Variety of tattoo in the form of wings on the back for men

  1. Peculiarities
  2. Varieties and sketches
  3. Styles
  4. Possible additions

There are many interesting options for male body art. The image of the wings on the back is popular. Such a tattoo can be either color or monochrome. In today's article, we will consider the rich variety of such men's tattoos.


There are many interesting and creative sketches of male tattoos. Different images are kept in different styles and color variations. Among men, the tattoo in the form of wings is very popular. Most often it is placed on the back, it looks very impressive... The considered version of male body art can imply a variety of meanings and ideas. The most famous and common are the loss of a loved one and the desire to be protected.

Many men fill these pictures on their backs to emphasize their love for freedom and independence. Each person puts their own meaning in these types of tattoos.

The considered type of the original composition can be characterized by a variety of performances. It can be wings or an angel, or a bird, or a bat - there are a lot of options. In general, such male body art most often personifies:

  • passion for travel;
  • love of freedom;
  • love and death;
  • spirituality;
  • faith.

Varieties and sketches

Let's get acquainted with the main varieties and sketches of male tattoos in the form of wings on the back.

Angel wings

This men's tattoo is one of the most popular. In it, gorgeous angel wings are spread on the shoulder blades, which looks very impressive and charming. Tattoos made in a similar spirit act as symbols of the freedom-loving nature of a person, his faith in a guardian angel. Angel wings are often placed not only on the back, but also on the chest.

Wings with a halo

There is another variation of the tattoo depicting wings - it has an additional detail in the form of a halo. As a rule, this tattoo acts as a symbol of a deceased person. Such drawings are very significant for men. In many cases, the type of tattoo in question is supplemented not only with a halo, but also with the initials or the name of the person concerned. Color solutions in these drawings can be very different: from black and white to multicolor.

The nature of the images also varies - they can be either simple and uncomplicated, or filled with many small details.

With a cross

It is not uncommon for men to decorate their back with a tattoo with wings and a cross. Usually this motive has a religious connotation, symbolizes the memory of a person about Jesus, his suffering and death. In addition, many men, due to such a tattoo, express reverence and respect for a close deceased person. The design performance of the drawing may vary. The cross often bears the name or date of death of a friend / relative.

With heart

Tattoos in the form of wings, complemented by an image of a heart, look original and bright. The last element is a symbol of love. This suggests that a man feels easy and free in a relationship.

In many cases, tattoos with the motives in question are complemented by the name of a loved one. Also, any inscriptions are applied that are important for both lovers. This is a great tattoo option for a loving couple.

Eagle wings

On the back of a man, eagle wings look especially brutal and courageous. The eagle is a very majestic and powerful bird. This suggests that the meanings of the tattoo are strength, power, nobility, subtle mind and wisdom.

Phoenix Wings

A very effective and original version of the tattoo on the back is the luxurious Phoenix bird with its bright feathers. This fabulous character has the ability to revive... Thus, a tattoo in such a design demonstrates the powerful willpower of its owner, his confidence and ability to overcome any life difficulties.


Bats are very mysterious and unusual animals. For many people, they evoke associations with negative emotions and their own fears. However, among a number of nationalities, for example, in Chinese culture, these characters mean happiness and prosperity, attract good luck and success. Bat wings are stuffed on the back by men who prefer unconventional and bold solutions.


A luxurious wing tattoo transferred to a man's back can be realized in different styles. Consider the features of the most popular and fashionable ones.

  • Old school... A demanded direction. It is characterized by the use of rich palettes with a pronounced black stroke. Wings pinned in a similar style turn out to be very expressive, non-trivial.
  • Realism... No less popular style. The name of this trend says a lot: realistic tattoos are performed as naturally and believable as possible. In implementation, these compositions turn out to be rather difficult, therefore, they are available only to truly professional and experienced tattoo artists.
  • Graphics... The image of the wings, realized in accordance with the specified style, will be maintained mainly in black colors. Because of this, graphic drawings resemble engravings, they look interesting.
  • Biomechanics... Tattoos in the form of wings created in this style look very unusual and impressive on men's backs. Biomechanics allows you to use almost any color and shade palette, provides for large-scale sketches, the presence of many small details.

It is advisable to trust the implementation of a tattoo in this direction only to experienced masters.

  • Geometry... Sketches that are created in accordance with the specified style provide for a large number of lines and geometric shapes with different thicknesses and sizes. In a single combination, these elements form a full-fledged clear image.
  • Neo-traditional... A relatively new trend in tattoo art. Drawings in this style are characterized by brightness and expressiveness of images. As a rule, neo-traditional tattoos are realized using saturated colors, they are life-affirming, expressive and very original.
  • Ornamental... Unusual and very beautiful wings on a man's back can be made in the ornamental style. Such images resemble intricate and intricate patterns. Usually such tattoos have a deep hidden meaning. Some people believe that ornamental tattoos are the best charms.
  • New school... A wildly popular trend that is very popular with many fans of modern body art. The characteristic features of the new school are irony, notes of humor, noticeable brightness and expressiveness. The wings, realized within the framework of this style, turn out to be especially interesting and creative. New school is distinguished by the clarity of the contours, so it immediately catches the eye, does not go unnoticed.
  • Blackwork... Styles that are especially popular with men. Tattoos, which are realized in accordance with this direction, are predominantly in black colors. The presence of small blotches of white or red is acceptable. The style is appropriate for almost any part of the body, including the back.
  • Dotwork... This style is very popular nowadays. The homeland of the dotwork is England.The direction is very unusual, so it is difficult to confuse it with other tattoo styles. Dotwork compositions are available only to highly experienced and talented artists. A tattoo in the form of wings, designed in a similar style, will turn out to be as effective as possible, but very difficult to implement.

There are many more attractive and fashionable directions, in accordance with which you can get a male tattoo in the form of wings. You can find the ideal option by consulting with the tattoo artist who will work on the drawing.

Possible additions

A spectacular wing tattoo, placed on a wide male back, can be complemented with various elements and details. Let's get acquainted with the most popular and attractive ones.

  • Most often, such compositions complemented by the above-mentioned crosses, halos and other components of a religious orientation.
  • Very interesting and unusual look tattoos, in which a silhouette of a human spine is drawn between the wide wings.
  • No less aesthetic additions - a militant sword and a beautifully shaped shield, impaled between the wings. Similar options for male tattoos look very courageous and bold.
  • The composition can be complemented by an image of a skull, also drawn in the space between the wings or clearly in front of them. Such tattoos do not always symbolize something bad and negative. Different people put different meanings into this element on their bodies.
  • The image of an angel sitting or flying on wide wings is a very popular motif for a man's tattoo.... Such compositions are stuffed both in black and white and in multi-colored versions.
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