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Thrash polka tattoos are very popular among men. What are the features of such drawings, and what sketches in this style are most in demand, we will tell in this article.


Trash polka is a style of tattoos suitable for people who do not like triviality, strive to emphasize their originality, uniqueness, live only in accordance with their beliefs and rules. This style appeared in the 70s of the last century, and the western region of Berlin is considered its homeland. At first, thrash polka was not in great demand among people, this style gained popularity only 20 years after its inception - for this reason, it can be called young and modern.

This style direction includes graphics, inscriptions, and naturalism at once, there are no frames in it that limit the artist. It is quite bold, because when applying a pattern to the skin, the tattooist uses bright shades, and most often it is a rich red and deep black - it is due to these colors that the final drawing looks somewhat aggressive and even rebellious. This effect is supported not only by colors, but also by sharp transitions between shades, as well as bright spots, strokes and the absence of excessive pretentiousness - all this is a kind of visiting card of this style, it is simply impossible to confuse it with other directions.

At the present time, other colors are also used in this style direction - usually it is blue or green. Moreover, they also differ in their brightness and saturation. This is necessary in order to make the drawing more provocative and defiant, which will emphasize the person's desire to stand out, declare himself, express his inner world.

If we talk about the trash polka wearable designs themselves, they, as a rule, are distinguished by their scale and occupy a large area of ​​the skin - often men who want to get a tattoo in this style on their bodies hammer in the “sleeve” or the chest.

The content of such drawings may vary. Usually it corresponds to the general mood of the style, that is, it is aggressive and even flashy, which is especially typical for male tattoos.

Thumbnail overview

There are many sketches of tattoos for men in the style of thrash polka.

The most common tattoo designs in this style are skulls and bones. Such drawings usually look very aggressive and carry a certain meaning: as a rule, they indicate a disregard for death. However, for some people, such images are also a kind of protection, although most consider such drawings as a challenge and unwillingness to obey the established norms of morality.

Often in such drawings there are images of weapons - most often they are knives or pistols., which may indicate a strong and possibly somewhat aggressive nature of the tattoo wearer. Such drawings are often combined with various inscriptions, which are usually done in a non-standard font. They may also include images of cars, blood stains and more.

Religious themes also take place in tattoos of a similar orientation. Among all, the most common elements are crosses, crucifixes, temples. The meaning of such tattoos can be different. Some seek in this way to emphasize their belonging to a particular religion, while others, on the contrary, thus show their disdainful attitude towards it.

The animalistic theme in such male tattoos is also very popular. If we are talking about birds, then among them black ravens are most often depicted, which help convey the general mood of the tattoo - gloomy and aggressive. Other birds are also found in such drawings. The meaning of the image in such cases will depend on the characteristics of the tattoo, however, in general, it symbolizes a person's desire for freedom and independence.

If we are talking about animals, then among them most often depict aggressively grinning wolves, black cats, large breed dogs, in particular, Dobermans, and other animals that are able to convey the rebellious message of the picture.

Location options

Trash polka tattoos are placed on the body depending on the size and shape of the pattern. Usually, such tattoos are quite voluminous, and therefore they are placed in places that have a large area of ​​skin.

So, large and wide tattoos are most often located in the sternum area, on the back or closer to the neck. Often they pass to the forearm and shoulder, and then to the arm as a whole - in this way, a rather large surface of the body turns out to be clogged.

If the tattoo is more elongated, then in this case it is placed on the leg or arm. But places like the wrist, collarbone or ankle are unlikely to be suitable for such designs, due to the small area of ​​skin in these areas.

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