Variety of male tribal tattoos

Variety of male tribal tattoos
  1. Peculiarities
  2. Overview of species and meaning
  3. Location options

Every tattoo owner wants it to be original and unusual. It is tribal style tattoos that have these qualities. The article will discuss what are men's tribal-style tattoos, the most popular locations of the pictures, as well as the features and types of popular tattoos.


Tribal or ethnic tattooing is a classic image consisting of the interweaving of numerous patterns, animalistic pictures and other subjects. The fashion for them came from ancient times from the ancient Indians, who applied drawings with intricacies and mysterious ornaments on their bodies.

In translation, this word means "generic" or "nominal". Each element has a specific meaning here. The distinctive features of this style include the presence of clear and even lines, the use of a dark outline. Looking at such a picture, it is not always easy to understand what is depicted on it, but it is the emotional component that is the main theme.

The symbolism of male tattoos in this style can vary depending on the culture of a particular tribe, nationality.

Initially, the drawing on the body made it possible to find out everything about the owner of the tattoo. Often, such body images could completely cover the entire body. Men's tribal tattoos became a kind of passport of their owner, from them it was possible to learn about his life, relatives, family. Tattoos were considered very honorable, the process itself was sacred. The master who performed such a ritual would usually pray before such a procedure.

The drawing applied to the body has long been associated with the soul, its thoughts... It was believed that such wearable images possessed magical powers and helped their owners to protect themselves from all kinds of troubles and troubles, to relieve fear. Tribal-style images came to European countries thanks to travelers and sailors. Like other styles that are constantly evolving, the ethnic has also undergone changes. At present, the tribal can be considered a certain rebirth and continuation of the Polynesian direction.

Overview of species and meaning

Tribal tattoos for men are varied, each type of them has a specific meaning, carries a special message.

There are several types of such images.

  • Polynesian tattoos. Such patterns look like extraordinary weaves and zigzags. These images are pretty crude. The drawing is a clear and three-dimensional ornament. The main symbols of the Polynesian style are images of waves, spirals, geometric curves. It is distinguished by the presence of ornaments, complemented by figures of birds, fish, and various symbols. Tattoos like these are always unique, despite the presence of similar symbols.

  • Native American body pictures associated with the indigenous Haida Indian tribes... Typically, this type of tattoo is performed in a two-tone color scheme. Black is considered the classic color for a tribal. The color of the tattoo is of great importance. So, for the tattoos of the Haida tribe, black personifies the earth. Blue is a symbol of the sky, green represents vegetation, and scarlet is the color of blood. Images of representatives of the fauna become frequent subjects for Indian tattoos. For Haida, such pictures were amulets. And at present, tattoos, decorated in the chosen style, can serve as an amulet that protects against adversity.
  • Japanese tattoo tribal... This version of body tattoos is still very popular now. Popular-style Japanese tattoos are bright and fresh.More often hieroglyphs are depicted on them, variations with fish, geisha, samurai deserve attention.
  • Celtic... Such images were applied to their bodies by warriors, trying to protect themselves from evil forces. One of the most popular designs is the image of a cross with a bracelet, intertwined with magic knots.
  • Tattoo tribal Africans... Such tattoos have long served as symbols that protect against trouble. Each picture has a certain meaning, a hidden meaning. Targeting individuals attempted to acquire leadership qualities. The fern symbolized the endurance of the owner of the tattoo, his resourcefulness. The crocodile image showed good adaptability. The presence of the moon and stars symbolized love, loyalty and harmonious relationships.
  • Tattoos of the Slavs in ethnic style are images of various birds or animals, symbolizing rebirth. The Slavic amulets include the star of Russia, the image of a thunder wheel. Patterns made in red are considered traditional. Such images have an unusual appearance, outwardly reminiscent of embroidery.

When choosing a drawing, it is advisable to contact the master of the tattoo parlor and try to choose the sketch you like. It is important to find the most convenient area for application, and most importantly, to find out what the meaning of the selected image is, and what message it will carry.

Location options

Wearable pictures made in tribal style can be called universal. Different parts of the body are distinguished as the most popular areas for their placement, but most often you can see similar images:

  • on the shoulder;

  • forearm;

  • On the hand;

  • back.

Typically, drawings in this style are medium to large in size, which allows them to be displayed favorably. The most suitable areas for placing them are the shoulders and back.

And also the tattoo looks spectacular, passing from the shoulder to the chest or back.

The back and ribs are considered traditional places for painting, and it is these areas that have long been used by the aborigines.

A large sketch will look spectacular on the upper back. And also the hips and lower leg can be involved.

Often a tribal tattoo can be applied to the neck and even the face. Most often, this option is chosen by people who consider only their opinion correct, which can radically differ from the usual canons.

A stylish tattoo will be appropriate on the wrist, on the elbow area, as well as in the form of a sleeve.

A good place for a tattoo can be a zone in the area of ​​the shoulder blades or in the lumbar region, but this option is more suitable for representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

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