Overview of Gemini tattoos for men

  1. Peculiarities
  2. Types and sketches of tattoos
  3. Locations

Tattoos with zodiac signs have recently become very popular. In this article, we will analyze what a tattoo in the form of the Gemini zodiac sign for men means, and what options for its execution exist.


The zodiac sign Gemini is considered dominant. He is the third in the zodiacal circle, belongs to the period from May 21 to June 22 and is under the auspices of the air element. Many consider this zodiac sign to be one of the most mysterious and sophisticated, and this opinion is not unfounded. It can often be seen that people born under this sign differ in their manners and have a well-developed intuition. However, such people are also vulnerable, they are easily offended, they are able to create a scandal from literally nothing, and their mood is quite changeable. They tend to think carefully about all their actions, they cannot act impulsively and decisively.

In general, the Gemini zodiac sign is the personification of a dual nature, because it consists of two forces that are completely opposite in nature. To find out about the meaning of this sign, it is worth referring to one of the ancient Greek legends. According to this legend, one of the main Olympian gods, the god of thunder and lightning Zeus, fell in love with Lada, who was the wife of the ruler of Sparta. Turning into a beautiful swan, Zeus managed to hide from Hera, his wife, after which he visited Lada. After a while, the princess gave birth to four children. Two of them, a boy and a girl, were born from Zeus, the rest, also a boy and a girl, from their legal husband.

The boys received the following names: Pollux and Castor. The first of them was endowed with immortality and was distinguished by the enormous strength received from his father Zeus. The second was mortal and did not differ much from ordinary people. Despite all the differences, the children quickly became friends and performed many different feats. However, once during a quarrel, Pollux killed his brother, which he regretted for a long time. He yearned for him, but because of his immortality he could not meet him even in the kingdom of Hades. Desperate, Pollux turned to his father Zeus, praying that he would make him an ordinary mortal. Zeus was moved by such a request, and allowed his son to stay on Olympus for one day, and in the kingdom of the dead for another. So the brothers were reunited, and a new constellation Gemini appeared in the starry sky.

If we talk about a tattoo with this zodiac sign, then it suits both men and women, and not only those who were born under this sign. It is believed that she is able to help a person improve health, find success and luck in love affairs.

And for those who were born under this zodiac sign, such a tattoo will be a good talisman that will protect its wearer from the bad influence of ill-wishers.

Types and sketches of tattoos

There are many variations of Gemini zodiac sign tattoos for men.

The most popular of these is the zodiacal constellation. Such a tattoo is considered a talisman that can attract success, positive and harmony to a person. Usually these tattoos are very minimalistic. Often they are supplemented with various elements that give the picture a zest and personality. These elements include stars, planets, the image of the galaxy and other details that emphasize the astrological component of this body image. Such a tattoo will look no less interesting in combination with various geometric shapes, which will give the picture a zest and individuality.

Note that such tattoos will look very impressive on the male body when taking into account the right colors. So, for such drawings, it is recommended to give preference to such shades as purple, black, pink or blue. Note that they can be combined to create an individual sketch.

Tattoos depicting the Gemini symbol, which looks like two Roman units or columns, are also very common. Such a drawing can serve both as an addition to a tattoo with a constellation, and become an independent tattoo. Note that such drawings are most often performed in a minimalist style using brown, black or gray. It is believed that such an image symbolizes self-knowledge, helps to strengthen a person's intuition. Often, a tattoo with this symbol is supplemented with an inscription with the date of birth, which makes the drawing even more symbolic. Often, this symbol is complemented by the image of wings, which makes it possible to interpret the drawing as a desire for freedom and liberation.

There are other, more non-standard options for tattoos with the zodiac sign Gemini. So, drawings are often applied with the image of two faces or two masks. One of them is usually sad, and the other is funny. Such a drawing speaks of the duality of a person, of the harmony inside him of good and evil.

Often there are tattoos, where this sign of the zodiac appears in the image of two people, men or women, who are similar to each other, like two drops of water.

As a rule, such tattoos are made using bright colors, and their sketches are developed taking into account the wishes of the owner of the future tattoo.


Male tattoo with the image of the zodiac sign Gemini can be located on any part of the body. When choosing the location of the tattoo, you need to pay attention to its size and your own wishes.

Small tattoos are best placed on the wrist or ankle. But for large drawings, it would be better to choose those places that have a large skin area. For example, for the forearm, calf, and shoulder, large, vertically elongated patterns are best. And for the back and sternum, you can see wide patterns.

When choosing a place for a future tattoo, do not forget to evaluate your pain threshold, because the process of drawing a picture on some parts of the body can be very painful. This is especially true of places where there are many nerve endings, or where the skin is close to the bone, and the fatty layer is almost absent. These include the ribs, knee area and face. So, if you are distinguished by increased sensitivity, then it is not recommended to choose such places for application.

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