3D tattoos for men

3D tattoos for men
  1. Plots
  2. Styles
  3. Color solutions
  4. Location options

Many men complement their image with a stylish tattoo. Body drawing allows you to show your individuality. Today, tattoos can be presented in various styles. Nowadays it is 3D tattoos for men that are in trend. In this article, we will consider what 3D tattoos are, what plots are used, styles, colors and options for location on the male body.


If we consider popular tattoos for men, then 3D drawings come first. They have the following features:

  • three-dimensionality - the drawing looks three-dimensional, there is a feeling that the tattoo goes beyond the skin;

  • detailing - to create volume, the drawing should be very accurately conveyed, each detail plays a role;

  • combining several colors - mixing tones makes the picture more realistic, thus the play of shadow and light is perfectly reproduced;

  • embodiment in a variety of styles - each style has its own flavor, but they are united by realism and volume.

Men's tattoos allow you to draw attention to their strength and masculinity. They can show their aggressiveness, and also show that they can stand up for themselves perfectly. Any drawing can be rendered realistically, creating a sense of volume. Often, representatives of the stronger sex stop at the following subjects:

  • abstraction - such a topic is close to creative individuals, with its help you can not directly send a message to others;

  • biomechanics - tattoos include mechanical elements that seem to break through the skin; with the help of this plot, one can declare progressiveness, show the presence of an inner core;

  • animals - usually depicted are aggressive animals that can be in a jump, about to attack the enemy; with their help, you can show strength, power and aggression, as well as the ability to protect your loved ones; usually depicts a bear, tiger, lion, spiders, snakes and fighting dogs;

  • weapons, brass knuckles and skulls - these symbols help convey aggression, danger, and also show that a man can stand up not only for himself, but also for those around him;

  • mythological characters - pagan gods, angels and other individuals are used; usually tattoos are shrouded in mysticism;

  • various patterns and ornaments;

  • Zodiac signs.


The main style of performing 3D tattoos is realism, but this does not prevent you from combining several directions in order to convey the author's idea. Together with realism, such stylistic directions are perfectly combined as:

  • watercolor - usually a cartoon version of the image is used, bright colors are used, there are no clear contours;

  • blackwork - the drawing is usually made in black and white, with a strict design prevailing;

  • tribal - any sketch can be made in the form of an ornament or pattern;

  • thrash polka - this direction turns out to be quite aggressive and bold, bright colors in contrast are used to convey tattoos;

  • dotwork - spot application of paints is carried out.

Color solutions

In a realistic style, different color schemes can be used, but laconic colors prevail. Many craftsmen prefer white and black colors. Gray tones are an excellent addition. Bright colors also take place.

Colors such as blue, red, green are perfect for conveying a three-dimensional drawing, but other shades can also be used.

Location options

It is very important to determine in advance what will be depicted on the male body and where to place the tattoo, since its meaning will depend on this.In addition, the principle of proportionality should also be taken into account, because in some places only small tattoos can be performed. Let's take a closer look at where you can depict 3D tattoos on a male body.

  • Shoulder. In general, this part of the body is associated with strength and reliability. On the shoulder, you can depict a bird or wild animal in three dimensions. Various mythical characters will look very beautiful on the shoulder, in addition, you can even draw a portrait of your idol.

  • Forearm. This part of the body is mobile, which makes it quite popular when it comes to 3D tattooing. If the drawing is made on the forearm, then one gets the impression that the image comes to life during movement. On this part of the body, you can depict animals or birds, snakes, insects and arthropods will look beautiful.
  • Wrist. This part of the body has a small area for drawing, so 3D symbolism usually predominates on the wrist. Insects, objects, runes and religious signs look quite interesting.

Typically, symbols depicted on the wrist protect against darkness, temptation, weakness, and wrong decisions.

  • Hands, palms and fingers. The most active part of the body is the hand. She's the most attention-getting. If we consider men's 3D tattoos, then they are most often presented on the brushes. But on the palms or fingers they are practically absent. The muzzle of a wild animal or bird, small living creatures will look very beautiful on the brush. In addition, various symbols or runes can be depicted on it.
  • Sleeve. The full-length tattoo on the arm looks very impressive and stylish. The complexity of the design lies in the fact that the image must cover the entire hand. Usually, various mythical or religious characters, birds and animals, excerpts from books, cartoons or films are depicted on this part of the body. The sketch looks quite original, supplemented with inscriptions or symbols.
  • Breast. On this part of the male body, you can create amazing volumetric tattoos. A double symmetrical tattoo looks very stylish. In addition, you can depict various ornaments or patterns, faces or portraits of famous personalities. And also many depict birds or animals. The variety of topics is quite large. Usually, a tattoo on the chest is used to protect against all sorts of dangers.
  • Neck. It is generally accepted that a tattoo on the neck is capable of influencing both the mind and the thinking of a person. If we talk about three-dimensional designs on the neck, then usually they apply religious signs, ancient patterns, small insects, as well as symbols that have a deep meaning.
  • Stomach. This part of the body is usually decorated with a tattoo when the man has a toned figure and an attractive torso. Used 3D-drawings of insects, birds and animals. There are images of mythical or religious creatures.

It should be understood that a tattoo on the belly always has a non-trivial meaning.

  • Hip. It is quite rare for men to get tattoos on their thighs. This zone is personal, therefore, if it is decorated with a tattoo, then the drawing concerns exclusively the personal sphere. At this place, symbols that contain a certain meaning, as well as various inscriptions, will look great.
  • Back. This area is very large, so different ideas can be depicted in a realistic style. One or several animals look very beautiful on the back, in addition, religious and mythical characters can be used. If desired, you can transfer several sketches in one composition.
  • Scapula. Often this area is decorated with drawings that have a philosophical or religious connotation. With their help, you can achieve inner balance and harmony. The flap of a bird's wings or the grin of a wild animal will look very impressive on the shoulder blade.

In addition, various elements of symbolism are often depicted here.

  • Leg. This body part is also quite popular with men.Usually on the leg you can see the zodiac sign in the 3D dimension. Spectacular patterns, lettering or characters can help instill confidence in yourself.
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