Review of male tattoos with the zodiac sign Pisces

Review of male tattoos with the zodiac sign Pisces
  1. Meaning
  2. Styles
  3. Zodiac sign and other symbols
  4. Location options

Zodiac sign tattoos are popular now. In this article, we will consider what a tattoo with the sign of Pisces means for men and what sketches of such tattoos exist.


The zodiac sign Pisces occupies the twelfth position in the zodiac circle. It belongs to the water element and is protected by Neptune and Jupiter. As a rule, individuals who were born under this zodiac sign are distinguished by high intelligence. They are creators by nature, their intuition is very developed, they strive to find harmony in the soul of the body. If we turn to esotericism, then about Pisces you can also learn that they are supersensitive and even capable of influencing their future.

In general, in order to better understand the interpretation of this sign, you need to turn to the cultures of different peoples. So, in Sumerian mythology, a fish-man named Oanessa, which is equated with a deity, is of great importance. In ancient Egyptian culture, fish are identified with the god of the sky and the sun, whose name is Horus. In India, according to legends, the deity Vishnu appeared from a fish. And if you believe one of the prophecies of the Talmud, then when Saturn and Jupiter converge in the constellation of Pisces, the Messiah will be born and the second coming will come.

Interesting that in ancient Greek mythology, one of the myths is even associated with this zodiac sign. According to this myth, Aphrodite and Eros tried to hide from Typhon, a monster with a thousand heads. To escape, they had to jump into the water, where they turned into fish. And in order not to lose each other, they held on to a silver thread. In honor of this, the zodiacal constellation Pisces appeared.

By the way, for many, this zodiac sign is equivalent to the eastern Yin-Yang symbol, which symbolizes the harmony and unity of two opposites.

A tattoo with the sign of Pisces suits everyone, even those who were not born under this sign. Such a tattoo will indicate that a person is striving to find internal balance, will indicate his ability for analytics and creativity, his desire for love of freedom and the ability to achieve his goals. And for those who were born under such a constellation, such a tattoo will also serve as a good talisman.


A male tattoo with the image of the zodiac sign Pisces can be performed in different style directions.

  • So, many prefer the style of realism, especially when it comes to large drawings. Such tattoos look bright and impressive, they are very detailed, due to which the drawing looks so naturalistic.
  • Minimalism is also suitable for such tattoos. This style is characterized by simplicity and uncomplicatedness. Usually, these tattoos are very tiny and look neat.

In addition, they can be easily hidden under clothing, which is their great advantage.

  • The geometry style will also be appropriate here., because the drawing of the zodiac sign Pisces in combination with different geometric shapes, if executed correctly, will look very interesting and non-standard.
  • Suitable for such tattoos and watercolor style. Drawings made in this direction look gentle, but at the same time bright.

They do not have clear and strict contours and look blurry, which gives the impression that the image was applied with watercolors.

Zodiac sign and other symbols

There are many options for male tattoo designs with the Pisces zodiac sign.

The most common of these is the constellation image. Usually, such drawings are very minimalistic. They do not take up much space and look neat.

Often they are supplemented with various elements that emphasize the astrological component of the picture, as well as the image of two fish.

Often, the symbol of this zodiac sign is also applied as a tattoo, which can serve both as an independent tattoo and as an addition to a more intricate plot. This sign looks like two lines curved in different directions, between which there is a straight line in the middle in a horizontal position.

Such a drawing can be performed in different ways. Often, in order to give the tattoo originality, this sign is combined with various ornate patterns or different bright shades are used, which makes the tattoo more noticeable.

Often, such tattoos also depict two fish that swim in different directions. Usually, such drawings are complemented by a variety of marine elements, which only emphasizes the sign's belonging to the water element.

Such elements include pearls, shells, corals, water spray, algae and more.

Often such fish are depicted in a circle, like the Yin-Yang symbol. The circle in this context means infinity, and the fish swimming in different directions symbolize balance and harmony, the constant confrontation of opposites, which, nevertheless, are unable to exist without each other.

Location options

Tattoos with the zodiac sign Pisces can be placed on any part of the body, depending on the size of the picture and the wishes of the person. Often these tattoos are used to hide some imperfections in the body, such as scars after surgery, stretch marks or burns.

In general, such a tattoo will look appropriate on any part of the male body.

In this case, it would be better to place miniature drawings on the wrist or ankle. But on the shoulder, forearm, on the back, sternum or in the region of the ribs, large images with a certain plot will look most appropriate.

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