Variety of men's knee tattoos

  1. Advantages and disadvantages
  2. Overview of options and sketches
  3. Nuances of application

Nowadays, people choose for tattooing not only areas such as the back and arms, but also others - for example, the knees. In this article, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of tattoos located on the knees, and also consider the most common sketches of male tattoos for this part of the body.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tattoos placed on the knees are very popular today, in particular among males. This is explained by the fact that such tattoos have a lot of advantages.

The first is style.

Drawings on the knees look very interesting, helping to emphasize the originality of their owner, as well as to make his image more spectacular and vivid, which is especially suitable for those people who wish to attract attention from the outside.

Another big plus is that the knee area, unlike many other parts of the body, practically does not change over time.... Thanks to this feature, the image placed in the knee area will remain as beautiful without changing at all. However, this only applies to large parts: the contours of small elements may subsequently blur due to the mobility of the patella.

Another huge advantage is tattoo size. In the knee area, you can apply both a small image and a large-scale drawing, which will go above the knee, moving to the thigh.

However, when choosing this place for tattooing, it is worth considering the disadvantages.

First of all, you need to take into account that the procedure for applying a pattern on the knee is very painful, after all, the skin in this area has practically no fatty layer and is located close to the bone.

It is for this reason that before getting a tattoo, you will have to resort to pain relievers.

It should be borne in mind that drawing on the knees can quickly deteriorate. Yes, this area hardly changes over time, but it is this area that suffers most from falls, due to which the drawing may subsequently begin to fade or lose its original appearance.

In addition, the process of tattooing this part of the body is quite complicated, which is due to the fact that the patella is very mobile.

Overview of options and sketches

There are many different tattoo designs for men that can be placed on the knee area.

Quite often, men put an image of a rose in this place. Most often, such a drawing symbolizes love, passion and devotion - this is the traditional interpretation of this image. However, if a flower on a tattoo has a large number of thorns, then such a pattern takes on a different meaning: it means difficult love that greatly hurts a person and his soul, brings him suffering.

Often, the image of a tiger is also applied in this area.... The meaning of such a tattoo can be determined by the qualities of this animal, which is characterized by nobility, rage, strength, wisdom and greatness. And the grin of this animal, depicted on the tattoo, will indicate that its owner, if necessary, is ready to protect himself and everything that is dear to him. A drawing depicting a wolf or bear grin will have a similar interpretation.

Often, men apply images of skulls to the knee, which also carries a special meaning. Often, for many, such a drawing is associated with death and dark forces, which is not entirely correct. Usually, a skull on a tattoo indicates that its owner is endowed with fearlessness.

However, such a picture may have other interpretations.So, if there is a rose and a skull in the image, then this symbolizes a strong connection between death and love, and the skull, on whose head is the crown, means the desire for power, the desire to become a full-fledged leader.

Nuances of application

Before going to the master, it is recommended to roughly outline the desired tattoo for yourself, decide on its color, scale, style, compositional features and place of application. The cost of the image largely depends on this. The price of a tattoo also includes the professionalism of the master.

It is not worth saving on this, because correcting an unsuccessful image later can turn out to be an expensive pleasure.

When choosing a tattoo for the knees, it is advisable to give preference to images of a rounded shape, which do not differ in a huge number of the smallest elements.... Otherwise, the drawing may soon become vague, because of which the tattoo parlor will have to be visited again.

In addition, do not forget that the process of drawing a pattern on the knee is very painful. Therefore, before applying, it is worth considering several times, assessing your pain threshold and, possibly, making a decision to change the place of tattooing.

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