Choosing men's eagle tattoos

  1. Total value
  2. Types and sketches of tattoos
  3. Styles and colors
  4. Places of application

The eagle is one of the most popular motifs for men's underwear. In the article, we will tell you what it means, what it happens, where it is applied.

Total value

The image of an eagle belongs to the most ancient drawings. The bird symbol was used before the advent of the first religions and mainstream cults. The eagle was endowed with various supernatural powers. The meaning of the tattoo has varied. For the Vikings, this was a view of the situation from above. The lion-headed eagle was a reference to wisdom and knowledge. Among the Romans, it meant an onslaught, tremendous spiritual strength, the desire for victory. Eagle tattoos for men speak of a strong character. They are chosen by strong-willed individuals who are characterized by courage, steadfastness, assertiveness.

A tattoo is not universal, it is suitable for those who are familiar with such character traits as pride and objectivity, authority and self-confidence, the desire to achieve goals, objective assessment of situations. The mythical eagle is interpreted as a talisman that helps the owner to obtain basic sources for survival (fire, iron, knowledge).

The eagle is the personification of the sun, prudence and intelligence. Its meaning is associated with the radiance of the mind, a powerful inner core. In China, it means perseverance, in Norway - reason, in America it is associated with patriotism.

The meaning of the eagle tattoo varies with different additions:

  • a soaring bird means striving for victory;
  • the two-headed eagle is interpreted as the union of strength and power;
  • the attacker demonstrates a quick temper;
  • an eagle with folded wings speaks of wisdom;
  • a portrait image of a head is a sign of foresight;
  • the fight between the eagle and the snake is a symbol of victory over evil;
  • macro image of the eyes - a reflection of a clear mind;
  • eagle feathers hint at the courage of character.

Such drawings are suitable for mature men with some life experience and a certain outlook on life. They are not alien to the feeling of superiority over others and the demonstration of their own confidence. This is the sign of an undeniable leader. It carries positive energy. It is interpreted as a sign of physical strength, perseverance, following the path with the perseverance of a samurai.

Types and sketches of tattoos

Most often, the drawing of an eagle with wings is done in a large format. Small images do not convey all the beauty of the tattoo. They are applied occasionally to the fists and hands. Tattoos can be portrait, macroscopic and subject. In addition, they can be flat, three-dimensional, three-dimensional, regular, caricatured, stylized, graphic. The ideas for the drawings vary. Popular options are a soaring or diving eagle, an attacking bird that attacks its prey. Men like a bird with its head turned to the side. A fashionable plot - an eagle in motion, releasing claws to seize prey. A non-standard idea - drawing in portrait technique with the use of Indian motives.

In the paws of a bird there can be arrows, chains, a military shield. In some cases, the eagle is depicted against the background of the American flag. Less often, it is supplemented with iconic inscriptions and motivating phrases. Sometimes in sketches, a bird is depicted together with a skull, a wolf, against the background of the dial. In the plot sketches, the eagle is located against the background of hills and valleys, snow-capped mountains, a lonely lighthouse and sea foam waves.

In oriental plots, the eagle, in addition to the snake, is depicted along with the tiger and carp. The composition is complemented by plant elements, leaves, flowers. The sun is a secondary object.

Styles and colors

Most of the realized ideas are done in black ink. In this case, the master resorts to their dilution with white pigment. This way it is possible to create the halftones necessary for the effect of volume and detail in the image. Men's tattoos are stuffed with colored ink in costume and sleeve techniques. Today these are the best styles in which the color looks the most appropriate. Thrash polka is also a good choice.

At the same time, the master uses bright colors, which he mutes with black, introducing a shade of gray into each pigment. The number of shades in one tattoo is small. Old school tattoos can also be colored. However, the technique of caricature drawing with this theme loses to other styles. Therefore, it is not too much in demand.


One of the popular trends is photographic accurate realism. It is beautiful, technically difficult, and is realized in black and white. A realistic bird has every feather drawn, it looks truly alive. Such a drawing is created in several sessions, with a large amount of work, their number reaches 10. A sketch requires a master of high color accuracy, proportions and artistic skills.

When transferring an image under the skin, many halftones are used. Occasionally, the master accentuates the elements of the drawing with a dull pigment, choosing a natural color. Most often, the eyes are filled with color.


One of the new directions is sketch style. The sketch is hammered into the skin with black paint, creating the effect of a high-speed pencil drawing. Despite the apparent negligence, every detail has been verified. The general concept is indicated by strokes, shadows and volume are given by lines in different directions. The sketch style eagle is a key figure and background with a hidden meaning.

The technique has rough lines and harsh shapes. The shape of the picture is often created not by one, but by several lines. A characteristic feature is the presence of "rough" lines, as in a pencil drawing.

Trash polka

Thrash polka is an unusual style with interesting technique. It is based on the principle of opposition. He demonstrates the negative from the acceptable side. The plot of the drawing is varied. The eagle can tear human flesh, it is depicted with bloody claws, against the background of bloody splashes, which are created by red pigment. Color in technique is used for contrast, creating a contrasting effect. It is not the main one, but the accent one, it can decorate the key figure or secondary objects.


The eastern eagle is distinguished by its symbolism and its own detail... It is usually performed in a traditional manner. Often the bird has the characteristics of a dragon. For example, she may have gray eyebrows and a mustache. Feathers look more like scales. Traditional compositions are large and complex.

Different pictures are intertwined in the plot. Each element of the picture is outlined in black. The eagle most often confronts the snake. He is depicted against a background of skies drawn with stylized curls. Traditional colors are yellow, brown, red, blue.


Ornamental tattoos are made up of a variety of repeating patterns. Their themes are floral, geometric, ethnic, floral. The pattern is symmetrical, has clear contours, the same thickness.

The base color of the vehicle is black. The main idea of ​​the picture is to create a recognizable silhouette and shape filled with all kinds of patterned elements. It can be compared to wood carving, in which there are various details: spirals, braids, waves. Structural symmetry is important, the transformation of all details into a single composition.


The graphic eagle is executed in black. The style does not strive for realism and detailed portrayal of each element. It is distinguished by lightness and a combination of different techniques of body drawing. For example, the borders of a drawing can be abstract. The portrait image is often completed with lines, geometric shapes, soft monochrome feathering.

The priorities of the style are dynamics, clarity of contours, borrowing of engraving techniques of printing. The lines are different in thickness, the sketch has no blur or light shade. Dilution of paint is excluded.


The bird is made up of geometric shapes (triangles, rhombuses, circles, polygons). In some drawings, it is half realistic, often complemented by abstract lines and dots. Most often, the shapes that make up the bird have partial shading. Quite often, their volume is made in additional work, for which a lot of different-sized points are used.

Geometric tattoos are creative, individual, performed in different contexts. Individual fragments can become secondary objects that decorate drawings in other body drawing techniques.

Places of application

The location of the eagle tattoo depends on the meaning of the design, the client's preferences and the anatomy of their body.

Shoulder and forearm

Placement on the shoulder indicates masculinity and readiness for any adversity in life. A tattoo covering the forearm speaks of adherence to principles and a firm position in life. On two zones, eagles look perfect in the techniques of realism, graphics, sketch, geometry. With the correct selection of the composition and taking into account the anatomical features of the body, it is possible to create the effect of movement. One great idea is a macroscopic bird's eye with detailed rendering. Tattoos that move to the sternum and neck will also look spectacular.


The location of the hand in different zones slightly changes the interpretation of the meaning. The eagle on the wrist speaks of the desire to influence the environment. Tattoos on the wrist are a choice of extraordinary natures. "Sleeve" is a sign of authority and self-confidence. The location on the arm is one of the most popular. There are no restrictions on the choice of pattern and technique. The dimensions of the pattern vary by location. A bird's head or a small eagle in motion is usually stuffed on the hand and fist.

The smaller the picture size, the simpler the key shape. The most suitable styles are graphics, geometry, dotwork, old school. Sketch style eagles look interesting on the hand from the inside.

Neck and back

The location around the neck is popular with conservative clients with a calm and judicious disposition. Sitting on the back is a sign of determination and perseverance. Neck tattoos are usually small. More often on this site are the edges of the picture (bird wings, plot additions). Less often, symbolic tattoos using the technique of minimalism and old school are stuffed here. Three-dimensional plots are placed on the back. Most often they are made in a graphic or oriental manner. Often, the drawing passes to the arms, sternum, ribs.

Chest and side

The image on the sternum is chosen by ambitious men who are not used to waiting, but are ready to act. The image on the right side symbolizes character traits, on the left - indicates disappointment in life. The image of an eagle on the chest is symmetrical and asymmetrical. The first option is suitable for stylized, thrash and graphic drawings, the second - for oriental and realistic ones.

Birds in the Asian manner of painting often decorate the sidewall. Sketches using the sketch and trash polka technique will also look great here. For a large plot image, you will have to use the chest, sides and abdomen.

Thigh and leg

The thigh is considered a rare location for a proud bird.... An eagle stuffed on a leg means vitality and stability, indestructible even under strong pressure. Sketches of tattoos on the leg are different. The bird can be depicted sitting on a branch, towering over the mountains and forest.

It looks great in both classical and stylized styles. Sometimes it is part of a general ornamental plot. A bird is stuffed on one leg, complementing it with geometric shapes and patterns, on the other - a skull decorated with floral ornaments.

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