All about men's side tattoos

  1. Advantages and disadvantages
  2. Best ideas and sketches
  3. Does it hurt to apply?

Men's side tattoos were not very popular before. Since ancient times, men preferred to fill drawings on their hands, back or stomach. Such tattoos have always attracted attention and could tell a lot about their owners. But over the past few decades, many interesting sketches have appeared that can be stuffed on the side.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are many benefits to tattoos located on this area of ​​the body.

  • Attractiveness... Correctly chosen tattoos help to emphasize the beauty of the male body. They improve proportions and hide minor flaws in the figure.
  • Inconspicuousness... It is impossible to notice a tattoo on the side in everyday life. Therefore, such a wearable pattern does not interfere with career advancement in any way. This applies to both small tattoos and volumetric drawings.
  • Versatility... A tattoo located on a man's side can become part of a more voluminous pattern. The edges of the image can be on the belly, back, or legs. Therefore, this option is perfect for people who want to decorate their body with large and thoughtful paintings.

But such wearable designs also have significant disadvantages. So, a tattoo on this part of the body most often stretched. In men, this usually happens when they lose muscle mass or gain weight. But, if the drawing is small, it can always be restored or covered.

Also, we must not forget that such tattoos are quite painful. Therefore, they are not suitable for everyone.

Best ideas and sketches

On the side, you can stuff both black and white and color tattoos. The following ideas are popular among men.

  • Animals... Most often, images of animals are stuffed on the side. Such drawings can be three-dimensional. In this case, part of the image may extend onto the back or abdomen. It will look interesting and beautiful.
  • Tribal tattoo. You can also get a tattoo depicting tribal patterns on the side. Such tattoos may seem primitive to someone. But they look really impressive. If a person does not like simple tribal patterns, attention can be paid to a Celtic-style tattoo. Among the existing drawings, you can easily find inspiration for tattoo sketches.
  • Portraits... Lovers of realism can fill on the side with a volumetric drawing depicting a loved one or an idol. Such tattoos have a special meaning, because they always remind their owner of someone important. You can even make such drawings in black and white.
  • Sea tattoos... Another good sketch is a nautical drawing. Anchors, steering wheels and various marine life can be both voluminous and very small. Authentic old school tattoos will look great on the side.
  • Magical creatures. Tattoos with various magical creatures are also in demand now. Most often, bulky dragons are stuffed on the side. Such tattoos are usually performed in an oriental style. But realistic works look no less beautiful.
  • Architecture... Travelers and lovers of beautiful corners of the world will love the idea of ​​stuffing an unusual building on their bodies. It can be either an ordinary house or a lighthouse, or an architectural symbol of a country.
  • Mythical characters. Lovers of symbolic tattoos should pay attention to sketches with characters from various myths. On the side, you can stuff a luxurious Scandinavian warrior or an Egyptian guide to the world of the dead. Tattoos like these can tell a lot about their owners.
  • Birds... As a rule, birds serve as a symbol of freedom. Most often, images of ravens and eagles are stuffed on the body. Tattoos with pigeons are also popular.Such tattoos are often chosen by religious people. Usually, such drawings complement the images of rosaries, crosses or folded hands in prayer. People usually attach special importance to these wearable designs.

If you want to make a small symbolic tattoo on your body, you can also pay attention to the inscriptions, Scandinavian runes or beautiful hieroglyphs. Such tattoos are usually made vertical. A well-chosen drawing may well make a man's figure more attractive.

Does it hurt to apply?

Tattoos that are tattooed on the side of the torso are very painful. Therefore, it is recommended to do them only for men with a high pain threshold. This applies to tattoos both on the left side and on the right. Therefore, it is not recommended to make large images on the lateral part of the abdomen. Indeed, in this case, you will have to endure unpleasant sensations for several hours. For people with a low pain threshold, special pain relieving ointments can be used. They will help make the tattooing session more bearable.

In order not to cause trouble for the tattoo artist and yourself, the day before the session, you should also not drink alcohol or blood thinning pills. The master must also be chosen very carefully. After all, both the comfort of the client and the result of work depend on his skill. If you properly prepare for applying a tattoo on the body, the drawing on the side will delight its owner for a long time and look beautiful.

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