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One of the most universal and ancient symbols is the tattoo in the form of crosses. Every culture has many meanings for this image. Initially, the cross tattoo was related to a religious theme, its owners believed that it protects them from everything bad. Today everything has changed, and the number of interpretations has increased significantly. In this article, we will consider everything about men's cross tattoos.

Total value

Men's cross tattoos have a variety of meanings in different cultures. For some, such a drawing is the embodiment of the four seasons, elements or cardinal points. Other cultures endow the cross with a rather deep religious meaning, which serves as a reminder of the creator of the world. Sometimes the presence of such a tattoo is related to a specific event.

If a man's body is decorated with a cross, this does not mean that he is a believer. This drawing can have quite a few designations, given the personal beliefs of its owner.

To convey a certain idea, quite often the cross is depicted in tandem with other elements, for example: with flowers or inscriptions.

A cross on a man's body usually symbolizes strength, honor, courage, and dedication to ideas. Sometimes the representatives of the stronger sex, by the presence of such a tattoo on their body, show their faith in higher powers. Such a tattoo is often applied to the shoulder, chest or back.

Views and sketches

If we consider tattoos in the form of a cross for representatives of the strong half, then several types should be distinguished.

  • Irish or Celtic Is a fairly popular solution. Such a cross is a symbol of spiritual development. The presence of a circle on the cross symbolizes eternity and the sun. But intertwined knots - isolation and harmony. This tattoo is a symbol of personal development, your inner world.
  • Ankh - This is the Egyptian cross, which acts as the "key of life." In ancient Egypt, he was a sacred symbol that personifies rebirth, wisdom and eternal life. In addition, the Ankh tattoo often acts as a talisman.
  • Bottonni - this is a cross, which is decorated with clover leaves. This tattoo designates faith, hope and love.
  • Greek - This tattoo consists of two lines that are identical in length. This cross is a symbol of the four elements.
  • Swastika - such a cross acts as a symbol of the sun or space. It is used quite often during the decoration of temples and houses inside in various cultures. The swastika was of particular importance for both Buddhism and Hinduism. Initially, it was characterized by a positive meaning: it was associated with luck, joy and energy. When the Nazis began to use it, the meaning changed radically.

Note, if the swastika is stuffed counterclockwise, then it has a negative meaning.

  • Orthodox - this cross allows you to protect its owner from evil, envy and negativity.
  • Catholic or Latin - this symbol personifies the immortality of the soul and eternal life, salvation and rebirth.
  • St. Peter - This is a Catholic cross, but only upside down. It is ambiguous, so there are many interpretations of it. An interesting fact is that it was very often used in various satanic cultures. An inverted cross is associated with a woman, as it resembles her silhouette. It was previously associated with the traditions of the knights. The main attribute was the sword. To read a prayer, you must first insert it into the ground to form an inverted cross.In addition, when the knight went to battle, the cross was also turned upside down in his hands.
  • Maltese Is a symbol of protection and a very strong amulet. This cross is associated with self-sacrifice and courage.
  • Anchor - such a cross goes in tandem with a crescent. This unusual mix symbolizes hope, origin and security.

There is now a wide variety of cross tattoo designs. They surprise with their unusual design and stylish color combinations. Artists create a variety of tattoos, ranging from simple ones that contain minimalist symbols, to very colorful and large paintings. Quite often, the cross is depicted in tandem with elements such as:

  • feathers;
  • wings;
  • patterns;
  • roses;
  • chains;
  • inscriptions.

Let's take a closer look at some of the sketches.

  • Cross with wings - the personification of spirituality and crystal purity. He is associated with the angels who live in paradise. Usually such a tattoo is done in a realistic way.
  • Cross on a chain, depicted on the praying hand, is quite popular lately. This picture has a very deep meaning. This means correction, guidance on the true path. Such a sketch is often stamped on the chest or shoulders.
  • Large tattoo, presented in 3D technique, looks very impressive and stylish. It gives a man courage and looks pretty realistic. Such tattoos are chosen mainly by brutal men who have their own point of view and are ready to defend it.
  • Cross with a rose usually displays grief for a deceased loved one. The drawing of an angel is also a great addition. This combination looks harmonious and colorful.

Styles and colors

Now men's tattoos with the image of crosses can be presented in a variety of styles. Let's take a closer look at several popular solutions.

  • Realism. This style is characterized by showiness, as the tattoos look like real ones. In this direction, there can be both monophonic and colored solutions. The cross, complemented by wings, looks unforgettable. In a realistic style, ancient crosses are often depicted, which are decorated with decorative patterns. They look impressive both on their own and against the background of old scrolls or pages from the Bible.

It is very important to find a good master, since only a professional can create a neat drawing.

  • Newschool. Bright and effective designs are presented in this style direction. Black outlines are complemented by colorful color elements. Crosses are usually decorated with ribbons, roses or hearts. Themed inscriptions in the style of new school look very stylish.
  • Trash polka. In this style direction, black and red are harmoniously combined. The tattoos are characterized by unusualness and gloom. It is not customary to use a large number of parts. Often, one red stripe and two black stripes on the sides are used to embody a trash polka tattoo.

Tattoos in this direction look very nice on the chest or back.

  • Sketch. One gets the impression that the drawing is unfinished. Usually, such wearable images attract creative people. If a single-color tattoo was originally performed, then in the future it can be decorated with bright colors or converted into another tattoo.
  • Minimalism. Such options look concise and simple. They are usually in black. Such monochromatic tattoos can be easily hidden from the eyes of others. In this way, tattoos become more personal. You can supplement the main picture with inscriptions or images in the form of symbols. Typically, such body compositions are performed on the wrists or ribs.

When choosing colors and styles, it is recommended to build on the appearance. If there is already a tattoo on the body, then the second drawing should be in harmony with it.

Places of application

A very important criterion when choosing a tattoo is its location, because the sacred meaning of the composition directly depends on this. Initially, it is necessary to responsibly make the choice of the sketch and the place of application in order to realize all the wishes.

Shoulder and forearm

Usually, the cross adorns the shoulder or forearm of only a serious man who knows what he wants from life. If he thinks about eternal concepts, then there is a Celtic cross on his shoulder. In other cases, this kind of tattoo can rarely be found in this place, since at the same time, the cross carries difficulties and problems.

The mark on the forearm is more common than on the shoulder. Such a tattoo shows that a man is responsible for his image, he is a believer, has an inner core.


Only strong and patient individuals get a tattoo on their arm. Such a man is a man of his word. If other symbols are depicted around the cross, then they will help reveal a deeper meaning. A tattoo on the hand can be the embodiment of grief for loved ones who have left this world. Usually the cross is on the finger of a widow or widower. In addition, it may mean that the person has lost a child.

Neck and back

A pattern in the form of a cross on the neck can be found among men who decided to change their lives. They deeply repent of their sins and mistakes, they want to atone for their guilt. Such a cross is a reminder of a man of what he did earlier.

The position of the mark on the back has a completely different meaning. Such a tattoo shows that a man is striving to achieve his goals. It makes sense in life. Such a sketch emphasizes that he is guided precisely by reason, and not by feelings.

Chest and side

Even in ancient times, a tattoo in the form of a cross was stuffed on the sternum so that it would protect this person from various dangers. And now the meaning of this tattoo has been preserved. Such a wearable image acts as a kind of amulet.

If we consider the location of the cross on the side, then this person was more guided by personal motives. In addition, a tattoo on the side will help strengthen faith in yourself, in your best sides.

Thigh and leg

Religious tattoos are undesirable to do on the thigh, as in this case they can lead to the opposite effect. The zone is very close to the intimate organs, so this kind of tattoos should not be located there.

But a tattoo in the form of a cross on the leg can be portrayed, since in this place it will act as a symbol of human destiny, will show striving for the set goals, movement towards truth. Such a tattoo acts as a rather strong amulet.

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