve as an excellent talisman, which will attract only the best into the life of its owner, namely success, happiness and good luck.

Unusual animals

Tattoos are very common among males. with unusual animals from mythology, fantasy books or films. Such drawings can be applied purely for aesthetic reasons of a person, or they can carry a certain message.

So, a very common sketch of a tattoo with an unusual beast is a drawing with a phoenix bird. This fictional animal symbolizes immortality, the ability, despite all the difficulties, to achieve what you want, with honor to endure defeats and rise after them again in order to continue your journey.

Such a drawing may also indicate the hot character of its owner, his passion and, possibly, some impulsiveness.

Pegasus tattoos are also popular - horses with powerful wings, on which, according to myths, the warlike Valkyries moved. It is believed that this animal symbolizes endurance, immense wisdom, a high degree of spiritual development and purity of the soul. But a tattoo with a unicorn, which is a relative of Pegasus, means innocence, but at the same time the ability to fight back, to defend oneself. Dragon tattoos are also in high demand among men. According to legends, dragons are strong animals, and not every noble knight dared to fight with them. A tattoo with this unusual beast means wisdom, honor, ability to defend, as well as strength and power.

Interestingly, the tattoo depicting a nine-tailed demon from Japanese mythology - kitsune... He usually appears as a fox with multiple tails. A tattoo depicting a kitsune will mean dexterity, cunning, tremendous power, wisdom, the ability to seduce, the ability to wriggle out of any situation, luck, success and financial prosperity, but at the same time it also symbolizes cunning and meanness.


The animal tattoo can be placed on any part of the male body. When choosing, we recommend focusing not only on your own preferences, but also on the size and composition of the picture.... So, large and vertically elongated images will be best placed in the shoulder, forearm, calf, or in the ribs. They also look good on the "sleeve" of the arm.

But the drawings that are elongated in width look more appropriate on the back or in the sternum area. If you prefer a minimalistic pattern, then in this case it is worth paying attention to areas of the body such as the wrist, ankle or the area behind the ear. It is in these places that miniature images look most successful and appropriate.

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