All about male tattoos in the form of hieroglyphs

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It is worth learning about male tattoos in the form of hieroglyphs for those who are contemplating the issue of applying such a tattoo. Indeed, in this case, there are many nuances that must be taken into account so as not to regret the decision later, but to feel confident and harmonious with a new tattoo.


Male tattoos in the form of hieroglyphs are most often chosen by those who are close to Eastern culture. And these can be different options. While some lead the lifestyle of a samurai, trying not to deviate from the warrior's code in anything, others are fond of Chinese philosophy, and still others love Japanese poetry at all. Therefore, for each hieroglyphs will carry their own individual meaning, this is their feature. Everyone can express what he wants. At the same time, the meaning of what has been written can be a complete mystery for others, and it can also slightly open the veil of secrecy. To do this, it is enough to place the translation next to it or to supplement what has been written with some kind of image.

But not only those people who put the deepest meaning in signs are attracted by such tattoos. Some simply opt for those hieroglyphs that, as it seems to them, are capable of bringing good luck, protecting against evil, increasing willpower, and helping to achieve the goal.

At the same time, with such a tattoo, you must always act carefully. It is advisable to know the literal translation, so as not to put on the body anything insignificant word or phrase, as well as an inscription that has the opposite meaning to the intended one.

It is also worth choosing a real professional, and preferably one who has experience in applying just such tattoos. You need to act very carefully, because even an incorrectly applied dash can change the letter, and therefore the meaning, or completely deprive the word of meaning, and this will be a set of letters. Of course, not everyone has knowledge of Japanese and Chinese languages, but no man wants to get into an awkward position either. Therefore, it is worth approaching the choice of such tattoos especially carefully.

Overview of options

Usually, hieroglyphs are applied in the form of a tattoo for men in black. Less commonly, you can find color options. Sometimes sketches also include additional images that should be associated with the meaning of the inscription.

Many people choose Chinese or Japanese words and post them with translation.

In both languages, the following words are especially popular:

  • "freedom": demonstrates the independence of a person from any external factors and extraneous judgments;
  • "happiness": adjusts for a positive and positive perception of any events sent from above, motivates for victory and success;
  • "life": adjusts for a long happy life, strengthens the strength of the spirit and helps to cope with any setbacks;
  • "love": helps to find the most wonderful feeling, or says that a person loves and is loved;

"Calm": says that a person experiences peace, he lives in harmony with himself and the world around him.

Sometimes hieroglyphs are supplemented with Yin and Yang symbols or a sakura branch, which is very consonant with Chinese and Japanese cultures. Some people choose the whole philosophical saying of some sage. It can reflect a person's credo in life, his attitude to life, or simply tune in the right mood. The signs of the zodiac, which are depicted in the form of hieroglyphs, are also popular.

Knowing the meaning of the hieroglyph, it can be selected and offered to the master. In this case, it remains only to determine the place of application.

As for the styles, there is not much variety here, since the meaning is not in beauty, but in a special meaning. It is important here that everything is applied with high quality and looks decent.Styles such as minimalism, dotwork, or linework are best suited.

Where can you post?

You can make a tattoo in the form of a hieroglyph anywhere.

The main thing is to decide on the meaning and on whether it is worth showing others the image.

A small tattoo will perfectly fit on the neck or on the arm, and it can be a brush, palm or even a finger. More voluminous options can be placed on the forearm, chest, back, side.

Since tattoos in the form of hieroglyphs often have an intimate meaning, they are placed closer to the heart.

Legs, stomach - not a very good option. Although sometimes you can find such inscriptions on the ankles.

You will learn about the meanings and meanings of hieroglyphs in a tattoo by watching the following video.

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