Review of men's sketch style tattoos

  1. Features of technology
  2. Popular sketches
  3. Location options

The direction of the sketch in a tattoo is now actively gaining popularity. Such drawings are especially in great demand among males. What are the features of this style, and what sketches of such tattoos are popular with men, we will tell in this article.

Features of technology

Sketch style is currently popular with men, because it is one of the most extraordinary modern trends. Tattoos made in this style are difficult to confuse with any others due to their inherent features.

Usually, such drawings are distinguished by their blurring, they have no clear boundaries, which is why they look like a quick sketch or a pencil sketch. Such drawings are also characterized by transparency or translucency, the presence of a large number of strokes, the play of light and shade, a hint of texture, some understatement, as well as the use of exclusively black and white tones, which gives the impression that the drawing was made with an ordinary pencil. The drawings themselves, made in this technique, are usually simple and do not have unnecessary details that distract from the essence of the plot. Moreover, for the application of such images, a minimum amount of consumables is required, which makes the cost of a tattoo more affordable.

Besides, such tattoos are often large in size and go well with other styles, such as, for example, gothic or steampunk.

But with such a style as graphics, the sketch does not fit well due to the great similarity of these directions. Subsequently, such drawings may look somewhat sloppy and of poor quality.

Popular sketches

The most popular sketches for sketch style tattoos are animal motifs. This is easily explained: this technique allows you to perfectly convey movement and time. For this reason, a sketch drawing, for example, with a wolf's grin, symbolizing strength and aggression, a flying bird, which means the desire for freedom, or a tiger's jump, which means struggle, will look very impressive on a man's body.

Tattoos that are associated with a specific event or life stage of the bearer of the drawing also look very interesting, because the sketch technique easily conveys not only dynamics, but also the general mood. The semantic load of such drawings will depend on their content and on the owner of the image himself.

Sketch style tattoos with various inscriptions look spectacular on the body. They look as if the ink with which the text was written has not yet dried. Drawings with natural landscapes, portraits, similar to paintings by street artists, as well as with images of famous canvases stylized as a sketch, look no less interesting in this style.

Location options

The choice of the location of the future tattoo depends mainly on its size and shape.

So, small and vertically elongated patterns will be appropriate in the area of ​​the hand, forearm or calf. Images, which differ in their dimensions and are elongated in width, are best placed in places such as the back, chest or in the ribs.

However, note that in some places, the process of drawing a pattern will be especially painful due to the large number of nerve endings and the proximity of the skin to the bone. These areas include the ankle, face, ribs and palms.

When choosing such places for application, consider whether you can wipe the entire process of applying the image. If not, then it is better to apply the drawing in a different area.

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