All about the Libra tattoo for men

All about the Libra tattoo for men
  1. Meaning
  2. Popular techniques
  3. What images are combined with?
  4. Location options

The art of tattooing is now becoming more and more popular among both men and women. In this article, we will talk about the meaning of a tattoo with the zodiac sign of Libra, and also consider the most popular sketches of such drawings.


The Libra zodiac sign is ranked seventh in the zodiac circle. He belongs to the air element and patronizes those people who were born from September 24 to October 23. Among all the zodiac signs, Libra stands out especially, because this is the only sign that is presented not in the form of something animate, that is, a person or an animal, but in the form of an object. At the same time, the sign itself symbolizes balance, creativity, equality and justice.

Often people are born under this zodiac sign, who later find themselves in the creative field - for example, in photography or music. Such people, as a rule, are versatile, care about their inner component, are distinguished by justice, they are balanced, have their own opinion about everything, try not to listen to others, strive for harmony and always defend their point of view. They tend to give a critical assessment of everything that happens around them, to think over and weigh everything several times before making this or that decision, even if it is not very important in its significance.

Among other things, such people are characterized by honesty, striving for beauty around them, a sharp and flexible mind, creativity, great humor, well-developed intuition and imagination. They value honest people who speak directly, and they absolutely do not tolerate lies, cynicism and hypocrisy towards themselves.

It is worth noting that Libra itself is closely associated with ancient Greek mythology, namely with Themis, the goddess of justice.

Libra was considered her main attribute, it was with their help that she conducted the trial. Associated with this attribute is the daughter of Themis, who was born from the god of thunder Zeus, Dike. Dike is the goddess of truth. She closely monitors the order and harmony of the world order, assesses human actions and vices with the help of her scales. Her scales are balanced and help to accurately determine how much good and how much bad in a person.

Now it is necessary to say about the tattoo with the zodiac sign of Libra. Such drawings are often applied to their bodies by men who were born under this zodiac constellation. However, such tattoos are also suitable for those who are patronized by another zodiac sign. Such a drawing is especially recommended for those who strive to achieve harmony and balance in their life, do not like extremes and are inclined to compromise in all matters.

It is also suitable for those people who are distinguished by their impulsiveness and harshness. In this case, the image will serve as a kind of reminder that any rash step may be fraught with not the best consequences.

And for those who were born under the sign of Libra, such a tattoo will become a real talisman that will help achieve peace and harmony, make life more measured and balanced.

Popular techniques

The Libra zodiac sign tattoo can be done in a variety of techniques.

Most often, men give preference to such a style direction as realism. This style is especially suitable for large drawings. As a result, the tattoo turns out to be naturalistic and detailed, due to which, with high-quality execution, it looks bright and effective.

The minimalism style is also popular. Tattoos in this direction are usually distinguished by their small size and uncomplicated nature.

Drawings are simple in execution, they can be easily hidden under clothes from prying eyes, which is their highlight.

Demand among males and graphic style, which is characterized by clarity and straightness of lines.

Drawings in such a style solution as watercolor look no less bright. Tattoos in this style are distinguished by the fact that they do not have clear and strict contours, they are blurred and, as a rule, bright shades prevail in them.

In addition, such drawings look as if they were applied with real watercolors - this effect is achieved due to the peculiarities of the application.

What images are combined with?

The Libra zodiac sign tattoo is combined with many images.

Many people give preference to images where the constellation of this zodiac sign is present. Such tattoos, as a rule, are complemented with compositional elements - stars or planets, which helps to emphasize the astrological component of the image.

Images in the form of the astrological sign of Libra are no less popular. Such a drawing is often combined with small inscriptions in the form of a date of birth or a name.

As a rule, such images are applied by those people who wish to emphasize their belonging to the zodiac sign of Libra.

Various quotes are also suitable for such drawings, but they should be selected so that they fit the image in terms of semantic meaning.

Drawings in the form of real scales also look bright. Often these or other objects are located in their bowls.

As a rule, it is the brain, heart, books or any other things that indicate the prioritization of priorities in a person's life, what is most important to him.

Often, tattoos are complemented by an image of a deity, which can be embodied in both a female and a male image. Such a drawing will indicate the mythical component of the tattoo, and also emphasize the wisdom and individuality of a person.

And if the image contains tongues of flame, then this indicates that the person is sensual, emotional and passionate.

Location options

The Libra zodiac sign tattoo can be placed on any part of the body. The choice depends only on the size of the future picture, on its shape, as well as on the preferences of the person himself.

As a rule, men place large pictures, which differ in their width, in the region of the back or chest. The dimensional drawings, elongated in shape, will look better on the shoulder or forearm. But miniature images look most appropriate in the area of ​​the wrist, ankle, behind the ear or in the area of ​​the knuckles.

However, note that an important role in choosing a place for placement is also played by a person's sensitivity, because the process of drawing a picture in some places is distinguished by its painfulness. It will be most painful to apply a picture in those places where the skin is close to the bone or is strewn with a large number of nerve endings. These places include palms, ankles, ribs, face, and more.

Therefore, when choosing a place, do not forget to think about whether you can endure the whole process of drawing. If the answer is no, then in this case it would be best to choose a different location for the future tattoo.

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