All about men's tattoos on the fingers

  1. Peculiarities
  2. Types and sketches of tattoos
  3. Styles and colors
  4. Nuances of application

The art of tattooing is now in great demand, both among women and among men. In this article we will tell you about men's tattoos on the fingers, consider their features and the most beautiful options.


Male tattoos on the phalanges of the fingers have become very popular lately. Applying such tattoos, people strive to express themselves, to emphasize certain personal qualities and their dignity. Most often, tattoos in the form of inscriptions and hieroglyphs are placed on the fingers.

However, in some cases, tattoos depicting people, insects, animals or plants are also placed in this area. Such tattoos, as a rule, do not differ in a high degree of detail, they are small and look very simplistic.

Speaking about tattoos on fingers, it is worth mentioning their advantages and disadvantages, let's start with the pros.

  • The most obvious one is creativity. Hands are usually in sight, and therefore the drawings on them will be visible to others on an ongoing basis. This will help the tattoo wearer to emphasize his individuality, to convey to people some of his message.
  • In addition, such drawings look very aesthetically pleasing, especially if we talk about the works that were performed by a professional craftsman.
  • It is impossible not to mention the painlessness of the process of drawing a picture on the fingers. This is easily explained: the skin on men's fingers is usually rough. Due to this, it is almost immune to pain, which greatly facilitates the application process.
  • It is worth mentioning the price of such tattoos. It is very pleasant, because the drawings on the fingers are usually distinguished by their small size and simplicity, and therefore the application process does not take the master much time and effort. The tattoo itself heals quickly enough.

However, such tattoos also have disadvantages.

  • So, the drawings on the fingers are always in sight. It will be quite difficult to hide them, and therefore you need to carefully consider the decision to apply a tattoo in this area. In addition, it should be borne in mind that due to such tattoos in a prominent place, difficulties with employment may arise in the future.
  • There is one more significant drawback: tattoos on fingers do not differ in durability. The skin in this area wears out quickly enough, which is why the pattern has to be regularly corrected.

Types and sketches of tattoos

Consider the most popular types of male finger tattoos.


Lettering is a very common finger tattoos for men. It can even be called the best, because such tattoos are quite light in terms of execution and look appropriate in this area. Typical such inscriptions are located on the side or near the nail, and usually the little finger, middle, ring or index finger is chosen. But the thumb for a tattoo with an inscription is rarely chosen.

The meaning of the inscription can be very different, it depends only on the preferences of the person. This can be the name of a loved one or a child, as well as short phrases that reflect the life principles of the owner. The inscription itself can be made in any language.

However, before applying such a tattoo, it is worthwhile to clarify the translation and meaning in advance, so as not to get into a stupid situation in the future.


Strangely enough, tattoos with flowers among men are popular, although it is believed that this is a predominantly female version of the tattoo. Such drawings look very beautiful and at the same time emphasize certain qualities of their owner.

The general meaning of a flower tattoo is love, happiness, vitality. However, such a tattoo may have a different meaning, it depends on which flower is depicted on it. For example, a rose with thorns will mean complex love, and an orchid will symbolize romanticism and tenderness.

Animals and Birds

Animal and bird tattoos are also in great demand. Often, when it comes to tattoos with animals, men apply drawings of grinning creatures. It could be the grin of a shark, wolf or bear. By applying such tattoos, a person emphasizes his strength, shows that, if necessary, he is ready to fight back, to provide protection for himself and his loved ones.

There are other options for animal tattoos. For example, a panda tattoo will speak of a person's benevolence and love of life, and a tattoo with an elephant will indicate wisdom and prudence. If we talk about tattoos depicting birds, then they, as a rule, symbolize the desire for freedom, both internal and external.

Such drawings also indicate the daydreaming of a person, his romance and sensuality.


Insect tattoos also look beautiful on the fingers. They carry a certain meaning. It can vary depending on which insect is on your tattoo. So, the image of a beautiful butterfly, which is the most popular, means a new life, started from scratch, rebirth, changes for the better, freedom and sophistication. Such drawings are especially suitable for romantic people.

An ant tattoo, like a bee tattoo, will mean hard work, dedication and endurance, and a ladybug tattoo will symbolize good luck, happiness, joy, vitality, luck and harmony. Often a tattoo with this insect is also used as a talisman or amulet.


Floral elements are also often present on male tattoos. Moreover, these are not only various flowers, but also numerous plant curls and petals. Usually, such drawings are made for aesthetic reasons or serve as an addition to a particular plot.


Tattoos in the form of Chinese and Japanese symbols have become very common in recent times. This is explained quite simply: such drawings look very beautiful and interesting, and also carry a certain meaning. However, before applying such a drawing, you need to find out its exact translation. For this, it is better to contact a native speaker rather than an online translator. Otherwise, you risk getting into a stupid situation if the drawing means something indecent and vulgar.


There are many other options for finger tattoos. So, drawings with skulls are very popular among men. Such images symbolize destruction, truth, willingness to make sacrifices, and in some cases also superiority over death. No less popular are tattoos depicting one or another weapon, for example, pistols or knives. By applying such drawings to his body, a person seeks to emphasize his strength, to show that he is dangerous and ready to stand up for himself.

Tattoos with an all-seeing eye also look very interesting. Such a drawing will serve as the strongest amulet, and will also symbolize everything mystical and unknown. There are other variants of drawings, for example, the image of musical notes, ethnic patterns, symbols of game cards and more.

Such tattoos are often applied for aesthetic reasons, or the owner of the picture himself puts a certain meaning in it that is understandable only to him.

Styles and colors

Finger tattoos can be done in a wide variety of colors. Men more often give preference to black and white drawings, because they look strict and laconic. However, colored tattoos also take place; if done correctly, they look very impressive and bright, emphasizing the originality of their owner.

As for the style decisions, the choice here is quite extensive.

  • The most popular style for finger tattoo is minimalism... Such tattoos are very simple to perform, which is their main feature.
  • But realismon the contrary, it is used for such tattoos much less often. Drawings in this style end up being very naturalistic and detailed, but drawing every detail on a small area of ​​skin is a rather laborious task.
  • Styles such as old school and new schoolwould also be appropriate for such tattoos. As a rule, such drawings are made in color and have clear, strict outlines.
  • A style like blackwork, also suitable for similar tattoos. When drawing drawings in this style, exclusively black paint is used, which is the main feature of this direction.

Nuances of application

Before going to a tattoo parlor, you should decide in advance on an approximate sketch of a tattoo, its size, style, plot and placement. If we talk about tattoos on fingers, then it is best for them to choose a non-working hand. That is, if you are left-handed, then it would be better to apply the tattoo on the fingers of your right hand, and if you are right-handed - on the fingers of your left. This will help to slightly extend the "service life" of the tattoo and delay the period of its correction, but it will still have to be corrected in the future.

Despite the fact that many tattoos on fingers look very simple and easy to perform, it is still better not to skimp on them. We recommend that you give preference to a professional master in whom you are confident.

Perhaps his work will cost a little more, but you will be happy with the final result and the drawing will not have to be redone.

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